Male Pred LF Female Prey

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Male Pred LF Female Prey

Postby cometcruiser01 » Tue Jul 07, 2020 7:10 pm

Self explanatory title.

Likes: (Not in any order).
[*] Soft vore.
[*] Cock vore.
[*] Oral vore.
[*] Food play/soft cooking (just a warm cooking pot at best, apple gags, stuffing, and insertions).
[*] Asset expansion (breast/butt growth -- not mandatory).
[*] Talkative prey whether willing or unwilling (I tend to get into dialogue more than I do actions but this is just my preference, not saying there will be a lack of actions).
[*] Bondage.
[*] Bulge emphasis.
[*] Prey acknowledges they're just a meal/food.
[*] Feet first (my preference).
[*] Last look outs from the pred's maw.
[*] Opposite of micro/macro as in big prey and little pred (not mandatory).
[*] Same size vore.
[*] Endo vore.

Dislikes: (Not in any order).
[*] Scat.
[*] Water Sports.
[*] Gas/farting.
[*] Fatality.
[*] Hard vore.
[*] Any form of pain or agony.
[*] Underage prey.

[*] Digestion (only if it's done in a soft way such as what I call a cartoony-melt).

[*] I am 100% as soft as possible and clean as possible, am strictly on the fantasy side of vore, if you're looking for realism then I'm not your guy.
[*] Willing to play as any predator, male of course. If you ask me to play a canon character, will have to guide me on how they'd act/speak if it's someone I'm not familiar with.
[*] Realize that by being soft as possible and being a male to boot is gonna bite me but I'm going to try anyways.
[*] Know's there's a snowballs chance in hell of this happening but please be an actual female. I'm wanting to meet a female who is legitimately straight forward with this stuff without hesitation.
[*] I know the world's gone to hell in a handbasket and everyone has their own life to deal with but if you inquire about this post and we get somewhere, I'm not asking fully for undivided attention but just let me know when you get busy or things are hectic, I grow tired of people avoiding messages or avoiding me all together for whatever reasoning.

PM me on here if interested.

Appreciate you taking the time to view this and hopefully someone will take interest.

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