Busty Female Pred Seeking Prey

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Busty Female Pred Seeking Prey

Postby massiveboobs_kelly » Mon Sep 18, 2023 4:04 pm

Hi Everyone, I haven't set my character up yet on the Roleplay area yet but one day will do, I was wondering if there are any Prey that are around.

I like:
Human Prey being swallowed by Human Pred
Unwilling Prey
Same size
Mass Vore
If Male to be quite hung
If Female quite busty
Oral Vore
Soft Vore
when swallowing to be able to stretch to swallow my prey
sometimes sex (but depends on what mood I am in lol)
swallowed prey after a while get absorbed to make my breasts bigger.

I think that is everything. To get in contact. you can contact me by pm, yahoo, msn or aim, but if you are going to add me on one of the following messengers please pm me first, so I have a bit of a heads up please.

Skype/msn: [email protected]

Discord - You will have to pm me for my username.

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you :)
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