Female SMVA predator looking for female / dickgirl prey

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Female SMVA predator looking for female / dickgirl prey

Postby Jack » Fri Dec 02, 2022 1:03 am

Aloha and good day to you~

As the title says, I am looking for a play in a college setting similar to OsmiumOrchid's great Saint Miluina's Vore Academy. Or even in that setting itself. The thread to the game can be found here. SMVA is a setting where vore is fatal but well known and accepted, and the college focuses on teaching the students about how to stay alive and become a better predator. Unlike in most similar settings however, students are absolutely permitted to target each other outside of classes (so the lessons are not disrupted). A semi-realistic approach with friendships, a slow digestion and no invulnerable alpha prevent things from escalating into a giant vore orgy.

Here are a few further aspects of what I am searching for:
- Looking to write here in the forums, at least one reply per day - I'll be most likely to post in the evenings, Middle European time zone
- Preference for elaborate over many short and quick posts - the chat is better for those
- Playing a female predator as my main character (Andrea Crawford from the chat), but I can play switch or prey NPCs alongside her if needed
- Females and dickgirls are both good
- Focus on oral vore, other types might sparsely come up on the side
- No hard fights; the prey is usually ambushed and surprised or otherwise put at a disadvantage, and should go down with more or less of a struggle (depending on the character), but without any brutality
- No sex, but flirting, teasing and a bit of naughtyness during vore are definitely options

The scene can involve various other aspects in addition to vore, like relationship building (positive or negative), leisure activities, classes, various slice of life stuff.

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