Vore-Loving Mom

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Vore-Loving Mom

Postby Baltic_Amber » Sat Oct 02, 2010 5:31 pm

Hello Everyone!
I really never thought I'd be doing this but I've been following the vore scene from afar and I really can't handle waiting anymore. My name is Amber and I'm 42 years young from the great state of Indiana! I've been happily married for 18 years, I have three great kids, and NO ONE knows about my dirty little secret! I have VERY SPECIFIC INTERESTS when it comes to vore.

1) Most of my fantasies involve me being the one doing the eating. I've never thought about what it would be like to be the one being eaten. I may want to try it in the future, but for now I think I'll stay as the one eating YOU!

2) I'm evil. I want to eat people because it makes me happy to torture you and kill you. :gulp:

3) My prey MUST BE SMALLER THAN ME...and by that I mean significantly! I will either shrink you myself or you better come "pre-shrunk" or tiny. I NEVER do anything with people that are normal. For those of you who need to be made small, it pleases me to watch you get small. When I shrink you, it's going to be uncomfortable, maybe painful. You are slowly getting smaller, your muscles are contracting, your bones crunching, I think the discomfort adds to the scene! You will slowly become naked and weak at completely at my mercy. If you are already small, then you will just be at my mercy!

4) There will be NO SEX. Don't ask me to shove you up my vagina or up my butt. The only orifice you will be going into is my mouth.

5) I absolutely HATE GORE. I will not be chewing you, or breaking bones or ripping off limbs. I just swallow! :gulp: That being said, you will die once you hit my stomach. My acids are VERY SPECIAL. They burn you slowly, but don't get overly gory. You will feel your end, you will try to fight but you will meet your end in my belly. That's as far as I go, no questions asked.

6) I like to eat children. For some strange reason, my favorite fantasies involve catching and eating my kids' friends. I will play with ANYONE, man or woman. While I know we're all consenting adults here, if you play, you'd best be willing to play younger (10-16). That being said, I accept all Women, any age. Men, please respect my relationship with my husband and have your age in your profile and not just in a PM. Regardless of character age, I WILL NOT PLAY WITH MEN OLDER THAN 32!

7) If you want to play, I have Yahoo IM. But send me a PM if you find any of this interesting. I'm expecting a lot of messages, especially from dumb guys who don't READ. If I don't respond to you, I either have not gotten your message or I just deleted because you are of no interest to me. So when ANYONE messages me, please include some things about yourself and answer this question: "WHY WOULD I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU?" If you don't tell me something that catches my interest, I'm not going to play with you at all!

So let's have fun!!!
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