LF Female long term partner for romantic Pregnancy

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LF Female long term partner for romantic Pregnancy

Postby Blace » Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:48 am

Okay so this might get a bit on the long end but I'm gonna try anyway *Deep Breath*

Hey everyone.
I'm a male just short of 30. I live in Denmark and for the better part of my life I have always had a deep love/affection and fascination for the whole pregnancy thing
To me, it's both a deeply intimate and romantic thing, having two people who love each other on such a deep level that they want to create a life together. For her to willingly take her lover's seed and carry and care for it in her womb for all these months, and for him to want her to be the mother of his children, supporting her and be at her site through the whole journey
I've always found it kind a beautiful, as in it's the woman's most pure and yet primal function that her body was always destined for, growing a life within it and for her body to change during the process. Her breast swelling as they prepare to produce warm and nutricious milk for the baby as the belly slowly grows to a point where it's hard to actually move around without it getting in the way, yet always feeling content and happy when you look down to marvel at it's beautiful shape, feeling the little kicks from within. Never feeling alone as you are always carrying a little piece of the man you love inside of her.
As for the man's role. I can't picture anything more heartwarming than coming home every day to the girl that you love so much, gazing at and feeling up her beautiful baby bump that is slowly turning into one big round belly as each day passes.
Sitting or laying together in the comfy bed at night, both of their hands resting on her belly as he spoons up to her, embracing her and holding her close, letting her know that even though her belly has gotten so very big, he finds her just as attractive if not more than from the day he first laid eyes upon her and letting her know that he'll always be right here for her, no matter what.
Both so content and happy as they snuggle up, knowing that in not very long, they'll have their very own little family and be able to hold the child she has been bearing for them for so long, but for now, they just want to enjoy this lovely romantic moment

So yeah, pregnancies isn't strictly a sexual thing but more of a romantic one, that being said, I certainly do appricate the more intimate and sexual parts as well as long as there still is this warm and romantic feel to it.
The impregnation part for example is something I always love. That love session where both of them know that there is nothing between them to prevent his seed to impregnate her unprotected fertile eggs and that amazing moment where they both climax, the point of no return. Him whispering into her ear as they both pant out and gasp for air "This is it, my love. You're now carrying our child~ You're going to be a mommy"
Pregnancy sex is also a big turn on for me, the bigger the belly, the better, pretty much.
I like both the idea of taking a girl in that condition from behind, watching how her huge belly and milky breasts are wobbling and moving below her with every thrust you make, as well as grabbing hold of her tummy to help keeping it in place or squeezing her tits and milking her as we make love.
but I'm also just as much a fan of having her sitting on top of me. Riding me with her huge belly sliding over mine, maybe with our fingers intertwined, holding each other's hands to help support her as we both gaze into each other's eyes as well as enjoying the best view in the whole world and being able to feel the baby move inside her tight round tummy as we make love.

Another somewhat related kink I have when it comes to pregnancies is lactation and breastfeeding. I like the whole bonding and sense of security about being able to suckle on my partners breasts and drink the freshly produced warm milk her body has been so busy making. It's both really romantic to me as well a an act of real intimacy. It's not a must tho, so if you're not really into that, that's okay too

SO, what am I looking for here.
I'll list some of my likes below, but most importantly, I am looking not just for rp stuff but preferably a soulmate, as in someone I can share this whole pregnancy kink with but also just have conversations with on a somewhat daily basis while maybe having a kind of RP going on as well. Like when we wake up and write to each other in the morning, I would write something like
" *Slowly opens my eyes to see that you're still snuggling up in my arms from last night. My warm hand resting on top of your round belly. I stroke it softly before giving you a loving kiss on your neck* Did mamma have a good sleep? I can't wait to spend more time with you later today. What would your plans be for today, hon? "
So basically like a pretend relationship with a little story to it. Kinda. I'm NOT looking for an actual relationship or girlfriend.

I am ONLY interested in girls here tho. I hope this is something you can all just accept. It's just how I work mentally with this.
I'm not really looking for short term or single roleplays. Those are neither very engaging or interesting to me. I'm only looking for a long term parter.
Also, if you don't like writing more than one sentence or genreally just make short replies to everything, don't bother.

When I RP, I prefer to pretty much play the role of myself from a first person perspective. It jsut feels more real to me this way.
I also personally prefer Roleplays that kind takes place in the real world without too much drama. I like things to mostly just be a pleasant

That being said. Here is a list of likes and dislikes so you have something to go on.

Huge bellies
Pregnancy Sex
Swollen milky breasts
Cum inflation (Mild)
Breast smothering
Belly worthship (Basically showering with attention)
Giving Massages
Felling the baby move in the womb


Dislike and won't do
Short RPS
Illiterate partners

Well, that was a novel and a half.
If anyone should feel interested in talking, you are more than welcome to hit me up if you feel like we might compliment each other.

You can find me on various platforms
Discord: Blace#0244
Telegram: @Blace_Medal
Skype: blace_medal (Not too active here)
Mail: [email protected] (Rarely checks)

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