Looking for some good literate pred for m/m sex and vore

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Looking for some good literate pred for m/m sex and vore

Postby Malus » Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:42 am

Welcome to my obligatory "searching for RP thread", dear reader, let us hope for both our parts that you might find something of interest here, shall we?

As said in the headline I, myself male, am looking for some interesting male RP partners of the predatory or flexible persuasion since lately, my circle of RP friends has thinned a bit thanks to the demands of real life, the loss of internet access and similar unfortunate events.
If you need any information about myself, I am around thirty years old male translator and amateur writer living in Germany (GMT + 1) with a strong interests in stories, roleplay, mythology and the usual Japanese stuff, i.e. console games, anime, manga, the language itself (I have enough proficiency for conversation) and the like.

When it comes to vore, you can either check my main character Malus on f-list, or read below for a list of what I find most important.
When it comes to characters, I have a couple of established ones, some listed below, but generally prefer to custom-built them for the RP and my partners preferences. I have a general tendency to play "cute guys" (preferably with a bit of muscle on them), but as long as it is male and fuckable, I am rather flexible when it comes to what I play as as prey. When I am pred, I am a bit less flexible though and what you see listed is very indicative of what you get.
I also am very open to trying out new things for the most part, so if something you like isn't listed, feel encouraged to ask.

For my partners, thus your part, I do expect a certain amount of fluency and eloquence, so, please, give me something to work with as I shall try for the same, it will make it more fun for both of us.
Also, given that time zones can be a bitch and not everyone is always the master of their own time, people who either live in the old world or have a more flexible time schedule to fit a snack into their afternoon are particularly encouraged and sought after – though since I tend to have rather flexible hours myself nowadays, we likely can work something out.
But without further ado, let's move to the stuff you might want to know, shall we?


Spoiler: show
Sex: Male only and plenty, please.^^
I will play as or with male characters only, with the exception of "sexless" creatures like slimes or plants. Being gay myself, I couldn't enjoy any sexual roleplay with a female character and f/m vore also does too little for me to get me interested there (aside from ogling the sexy guys covered in saliva perhaps). Well, I guess though, with the abundant number of female seeking guys here, that will hardly be a sore loss for anyone.
(I also do prefer playing with male players since it allows me a better immersion into the roleplay. This preference doesn't mean I dislike female chat or roleplay partners, it is just that I found I can get more into a scene with a male partner)
Role: Generally, I both prefer to play bottom / uke characters as well as prey, though I have come to embrace my predatory side a bit, so to say.
What still holds true though is that I don't like playing dominant predators much. As pred, I like to be sneaky, seductive and using tricks, luring in guys who may even have thought me a potential snack or taking advantage of them not realizing their danger, e.g., them still being exhausted and balls deep inside of me. Shapeshifting predators are a thing that fits my preferences very well.
Species: Myself: Humans & Demi Humans (Elves, Catboys and any other which are still mostly human) are my general preference, but I also enjoy playing anthro characters a lot (also scalies and amphibians).
As a pred, I like to play Nagas (human upper body for preference), slime-boys (ones that can completely appear as humans are especially interesting) and shapeshifters in general, who can turn from a harmless human boy to a big and hungry dragon, andro sphinx or similar.
Partner: Furries, Ferals and "monstrous creatures", monstrous demi humans are okay (like Nagas). Human predators are acceptable for eating other humans, but not usually my favourite.
As prey, humans and anthros are fine, especially if they are big and hunky. Horses and bulls make nice prey due to them being strong and sexually potent.
Vore: Generally, I prefer oral vore, cock vore and absorption coming second. I don't particularly care about other types but as prey, I would try them out. As pred, I will only do softvore, absorption or energy draining, hard vore doesn't work for a RL vegetarian. ^^ ;
...which doesn't mean I mind BEING hardvored, you are free to plunge your fangs into me.
Size Ratios (For soft vore): Since I like to have both vore and sex combined a lot, Size ratios like 3:2, 2:1 or 3:1 are my preference. Same size is perfectly okay with me, even though I prefer the predator to be at least a fair amount taller than my character. Micro / Macro roleplay is okay with me, as long as it isn't too extreme. Human to rat or mouse rather than human to insect.
As a predator, I prefer roughly same size (upper body with equal or smaller proportions) for Nagas, being on the first glance smaller than the pred for slime boys and shapeshifters in human form, while for the form shifted into, it will usually be a very substantially bigger feral, like a typical dragon for example.
Realism: Generally speaking, realism adds to the immersion into the scene for me, thus, the more the better. This doesn't exclude stuff like same size soft vore per se, but I highly prefer it to be at least following an internal logic of its own, like snakelike jaws and such tricks.
Digestion: Digestion is a part of realism I definitely don't want to miss. The same realism usually does make me go for a realistic end to it, thus, with softvore I usually let my characters suffocate before they really start digesting, though I won't say no to something that goes further (just haven't got as much experience with that).
Willingness: I personally find that both a realistic, vehement struggle for life at all costs as well as the prey begging to be eaten (by a less willing predator) somewhat subtract from the fun of a vore roleplay. Anything in-between those extremes is fine with me though and I generally do prefer my characters to sexually react to being eaten alive and thus not be all too unwilling...^^
When I am pred, I will do my best to wear you down enough that you won't have energy for anything more than a bit of wriggling ass I gulp you down – and for giving me a last taste of your manhood.
Fatality and Reformation: As with digestion, I do prefer my vore being realistically fatal. Some long-standing characters of mine get to reform through their own supernatural abilities, the rest don't.
As a predator, I am perfectly fine with regurgitating you, digesting you or reforming you / let you reform whatever suits your fancy.

Things I love: Muscular partners, musk & pheromones, sweat, dominance and submission, Sex & Vore, tables turned, master & pet / slave scenarios (Both roles), tigers!

Things I don't particularly like:
Reluctant predators, really cruel predators, scat, watersports, extreme gore

As a general note though, since I am curious and rather open, I will hear out a suggestion, even if it may contain things on the “no” list and am willing to let a partner lead the way and suggest things.
Especially with a skilled and experienced partner, I am very open to try out stuff and if anything is not covered, rather assume it a yes than a no. The only absolutes here are no female characters.


Malus (Catboy)

Spoiler: show
Physical appearance: See picture, a rather well built catboy with a tousled mane of red hair, bright yellow eyes and a rather cute face.


Height: 1, 83 m

Weight: 78 kg

Personality: In his catboy form, Malus is less forward and direct, sometimes even too shy to approach someone himself. Despite his regained memories of his previous incarnation, his personality has generally undergone little change. However, even before these events, the catboy has never been quite as innocent as he might appear.
The inherited ability to feed on the energy of strong, primal emotion and urges has also made him rather empathetic in this form as well.

Abilities: Keen senses, access to the powers of his demon form.

Short background: Malus has lived a rather ordinary life in a world similar to our own up to the moment he regained his previous incarnation's memory.
Even after his rebirth, he was left with an air of difference surrounding him that made many people unconsciously avoid him, resulting in him leading a rather reclusive but also sheltered life. This caused him to remain slightly naive and a bit innocent in a certain sense. The recover of his memories however put an end to the careless life of this catboy. And how exactly he will evolve is yet to be seen.

Malus (Black Cat, Devil Child)

Spoiler: show
Physical appearance: While his original anthro incarnation looks quite different, his eyes haven't changed and still sport a rather remarkable yellow. He is perhaps a little slimmer and less tall, losing a bit of muscle from his humanoid form, his raven black hair is shorter as well. While he sometimes wears little trinkets or some decorative piece of clothing, he usually does see little need to conceal his body in this form.
Malus has a rather definite air of something being off about him, which makes the tomcat stand out in most circumstances and surroundings, even though most people wouldn't be able to identify this as being due to his infernal heritage.
At times, his demonic nature shows in more profound ways and takes the form of leathery bat wings and short, mostly straight demon horns growing from the sides of his head.

Personality: Having spent a good portion of his youth in the realm of demons, his original incarnation is much more direct and much less shy about what he wants than his present incarnation is. And while the rebirth might have "softened" the free spirited half demon, he is still a rather direct, curious and mischievous cat when his memory emerges and makes him revert to this form -and sometimes even while retaining his current body.
Feeding on primal urges and emotions, he has a keen sense for others' moods and urges and isn't shy about pulling them to the surface.

Abilities: His infernal blood manifests in several abilities inherited from his Succubus mother. Like those demons of temptation, Malus can feed on the energy living beings emit during sexual acts (But as he discovered also other primal urges can be quite nurturing for him) and indeed needs this energy to survive in this form. He also can use being sexually penetrated as a medium to drain a male creature's energy, and if a "victim" is careless or spiritually defenseless enough, he could even drain said man's life force completely, even though he prefers not to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary.
As demons aren't truly creatures of existence, they cannot really be destroyed by normal means either. This is a fact many do know and the reason why exorcism and banishing are arts necessary for a demon hunter. Devil children, their half mortal, half infernal offspring, do usually stand somewhere in the middle ground between their parents regarding this matter.
Malus has inherited the "chaotic nature" of his demonic mother and therefore also has the ability to reform himself from his own remains by expending stored energy, much like a true demon, but with some rather fundamental differences - like his soul not returning to the abyss by default.
Another demonic heritage of his is he power "temptation", a fragrance he can emit consciously (and sometimes unconsciously as well) which induces lust in any male that inhales it (And which also is said to make him taste wonderful ^.~). Due to the circumstances of the complete loss of his original body, he has grown a bit more wary about its use however.
Finally, while not being gifted with the power of magic, Malus' infernal blood allowed him to gain a certain mastery in the art of demon invocations, enabling him to call upon both lesser and some more powerful demons as well as certain pure manifestations of demonic energy.

Short background: The Abyss of the netherworld is home to many demons, devils and monstrosities. Creatures of nightmares, or rather the nightmares themselves, the inhabitant of the nether plains are as numerous and diverse as they are hungrily craving for the physical world with the souls and lives of its creatures.
Demons are said to feast on greed, hubris, hate, apathy, gluttony, envy and lust - and among the demons, who feast on sins, the Incubi and Succubi are perhaps among the most notorious.
Malus was born as the offspring of the union of a Succubus and a mortal, raised as one of the many low ranking devil children, the half demons, lowest ranking in the pandemonium.
Spending his youth in the Abyss, Malus grew up to be a free spirited boy with a strong inclination towards mischief and little regard for obstructing sets of rules and morals, yet also lacking the maliciousness of a demon, which is born from both longing for and despising the mortal plains of existence.
His natural curiosity, as well as his freedom as a devil child to cross the borders between the physical world and the Abyss ultimately made him set out to see the world of his father once he reached adolescence.
While Malus tends to be rather open about his travels thereafter, he usually quickly dismisses the topic as to why he ultimately ended up losing his body to have his soul end up being reborn anew.

While the personality of his current and past life may seem almost polar opposites, Malus doesn't actually have a split personality in his current state, as both incarnations share indeed the very same soul. Their only difference being the experiences they made, the bonds they forged, the lives they each individually lived before the reawakening has created his current being which both physically and mentally embodies both.
Maybe remembering a life in "hell" itself has given the catboy a courage he lacked before, maybe growing up among humans has softened the devil child. Yet again, what changed and what merely surfaced from the depth is a bit hard to tell.

Other Characters

Since I am a bit too lazy to describe them all in the same detail, here are just short descriptions of some other characters I have used regularly.

Xiao and his "lǎodàgē" (The bait and pred dragon-combo)

Spoiler: show
A beautiful Asian boy sporting long black hair with a dark green shimmer which he wears in a long pony tail matched by eyes of deepest emerald and an unusually dark, almost chocolate brown skin. He often wears Chinese style clothes with dragons printed on the fabric, though usually adjusted to reveal a much more copious amount of skin than usual. Beneath his harmless exterior however hides the descendant of a long line of snake and dragon deities, both from western and eastern lines, granting him a mastership of poisons, some of which he can extract at will. Making use of his abilities and his harmless appearance, he often makes a sport of hunting down the hunters of the city night life, either as his own plaything or as a new meal for his dragonic older half brother, whom he affectionately calls lǎodàgē.
Said big brother is a fully grown western dragon with the same dark green scales and emerald eyes as his little sibling. His stronger blood has him locked in the dragon form, quite like Xiao, who cannot change from human form. He lives in a cave connected to the cellar of the old mansion he and Xiao inherited from their grandfather, which is sufficiently secluded to allow the dragon to roam about on their own grounds or make his way to the nearby wilderness. He communicates with Xiao telepathically and loves to feed on discarded "toys" of his little brother.
Lately though, Xiao found a way to make him and his brother both change their forms and ever since he gained the ability to turn into a dragon, albeit smaller and more slender than his brother, Xiao has started to indulge his appetite in strong predatory types in a new way...

Inari (The undying Vagrant)

Spoiler: show
A red fox with creamy white fur on his chest, stomach and down to his scrotum, built slenderly, the toned adolescent body slightly accentuated by plain, tight fitting black clothing. After being subjugated to a scientific experiment dubbed the "Ether project", he has been granted, or cursed with the ability to harness the energies flowing invisibly through the world to reform even from the direst and most ultimate of fates. Traumatized by both the experiment and the death of his closest friend, who had been subjugated to the same treatment, he has been wandering the world aimlessly, perhaps to find consolation, perhaps to finally find an end to his existence. Meeting with a kind, but hungry Orca in a club of a certain nature though, the resulting experience has been the first step to set him on a path leading to acceptance of his own existence and a good use for his regenerative powers: feeding hungry maws.

The Monkey Boys (Don't Worry, Be Food!)

Spoiler: show
Not so much one character, but rather a whole race of kemonomimi calling a primitive jungle land their home. Evolution has taken a rather peculiar path with them, creating a strange duality of the sexes. To increase natural selection, males of the species emit a scent making them especially delicious to every predator (and the jungle is full of them) as well as giving them an extremely high sex drive. On the other hand, females emit a very foul odor which is thought to be generally repugnant to anyone but adult males of their own species (Child and juvenile males simply find it to suppress their sex drive, effectively reducing incest in the species). Whatever nature's intent though, one thing is quite clear: Most males of the species are primarily a highly delicious and at the end usually quite willing snack for the creatures of the jungle.

Here is a depiction of one of them about to be eaten up.^^

Gil Estravados (The Naga Tutor)

Spoiler: show
A Naga (of the human torso variety) hailing from South America. Gil has the lower body of a Green Anaconda and the torso of a well toned latino in his twenties with long, not quite completely straight shimmering black hair and intense eyes, usually hidden behind spectacles.
As a biology postgraduate and tutor at a local university, Gil has an overall no nonsense attitude and is known to be rather strict with his students, having very little patience for anyone not taking his lessons seriously, while at the same time being willing to invest extra effort for those who do.
As a Naga, he loves warmth and often struggles with the temperate climate, as he has trouble regulating his body temperature well (making his classrooms often overheated and humid).
As a result, Gil has a soft spot for warmblooded bed mates.
Due to his anatomy combining human and snake elements, his upper body anatomy includes a human set of genitals and a rudimentary anus which, serving no excretory functions are both mainly used for sex while all excretion involves his snake half.
When it comes to vore, Gil tends to stick to the rules and his conscience, but since this is a world were good for nothing students are usually made to be at least good for one, very basic purpose, continual slackers and obnoxious jocks might find themselves on their way down to the Naga's stomach, if no amount of extra tutoring shows any signs of improvement. And even if the exercise was meant just as a harsh reminder, it is all too easy to dose of with a warm, wriggling meal in your belly and a good round of intense sex for appetizers...

Pallas (The Wolf King's son)

Spoiler: show
Pallas looks rather like a boy still, even though he is very definitely of age, a wolfboy at that. It's not that anything about the nicely tanned, nicely muscled body looks undeveloped, the fine proportions combine to a slim, slick beauty full of restrained energy, the amber eyes sparkling with a wild gleam. Yet, something about him still says "puppy", or at least youngling instead of full grown dog, a note of playfulness and a subtle offer to play.
There is a hint of nobility in the boy with his mane of grey hair, casually tied back into a wolftail, clearly transcending his usually very casual outfits that show much of the nicely toned flesh.
This impression is not wrong, Pallas in fact could be called a prince, being the son of a king most ancient. A cursed king, that is.
Lykaon, punished by Zeus to roam the world, him and his sons turned into wolves, the very first of lycanthropes.
Pallas is one of his get and like his brothers, like his father, the human form all too easily makes space for that of a huge, gray wolf, a primal beast making even a tiger or lion look small.
As one of the youngest, Pallas has a taste for submission. In fact, in human shape, the boy is all too eager to let a stronger male claim him, for a night at least...
What the boy seeks in his romps through the gathering places of men is a truly worthy mate, a strong male his family would respect.
...so far however, most of his partners have ended either as food for the family, or, if they proved to weak to satisfy Pallas, as an immediate snack after the first rounds of sex.

Masika (A poisonous Naga)

Spoiler: show
Wild places are known for poisonous snakes, most of those however are small, easy to overlook in the undergrowth, all too easy to accidentally provoke...
Masika meanwhile is a fully grown Naga, black skin matching a black and violet body, long, soft hair of the same color, all too easy to mistake for a defenseless human before the body of the snake becomes apparent...
Unlike most Nagas, Masika's people don't rely merely on force, but on a quick bite of their venomous fangs to let their victims fall into a lusty haze, too weak to resist the fatal embrace of the serpentine lover, to eager to fuck for a last time, with no strength left to resist as the body in the throws of it's last orgasm is slowly swallowed to become the serpent's next meal...
It has to be said though that there are worse ways to die on a jungle expedition then being eaten alive while buried balls deep into a sexy young Naga.

Octavio (The formless Assassin)

Spoiler: show
Octavio is a true morpher, a being whose natural shape is that of an amorphous mass of black, oily goo and which all too easily assumes any shape that roughly matches its own body mass. Morphers, who also get the sometimes derogatory epithet of "slime boys" (or girls), are an intelligent and highly adaptive race and while they once had been hunted almost to extinction, it is almost impossible to root out any race who so easily blends into any crowd. In this day and age, morphers tend to be more careful, knowing their own strengths and weaknesses well enough to stay hidden from prying eyes. It is no wonder that professions such as spy or assassin thus attract them strongly and Octavio, named so as he is the eighth of his spawning, is no exception. Trained by the guild of assassins, he has a record for both efficiency and discretion, usually with nothing left behind of his victims other than a pile of forsaken clothing or perhaps personal jewelry. Like amoebas, morphers absorb other living beings for food and they are able to flawlessly copy anyone they digest, while being limited to a black, gooey mockery for anything else but the very first form they take.

Octavio's favored tactic is to use one of his more attractive shapes (like the human form he first assumed, a graceful looking dark skinned youth with black hair shimmering in the light) to lure his victim into a sense of security, seduce him into having sex and devour them as they reach their climax. After a quick digestion, he proceeds to leave the scene in one of his many guises, often the very form of his last victim...

The Neko's Fang (An agency for all your predatory or preyish needs)

Spoiler: show
Not a character at all, but rather a whole company, which specializes in fulfilling every ravenous wish, be it hunger for meat or craving for flesh. Whatever the customer wishes, Neko's Fang shall satisfy the desire...
Born from an RP with Masquerade, the main office with its all too numerous subsidiaries (Which can take every form, form a high class Indian restaurant to a seedy bar or a shop in a backstreet alley...) will be always glad to cater to your needs or take your orders from whatever place you live at.
Just call 0290/2215185 and get a friendly black anthro cat boy with an almost demonically seductive voice on the line who shall be all to glad to find an answer to your every wish.
Malus, especially in his reclaimed anthro form, has advanced to something akin to the company's mascot, ever since the enigmatic owner, Kamal of the Dark Moon, has taken the Devil Child under his wings, having taught him many things, including the art of Demon Invocations.
What started once as the Rakshasa's secret but well regarded agency for male prey and escorts has since developed into a very successful international company, employing a quite huge variety of male prey from all across the world
Feeling alone and ravenous and looking for something that you are unable to find anywhere, that special something or someone to sate your desires? Neko's Fang can fulfill your wish and more, granted you are able to pay for their boys.

Basically, "Neko's Fang" is one of many possible pretexts for you to enjoy Malus or some other character of mine, or simply request something. On the other hand, it is also a manifestation of my own desire to cater to my roleplay partners’ wishes to my best abilities.
As you might guess, female prey, while sometimes officially being part of the selection, strangely never gets delivered, at least not while it is Malus' shift at the main office. Uusually the customer will get what he asked for, only that said item is a feminine boy instead.
The agency does both employ and "own" prey boys, usually only the latter being available for non-reformation vore though.

So, dear reader, interested in calling us or visiting our office?
There is quite a lot that the "Neko's Fang" has to offer.
Though don't try wriggling out of the payment, or you might very well regret it.
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