Gay Male Switch Seeking RP Partner

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Gay Male Switch Seeking RP Partner

Postby jdvore » Wed Jul 04, 2018 12:40 am

Another year, another post update. Mainly cleaning up post details and getting rid of excess text. Anyway, some details.

I've somewhat burned myself out on longer RPs, so I'm mainly looking for short ones right now that I can just have a little fun with.

However, if you only play as female characters or want me to use female characters, you won't find what you're looking for here. I only play with partners who use male characters, and I only use male characters myself, but will use Cboys if you're into that.

So after taking a break from being predator, I realize that limiting myself to one thing is boring. I'm back to being a switch.

That's about it, so PM me if you're interested. I can RP over PMs, over Discord, or the forum.

Likes(Not all are required):
Spoiler: show
Soft Vore
Cock Vore
Tail Vore
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Unbirth(only with Cboys or as pred with Alex)
Safe Vore
Same Size
Cum Inflation
Temporary Big Bellies
Belly Play
Not fully willing the first time( a little concerned for own safety or safety of the prey, or relationship with partner not established yet)
Herm with male appearance
Feminine males
Demi Humans
Long RPs
Short RPs

Spoiler: show
Hard Vore
Soul Vore
Unwilling throughout
Digestion in any form

Biggest Deal Breaker:
Spoiler: show
Being overly excited to be eaten. It makes sense for a predator to be excited, but I will say this now. Willing can mean enjoying getting eaten, but it does not mean acting like a child getting candy and wanting to jump down the pred's throat on sight, and if you play like this, I WILL ask you to edit the post and tone it back, or I will just drop the RP altogether.

Females. I don't like female characters, and don't want to play as or with them. If females are a requirement for you, then please just move along, we aren't compatible.

If you don't see something on here, don't be afraid to ask about it in a PM, I like to think I'm pretty open to different ideas for RPs.

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Yes, I am different. If you don't like it, eat me.

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