Female/Herm Pred Seeks Meals and Companions

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Female/Herm Pred Seeks Meals and Companions

Postby Cowrie » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:14 pm

General Information

My Characters: I'm fairly flexible about the sort of character I play so long as it's a female, herm or dickgirl predator. I'm open to most species, though I generally prefer to play something with at least a humanoid upper body. There are a few species I don't care to play, such as nagas, due to not "presenting" the bulge well, but I'm open to humans, typical fantasy races, furries and anything in between.

Literacy Qualifications: Semi-decent or better spelling and grammar and proper use of punctuation and capitalization are REQUIRED! I don’t go crazy over a misspelled word or missing comma or two, but if you don’t use periods and proper capitalization at least most of the time, you need not apply.

Roleplay Style: I only use third person POV in rp, and only rp with partners who can do the same. Seriously, when in character, the words 'I', 'you', 'me', 'we', 'us', ect. are not to be used in anything other than dialogue. Also, I have a zero-tolerance policy on script style. No actions in astricks, and dialogue must be in quotes.

My Vore Loves: Oral vore, same size, small-pred/large-prey, over-gorged bellies, digestion (is a must), fatality, multi-prey, pred getting a stomachache from meal, loud stomachs, playing pred, hyper cocks, disposal, willing prey, unwilling prey, prey having sexual relations with a pred's pyloric sphincter

My Vore Likes: Stuffing, non-fatal cooking, feeder-eater, fat prey, burping, FTP (prey becoming a sentient bodypart of the pred), multiple partners, bondage (includes use of appendages like tentacles), cock vore (when I play herm or dickgirl), sex, multi-cock, cumflation, lactation

My Vore Maybes: Hard vore, blob vore, unbirth (holding or digestion), vampiric vore, navel vore, nose vore, hair vore, playing the third party (i.e. feeding someone to someone else or watching others vore), breast vore (both cleavage and nipple), roleplay with both as pred, reformation, object vore

My Vore Dislikes: Super-unwilling prey (I mean trying to kill pred or some such thing; regular kicking-and-screaming unwillingness is fine with me.), being prey, anal vore, diapers, regression unbirth, scat-play, crush, child vore, male preds, incest, popping/bursting, fat preds (Curvy is fine, but I don't want there to be a big belly on a pred unless there's someone or something in it.)

I mainly rp on the forums, and I'm happy to use either a thread or PMs. Other than that, I'm willing to use Discord, though it's not preferred. PM me here and I'll give you my Discord tag.

Currently In the Mood For((Not musts, but big pluses if you're up for it.))
  • Playing an anthro squidgirl predator against mermaid prey. (Note: I am not into the typical 'caecilia' squidgirl, please ask for details on what my anthro squidgirls are like.)
  • A scenario where vore is possible but pretty much unheard of in the setting. The prey is a rich guy, preferably tall, well-hung and either muscular, chubby or both, who wants to be swallowed whole. Alternately, the prey can be a herm with similar characteristics. The prey hires a prostitute, my character, with exorbitant amounts of money to swallow whole gradually larger and more food items (such as fruit) and live animals, living in his mansion until she's able to swallow him whole and digest him. Lots of belly rubs, sex, and stomach noises as she adapts to larger and larger meals. Bonus points if there's also indigestion and/or the prey listens to my character move her bowels. When the pred finally devours the prey, he hangs in there incredibly long in the digestive process, enjoying every minute of it. In the end, when his will is read, it turns out he left everything to the pred.
  • Something in a group of settings I'm working on that're populated entirely by dickgirls and vaginaboys. Setting includes vore of various types, accelerated pregnancy (for vaginaboys), lactation (for dickgirls), and sometimes a degree of hyper-endowment, among other things. Cultures vary some, but overall tech level is modern and in the main culture, it's typical for one dickgirl to be involved with multiple vaginaboys, who are often kept sheltered in a harem sort of lifestyle. For further details, please ask.
  • Playing an unwilling pred against a willing prey at least two or three times the size of my predator character, bare minimum. Preferably involving a stomachache.
  • A scenario similar to the story Monster Meals, but with a female or herm pred. Will include sex, and go on to cover digestion, with disposal being strongly preferred but not required. Pairing of female pred/male or herm prey or herm pred/female prey is preferred, and ideally I'd like a character with a hyper cock to be involved. Species are negotiable.
  • Something in a sword and sorcery-type setting, with either the predator being an adventurer, or featuring an adventuring party of prey falling victim to various predators. Species/races may be typical fantasy ones, or something else, but any monster preds still have to be intelligent females or herms played by me. Monster preds need not be humanoid, though.

This is an old character list I mostly keep here for preservation's sake since I hardly ever use any of them. Feel free to browse anyways.
Spoiler: show
Yvonne Zwitter

Species: Human acorn barnacle, see notes (also an acid elemental)
Body Type: Humanoid
Gender: Herm
Age: 21
Body Size: 5' 4" tall
Penis Diameter (Flacid): 1.25" minimum, 6" maximum
Penis Length (Flacid): 5' minimum, 115' maximum
Hair: Bluish black
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Bright blue
Clothes: She prefers to go about in the nude, but when she does wear them, she always wears long, open dresses and never wears underwear.
Powers: As an acid elemental, Yvonne is immune to all forms of acid. Though she won't allow anyone to eat her, she has come up with some very creative ways to use this ability. (Ask for details!) She can also control the strength of her stomach acid, enabling her to digest things in seconds or over days.
Role: Predator only
Notes: Human barnacle means that her penis is prehensile and is in proportion to and as modifiable in thickness/length as that of a barnacle. When erect, it can enlarge as much as 50% in all dimensions.


Species: Bushmaster gorgon
Body Type: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal/unknown
Size: 5’2” tall; aprox. 9’ long snakes
Main Scales: Dark copper
Snake Markings: Black zigzags
Belly Scales: Cream
Skin: Bronze-toned
Eyes: Bright green, can flash with anger, petrifies anyone looking at her when they flash
Snake Count: Nine
Other Features: Inch long, non-hinging, venomous fangs in human mouth. Long, forked tongue.
Role: Predator only

Aerodra Swift ((Goes by last name!))

Species: Fallen angel
Body Type: Six-winged humanoid
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal/several millenia
Size: 5' 10" tall; 14' wingspan
Hair: Silvery bluish-white
Skin: Golden-toned, slightly tanned
Feathers: Dark gray-brown
Eyes: No iris, black sclera, golden orange pupil
Weapon: A bronze kris
Role: Mainly predator, sometimes third party.

Raphaela Fleba

Species: Snakefly
Body Type: Demi (four wings, one ovipositor, two antennae)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Size: 5' 10" tall; 12' wingspan; 2' 9" tail
Hair: Deep auburn
Skin: Coppery brown
Ovipositor & Antennae: Black-brown
Wings: Translucent off-white with prominent brown veins
Eyes: Dark brown
Role: Pred only
Notes: Has a neck over twice the length of an average person's.

Pelagia Foley

Species: Human goose barnacle, see notes
Body Type: Humanoid
Gender: Herm
Age: 23
Body Size: 5' 7" tall
Penis Diameter (Flacid): 6"
Penis Length (Flacid): 36"
Hair: Very dark red
Skin: Sun-tanned
Eyes: Orchid-colored
Clothes: Usually wears especially wide "split skirt" pants with no set style for shirts.
Role: Pred only
Notes: Human goose barnacles, while not possessing a prehensile penis like their acorn barnacle cousins, are VERY flexible everywhere else. Due to a boneless, mostly muscle body, they can do all sorts of contortions.


Species: Pale pygmy jerboa x four-toed jerboa hybrid
Body type: Feral or demi, as per request
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Feral Size: 5” head and body length; 9-1/2” tail
Demi Size: 4’10” tall; 3’3” tail; 8” ears
Main Fur (Demi Ears): Light sandy brown
Belly Fur (Feral Only): White
Markings (Feral Only): White muzzle and feet
Tail Tuft: White with a black band
Skin (Bare Tail Parts): Ivory-toned
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Pale, gold-brown
Role: Predator only
Notes: Can still jump very high and far in demi form.

Tygir “Ty” Chuva

Species: Tapire-iauara Click the link. It leads to a page about the species.
Body Type: Therianthropic, aka were-creature. Can be half and half semi-bipedal or feral depending on partner prefs when changed.
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Human Size: 5’3” tall
Half & Half Size: 6’4” tall upright; 4’1” at shoulder quadrupedal; 4’ head to rump
Feral Size: 3’7” at shoulder; 6’6” long
Fur: Ochre
Markings: None
Hair: Strawberry blonde
Skin: Mahogany
Eyes: Deep blue-green, almost black.
Change Conditions: Voluntary change to feral at any time. Voluntary change to half and half after midnight, before dawn. Is forced to change back to human at dawn. Involuntary change to feral with madness at full moon’s rising (all three nights). Reverts to human at dawn. Must wait at least a hour between voluntary changes to any form.
The Madness: Loses all sense of self. Becomes completely insatiable for living flesh. Quadruples in strength. Grows saber fangs. Metabolism speeds up. May foam at mouth. Cannot speak. Does not recognize anyone. Can be lifted for the night by someone saying her name three times while knocking her on the head three time. Can be lifted more temporarily by cutting off a front paw, but madness returns when paw regenerates.
Role: Predator only.

The Demon Empress in the Clouds((Yes, she only has a title.))

Species: Sky/darkness demon
Body Type: Armless anthro
Gender: Female
Age: Immortal/507 years
Size: 5' tall; 12' wingspan
Fur: Black, bristley
Markings: None
Eyes: Red without pupils or sclera, glow in dark
Servants: Giant, red-headed, gray birds and headless hairy humanoids.
Role: Predator only
Notes: Always has her food hunted down and brought to her by her servants, with the exeption of "snacks", i.e. those who piss her off.

Zara Blue

Species: Lesser pixie/greater pixie hybrid
Body Type: Humanoid
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Size: 3' 10" tall; 5' 2" wingspan
Hair: Auburn
Skin: Pale, looks kind of blue in some light
Eyes: Deep, forest green
Wings: Each one looks like a single feather
Teeth: Each tooth is pointed and triangular
Makeup: Wears gold glitter eyeshadow and lipstick at all times
Role: Predator only
Notes: This character blatantly references a couple of my favorite books. I'm not saying what books, you have to guess. Also, she's mostly for the sake of referencing said books, I probably won't use her unless requested to.

Claudia Hall

Species: Modified human
Body Type: Fully human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Size: 5' 1" tall
Coloration: Claudia is completely invisible, though anything in her system that is not assimilated is completely visible.
Clothing: Depending on setting and circumstances, she may go about with no clothes, clothes and theatrical-grade makeup covering every bit of her skin, or dressed as others are so that it is apparent what she is.
Role: Predator only.

Ticu Waters

Species: Bush dog
Body Type: Anthro
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Size: 5' 2" tall; 13" long tail
Fur: Varying shades of red-brown
Hair: Honey-colored
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Role: Predator, but occasionally third party

Delira Sabio

Species: Long-whiskered owlet
Body Type: Therianthropic (Feral-only when changed.)
Gender: Futa
Human Size: 5' 8" tall
Owl Size: 4' total length; 3' tall standing; 8' wingspan
Skin: Pale
Hair: Terra cotta-colored
Human Eyes: Warm brown, reflect red-orange
Feathers: Mottled greyish and red-brown
Beak & Legs: Pinkish orange
Owl Eyes: Red-orange
Change Conditions: Every night from sunset to sunrise, always involuntary. No control over actions in owl form, memory of events foggy in morning.
Role: Predator only, but only vores in owl form.
Notes: Not a very good flyer.

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