Would love to have you throb between my legs (M Human Pred)

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Would love to have you throb between my legs (M Human Pred)

Postby Nooguy » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:09 am

As the add says I'm quite desiring to see if anyone's open to letting themselves enjoy the pleasure of throbbing and drooling between my legs as a pleasant addition to my cock. Feel free to message me and just open things with a post if you want to get to the fun right away, or we can discuss a few things and iron out a setting before beginning. Whether you're looking for a big, strong alpha to claim and ravage you or a thick and curvy femboy to put you in your place I'm all too happy to do either and in between. I do prefer being the dom and unless you've got an interesting suggestion this is unlikely to change. I'm pretty much open to most partners species and gender-wise, save male herms/cuntboys, and very flexible when it comes to kinks/desires for a roleplay. Essentially the only big 'no' subjects are stink, scat, gore, watersports, bathroom stuff, filth, underage, micro/macro etc., you get the idea. If you're curious just ask, worst thing I can do is respectfully say no. Atm desiring things in a 1st person perspective, just what my preferences have geared toward and really so this is pretty strongly desired, but not a deal breaker if you're not game. The general theme that is desired though, if the title wasn't clear, is cock transformation or cock absorption. If you've questions, want some more info on my listed kinks, feel free to ask me to elaborate. Also! For those of you who desire a quicker setup, I'm okay with instant starts w/ RP's, but with this I'll immediately assume you've read all the kinks I've listed, and as such are fine with any of 'em. Feel free to include a side note of some minor details, but again I'm fine with instant starts. Come on by and give a friendly grope, or more ~<3

EDIT: Additionally have found an interesting idea, a different form of absorption, and that's anal merging. Long story short, think anal vore, but the end result is the victim being absorbed directly into the pred's ass/anus/bowels. If you're game, more than happy to try this out. So yes, along with cock absorption, we're going a little more south!

EDIT Mk.II: One more thing, I do like details so if you really don't think you can do around 4 to five sentences then it's not likely gonna work out.

Also since I like to lay out my own kinks to ease things, below are those I generally enjoy.
Also, <3's generally indicate things I'm particularly craving

Spoiler: show
-Cock Transformation/Absorption (Duh) ~<3
-Cock Vore ~<3
-Cock Nursing ~<3
-Facesitting/rimming (Clean I Receiving)
-Face/Throat fucking
-Anal Play
-Cock/Ball smothering ~<3
-Breeding/Rutting-like pace
-Sexual Musk (Not based on filth or hygiene)
-Goo/Slime in general
-Cock Fucking (Receiving/Giving) ~<3
-Cock Breeding (Giving)
-'Mating Press' (Essentially pressing one's body down atop their lover during sex/climax)
-School settings w/ student/student or teacher/student
-Sibling incest
-Bottom heavy partners
-Cum Addiction
-Heavy/Intense Climax
-Ahegao/Fucked Silly ~<3
-Thick/Hyper puckers/anuses
-Skin tight clothing
-Breast/Nipple fucking
-Thigh Fucking
-Thick thighs/hips/asses. ~<3

And I'm likely missing a few, but atm the above are generally my prominent preferences desired in an RP.

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