I wanna EXPAND! ^___^

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I wanna EXPAND! ^___^

Postby Silencedogood » Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:51 pm

Welcome to the latest edition of Silencedogood's Seeking Thread! I have a very specific kink as a pred, but more traditional as prey, and very open to your ideas and ready to brainstorm. As for length, I'll try to match whatever you can come up with, with a minimum of three lines. I can do long term or short term. I prefer longer, story based Rp's, and whatever the lengh, I like at least some degree of character for both the pred and the prey, otherwise I can't really get invested and enjoy myself.

(These are in no order other than how they are labeled.)


(As Pred)
Oral Vore
Butt Expansion

(As Prey)
Breast Vore
Being dominated

(As Both)
Breast Expansion
Communication from inside belly
Big Bellies
Romance (Stright)
Story based

Willing to go with:
Navel vore
Cock Vore
Soul vore
Playing a girl
Anal Vore
Feet stuff
Romance (M/M)

Would Prefer not:
Sexual stuff other than teasing

Won't do:
Tasteless Gore
Fantasy settings (Overdone)

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