Wiling prey looking for sexy pred

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Wiling prey looking for sexy pred

Postby acex007 » Sat May 20, 2023 12:53 pm

Too busy with work might return idk idc
Spoiler: show

[spoiler]I do have a discord but rarely use it. If you want to RP over that instead of PM's we can discuss that.
Can only do a discord rp on maybe Friday evening Sat and maybe Sun. Prefer Pms here can do throughout the week.
Friday evening Sat and some of Sunday before 5pm are best times for me
I am not around to RP on Dec 24 25 and Easter.

If you see anything of interest feel free to pm me
I can play as human or my character listed below or another character made on the spot or a character from something else that I am comfortable with
May be willing to play characters from series have to ask me first please.
Best times to play are on the weekends for me prefer PMs I have a discord but need to set up a time to play since not on there much anymore.

Some Scenerios looking for
Something romantic maybe boyfriends meeting for the first time
Some fun with and as a femboi
Being eaten by a naga.
Open to other ideas people may have as well.

Characters form these shows I like Ask for more details:
One Piece
Sonic X
Family Guy
American Dad
Fairly oddparents
Kim Possible
Teen Titans
Totally Spies
Kingdom Hearts
Serleena MIB 2
Steven Universe

M F H not really an issue most any gender is ok
Soft vore ONLY most any form
sex before or after
soft digestion like turning into a gel or cum
being absorbed
being dominated
still alive after turning to fat or whatever
tongue play
condom play
being stuffed then eaten
belly rubbing
Prefer anthro style characters
cum inflation
light teasing
student/teacher relationship
first date/ or first in real life
mystery date
drinking/ heavy drinking

Ok with
unwilling prey
unwilling prey convinced to want it
One liners if just trying to move a scene a long just don;t be a dick

hard vore
Scat Farting and other toilet stuff
mean domination just to be mean
Obscenely oversized stuff
playing as cboy.

If you have something you want to try but dont see on the list just ask me. I am open to new ideas.
This is a furrsona I have don't have to use it
I like a lot of stuff so here is my F-list https://www.f-list.net/c/fix%20the%20fox its kinda out of date
Fix - Fox anthro slim can turn in to gel or not. Is a Femboy and loves to be dommed and nomed.

I also understand life can interfere so if we are in the middle of an rp if you have to go for a while or need a break just let me know please.
If interested please fire me a note with a possible scenario and a few kinks you want to include[/size][/size][/color][/color][/size][/color][/spoiler]

Just want to say thank you to the people who politely declined me and were not rude.[/spoiler]

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My RP post for anyone curious viewtopic.php?f=31&t=27589
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