Male pred looking for willing, female prey, slight edit

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Male pred looking for willing, female prey, slight edit

Postby Hodag » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:33 pm

I have added and modified a few of my preferences recently, hopefully this widens the base of potential meals that respond. I am more into the willing to eager vore side of things, and am looking for eager female victims who enjoy other creative elements spun into their scenes.

I have been role playing for quite a few years, and have quite a bit of experience in different styles of role playing. Generally I will try to match the style of whomever I am role playing with but I do prefer role play partners that will add their own ideas to a developing scene. I have rough ideas for scenes, but I don't like having definitive scenes for the simple fact that not everyone likes everything, so I prefer to create the scenes when messaged by an interested female, with that said here are my :

Oral vore
Soft vore
Hard vore
Willing prey
adult prey
Loli prey
Belly expansion
Multiple Prey

Forced or unwilling

Anything I haven't listed above under likes is something i more than likely haven't had experience with yet, so if it interests you feel free to suggest something when you message me.

I prefer scenes set in a world where vore is a natural part of life. business have popped up catering to the idea and everyone is raised to view it as acceptable to grow up to be a pred or a prey, or sometimes both and it is just part of the fun of life. Women looking to become prey are more likely to show off than cover up, and sex is as acceptable in public as checking your phone or buying a snack from a street vendor.

some potential scenes are :
A predator visits his favorite restaurant where the entire staff are the menu, from the owner down. The entire staff are fully aware and come to work there in the hopes of being chosen. it is not unusual for mother daughter teams, or sisters to work together when waiting tables, playfully enticing their customer to order either themselves or their partner.

Girlscouts are out performing their annual sales again this year, except this year there was an issue with the cookie orders. instead of cookies this year they decide to sell themselves, from the den mothers down. the uniforms are modified accordingly and the excited girls go door to door, each eager to be picked at each stop.

a salesperson in a store promoting a sale of the day, either aware or unaware that the store is giving her away if a customer wins.

I am currently only using Skype and Discord for roleplay, so if your interested Msg me on Eka's and I will give you my Usernames name.

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