Male seeks female partner for long-term RP (Pred/Prey)

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Male seeks female partner for long-term RP (Pred/Prey)

Postby Aces » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:41 pm

So here's what I am looking for, based on my experience of what works best for both parties involved:
  • Authentic emotions in characters - Only a handful of players I have met deliver the authentic, complex range of emotions that I so desperately seek in a roleplaying partner. Vore is a huge aspect of any RP, so is other smut, but without characters having emotional connections, it gets boring. I've had the best experience with female players. This isn't to say men can't message me or give it a shot, or that women are automatically better at this, but if your only emotions in RP are happy/horny/angry/sad, then I'm not interested in playing with you. I know this all sounds really stupid, but it's the experience I've had. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also it's more fun to gurgle characters who were intimately involved.
  • Has a strong interest in story and smut alike - I like vore, but I also like story. I would like to play someone who is fine with shifting between story and smut frequently and as it feels organic to do so. I want to avoid someone who has to artificially say "Can we focus on the vore please?" or "Can we focus on the story please?" Because that isn't fun. Sometimes two characters are in private and teasing each other and it keeps escalating until one of them starts screwing the other or gets eaten. Sometimes the situation is inappropriate to do so, or there's bigger problems going on, like there's a war happening and the generals are in the other room. You get the idea. Let the scene flow in an organic way.
  • Pred/Prey and Willing/Unwilling Switch - I like playing predator with some characters, prey with others, and sometimes roles get reversed. I want a partner who is flexible enough to have a wide variety of preferences, so we can switch often between pred or prey without feeling forced by it.
  • Capable of playing multiple new characters - Not necessarily all at once, but I frequently generate new characters for roleplay, often times just to suit a situation or to mirror a partner's character, either as a romantic interest, or an antagonist. I want someone who can do the same, or the story gets one-sided, and I don't want that. I might generate characters I'd like you to play, and I also want you to do the same. Example: You found a cool picture of some gorgeous male naga online with this beautiful shimmering crimson tail. You think he'd be good as some sort of exotic noble. We construct his personality together, come up with a name, and toss him into the RP world. I might then ask that you play someone to be a companion of him, so there's something for him to do. Repeat the process, and we start a new branch of our storyline. In this way, it's hard to get bored.
  • Has similar vore/sex interests - The big ones for me are stuffing, weight gain, oral vore, anal vore, graphic digestion, and post-vore disposal. I like seeing predators fatten up and enjoy big bellies and soft bodies and jiggly bums. Our characters don't have to start off fat, but some should certainly get fat. If the idea of one of our characters engorging the other on both ends until near immobility sounds hot to you, then we're a good match.
  • Can play a wide variety of species - Humans, nagas, centaurs, bovine taurs, harpies, mermaids, demi-humans of all kind, anthros, dragons, the list goes on and on. I want someone who has no qualms about playing these, or at least the first four as those are my favorites.
  • Has Skype or Discord - Skype is preferable but I'm just as active on Discord. Skype just doesn't have a 2,000 character limit.
  • Is okay with important characters possibly dying - I prefer that when characters die, they stay dead. Reforming is fine, but there have to be rules and consequences to the reforming. (Example; to reform someone in a fantasy setting, you might need a mage who can resurrect the victim before the predator expels their remains.) If a main character vital to the plot gets killed, we can always rewind if we have to.
  • Is okay with IC approaches - I like IC approaches, and I also like approaching ICly, either random scenes in the story's world, or completely uncanon silliness. This isn't a requirement, but it's a nice touch.
  • Is okay with frequent RP requests - RP is my obsession. Expect me to ask frequently. I am also okay with being asked frequently.
  • Is okay with the word "No" - I get it. Sometimes we don't have time, we're not in the mood, or we just can't find the inspiration. As long as you can respectfully tell me when you cannot RP, and I can do the same, then we can maintain that mutual respect. I ask to RP often but I don't mind being told often "Not right now". What I can't stand is when someone just abruptly stops posting without any warning. Once or twice in a while is fine, but when you do this very consistently, it starts to piss me off. It's rude. If you can't RP, just tell me so. I'm a big boy. I can take 'no' for an answer.

The only things I am aware of that I will not do are:
  • Herms - I just don't like them in any way.
  • Water sports - Just, ew.
  • Scat play - I like disposal. I like my characters being able to tease about 'crapping out' their victims. I don't like anything else. Once the waste is dumped, it gets flushed or buried or whatever.
  • Diapers - Fuck that.
  • Playing M/M as predator - As prey I still enjoy with M/M, but as predator, I do not enjoy it what so ever.
  • Cockvore - I have to be in a very special mood for this one, so don't get your hopes up, but usually the answer is no. On extremely rare occasion though some of my taurs might indulge you.

Predator, prey, or a mix of both? I am a mix. I like to play predator with some characters and prey with others. I do not want exclusive prey partners. I do not want exclusive pred partners. I want someone who can also switch with me.

You with me so far? Good. :D Now for the actual plotlines we could play. These are only suggestions. If you fulfill my desires listed above, then I hardly give a shit what theme we roleplay because I'm still going to enjoy it.

"Blind Date" - Modern theme, Slice of Life
Spoiler: show
You play a young adult furry or scalie or cowtaur or centaur who has recently come to a human city from parts far away. Alternatively, my character comes as a human who is living in a society of furs or so-called monster-guys/monster-girls. In either case, in an effort to help the newcomer fit in, the local character's friends set him/her up on a date with the visiting foreigner who is trying to find a new life in this society... They meet together at a buffet, both parties bringing a couple of friends, in order to help break the ice. Our characters eventually become roommates due to a mutual need to pay for housing in the area.

Main characters will be determined depending on the scenario. I have a personal preference, if I am predator, to play as a taur, and my prey to be a demi-human or human. If I am prey, I prefer to be human, and my partner can be whatever they want as predator.

"Legend of Peran" - Fantasy theme, Adventure
Spoiler: show
You play a human female from Earth, possibly yourself, away on vacation with your family or friends. However, during this vacation, you get separated from your group, either intentionally or by accident. Whatever the case, your wandering causes you to unknowingly slip across a rift between worlds, to Earth's sister world of Peran, where you start your new life. However, Peran is a complex and ever changing world. You might rise to become empress of a nation, you might become a hero of the ages, or you might end up swallowed and added to some glutton bulltaur's rump before your first week is over. Above all, you must adapt and survive in a world where humans are not very high on the food chain. Maybe the form of human doesn't suit you anymore. There are many mages who can help you create a new body for your new life. Furthermore, there are ancient relics of the lost Auream Imperium; a race of precursor elves who once ruled Peran with god-like magic, only to mysteriously disappear.

Main characters will be centaurs/bulltaurs/cowtaurs, demi-humans, humans, nagas, mermaids/mersharks, anthro dragons, feral dragons, harpies, a handful of elves, etc. I plan to play mainly taurs, humans, and demi-humans as a varied mix of predator and prey. Expect to play many characters, often made up as we go.

"Stardust" - Scifi theme, Adventure/Slice of Life
Spoiler: show
You are a citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 2561. You've recently obtained your passport and have been allowed to travel off-world, but either you need to join somebody's crew, or make one for yourself. There's advanced technologies which you can take advantage of, from genetic augmentation to an advanced form of cloning called "resleeving" that can move your conscious mind to a vacant body.

Main characters will be whatever the fuck we feel like, really. I have a personal preference, if I am predator, to play as a taur, and my prey to be a demi-human or human. If I am prey, I prefer to be human, and my partner can be whatever they want as predator.

I plan to play mainly taurs, humans, and demi-humans as a varied mix of predator and prey.

If interested in any of this LFRP post, please PM me with your Skype or Discord information. I am eager to begin.

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