human male seeking female pred

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human male seeking female pred

Postby pyrotic » Sat Jul 20, 2019 7:58 am

Hello, I'm not so new at this anymore but as the title said, I'm a human male looking for a female pred. I'm mostly the submissive type and I have very few dislikes. I'm willing to try anything that's interesting and I don't mind having an anthro or human pred voring me. If you're interested, go ahead and pm me

I'm still roleplaying but I now have a new laptop so things should go more smoothly. however I'm not quite ready for trying to seriously get an IM since last time I tried my laptop ended up crashing. however, I'm still more than willing to rp on here and in pm. Though I am in college so I do have a couple times I will be offline that I can't respond but I'll try to respond as soon as I can

Usual things I like:
Tail vore (I'm more interested in this being done by a furry like a kitsune instead of a "scaley")
Breast vore
Anal vore (as long as it's relatively clean inside)
a dragoness rp partner
Feral rp partners
Some odor play

things I would like to be added in to an rp:
tongue play (not exactly swallowing but maybe if you convince me)
foot/paw play
tail play (at least I think is what it would be called)
smothering (depends on the type, though)

In the middle about:
oral vore (depends on the situation and the lead up to it)
futanaris- I've done a couple rp's with them and I'm fine with them just nothing much with their male parts.
Things I've heard of but would like to try: (no idea if I like or dislike yet)
Hair vore
Soul vore
Belly button vore

Things I'm not really interested in:
ear vore
Nose vore
fatal voring/dying (again, depends on the situation but this needs a lot of build up for me to like and be willing to really do it)
unwilling vore (just not as good at it and doesn't really ... give me the right experience I like though again, depends on how well the rp build up, ending, and development is)

scat (depends on the situation but normally a turn off)
hard vore
pain (a little is fine but cutting or biting me turns me off big time)

M/M (only into girls)

please don't try making me your slave in an rp with an abusive mistress. this kind of thing is something I include in the dislikes

UPDATE 1: I do have an f-list account. that's the only place I can instant message for an rp. here's a link to my page. I update that more than I do here.

Update 2: Should probably add that I have a discord as well. @Pyrotic#4101

NOTE: I didn't want to put this here but I guess I have to. DO NOT pm me saying you are looking for a pm with me and after we set everything up just disappear and never talk to me again. It frustrates me to no end to have my hopes raised just to suddenly be disappointed when one of the rare rp chances I get are suddenly dashed. I know I'm on the short end of the stick being a human male prey but that doesn't give you the right to just leave me hanging after we set everything up. I don't mean to sound like a dick and all but this happened to me one too many times that I had to put this here.

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