Male switch seeking female roleplay buddy/lunch

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Male switch seeking female roleplay buddy/lunch

Postby shlurpay64 » Tue Jun 02, 2020 2:02 pm

Hopefully I got some lustful ladies to give this a click, I'd like to find a female (Yes, like an actual IRL female) roleplay partner to engage in fetishy perversion with. I am okay with being a predator, prey, or observer but predators be warned I might still try to swallow you, sorry, you just look so yummy! I prefer roleplaying on Discord but message me here first and lets chat a little to see if we seem to get along at all. I prefer prey to be unwilling but this is not a requirement, I can do willing, unwilling or somewhere in between as both pred and prey. I really love when the prey is unwilling and struggling but still turned on due to having a vore fetish, fun mind games and all that.

Main kinks:
*Digestion- This is a turn on for me even outside of vore. The whole process food goes through turns me on, I like the idea of sharing my digestion with a female and even more so seeing her midsection in action. Prey undergoing digestion is super hot to me and also I love it as a way for a predator to tease future prey. And if you wanna talk about how lunch is sitting in you right now I'm pretty happy to hear about it.
*Burps- again same as with digestion, that's a fetish onto itself.
*Farts- A digestive tract in action is a beautiful thing~
*POOP- Yes, the end result of eating is pooping. I have no interest in playing without this. All food should eventually exit in this manner after a lengthy digestion and prey should ATLEAST be threatened with this. It's also a great way for predators to show off to future prey (and thereby future poop) "this is what my gut will do to you" NOTE: I'm not into eating it or diapers or creative stuff like that, just the natural act of pooping please. I respect everyone else's kinks but there's some stuff I'm just not looking for!
Stomach/intestinal noises- hunger sounds are hot, digestion sounds are hotter.
*Butts! Yes, butts are required for pooping and farting, fat from eating is added to them, butts are just wonderful. It's hard to see a nice female bottom and not want to gobble it up or imagine sliding out of it in a brown pile.
First person perspective- different strokes for different folks but that's mine.
OOC/Player to player roleplay and teasing- Hey, if we end up getting along go ahead and tell me all about your fursona and fantasies about video game characters, that's super hot stuff! But I'm looking for us just playing as ourselves, I've had some luck in the past with people actually being into it so I'll go ahead and try it again. If you think that sucks then you are welcome to judge me for it!
Oral vore- the ideal way to eat food!
Samesize vore- yeah, this is more fun for me. Having a big squirming bulge that softens and changes shape as the prey journeys through the predator's midsection is really hot to me. Also more nutrition and more poop!

Optional maybe stuff:
*Sex- not a requirement but if I'm going to eat you I may as well get everything I can from you first. I like playing with my food!
*Weight gain- women putting on weight is pretty hot, whether she's a predator that's packing on the pounds or I'm teasing her about how much more filling and satisfying to swallow she'll be because of how chubby she is. Also chubby prey not being able to get away from me because she's slow or unable to fit through some space is great. Mmmm~ As far as me gaining weight I like this less but it's still on the table. I'll happily eat fat or skinny girls though.
Anal vore- this is kinda silly way to eat someone but still it involves the digestive system so it's still viable to me. I have trouble imagining how it'd work sometimes though. Someone would really have to explain it to me I guess but I'm not against it.
Macro/micro vore- ehhh not as fun as samesize. I used to do it all the time as pred and got pretty sick of it, it just felt like I was playing with dolls. If I really like you I might enjoy it. That's only as pred though, I've never been macro/micro prey and I bet that'd be AWESOME. I'm expecting to mostly receive responses from prey though....OR just a wall of completely useless garbage or no answers at all....but I haven't put out a post like this in over 7 years so who knows?

Please find someone else for these kinks, I cannot help you with these:
*Futa stuff/herm stuff- You really gotta find someone else for this. I respect your fetish but am not looking for this and honestly do not consider it desirable for me personally.
Male partners- yeah especially the idea of eating a guy, it's not for me. Maybe getting ate by one maybe....And yes, your IRL gender matters to me, PLEASE RESPECT THIS, I TRY TO BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER PEOPLE SO I WOULD LIKE THAT IN RETURN.

But most of all:
NO GHOSTING, please be respectful and say "I have to go now" or "I'm not into this" instead of just wasting my time. I will endeavour to show you the same courtesy.

I cannot please everyone and I reserve the right to tell you I'm not interested in playing with you. Seriously. That being said if you bother to message me I WILL answer, it may take me a bit to get back to you but I will tell you that I'm not interested (or Hell, maybe I'll get some people that I actually want to play with???)

I think that's enough for now, hopefully I'll have a gassy female filled tummy very shortly. :gulp:

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