Male Switch LF F Switch/Preds

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Male Switch LF F Switch/Preds

Postby razorbacknod » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:45 pm

This is an update to a really old post! ^.^

If you're reading this most likely you're looking to devour/be devoured by someone, hopefully my interests are similar to yours, as I quite enjoy a good roleplay session. I've been doing this for quite a few years now and I consider myself pretty literate and able to match my partners post no matter the length (but there is a three sentence minimum ). My interests are quite varied but there are some things that I can barely do without as it scratches that kink-itch all too nicely. That being said let's get onto the list!


Playful teasing/domination
Belching (Spelled out in full Urrrrraaaap! )
Disposal (I do love bits of whoever went in left behind~)
Oral and Anal vore


Hard vore
Pain (within reason)
Male Human Preds

Quite short and too the point, if it wasn't mentioned on that very short set of lists never fear, I pretty much enjoy everything else to varying extents. Below are a couple of characters that I frequently play though their profiles haven't been dusted off and updated in quite a while so if their lore or interests aren't up to speed please forgive me!

Please feel free to send me a PM here or you can send me a friend request on discord Vash#5848. I greatly prefer roleplay via direct messaging! If there is anything else please feel free to message me! Hope to meet your innards soon! ^.^

Also looking for people to chit chat/hangout with on Discord, bit of an introvert, but it is something new I figured I would add. Admittedly I have a large circle of guy friends both in and out of the community so please don't take offense if I am not looking for that from you.

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