Pred/s LF Prey

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Pred/s LF Prey

Postby CrazedPhantom » Sat Oct 19, 2019 12:27 am

G'day to those that stumbled into this thread.
The name's Phantom; a long-time lurker and occasional writer around and about the site who has returned from a recent hiatus refreshed and ready to creatively rumble once more! A couple things do have to put down first though because this user prefers quality over quantity (literate/friendly and casual people over those that don't put forth much and usually are quite unpleasant in comparison).

> No one liners, First Person or Second Person
Things as these (and similar) not only cause the user to want to curl up in a corner and sigh, but also don't offer much a good impression for any conversation.

> PM's only.
Sorry folks there is no Discord or other avenues here! Those have been done and dusted and didn't end well, so this is the only platform scenes will take place. On the other hand the user is usually quite consistant so there are various replies made over the course of the time online.

> Real Life
Yes, everyone has one and it comes first. Despite whatever anyone gets from this page, I do want to chime that I'm actually pretty casual, friendly and laid back (chillaxed). If there's a problem, lemme know and I'll happily do the same. Communication is key! :3

> Characters
I do not have them listed, sorry. It should be said that I primarily play the MALE gender (demi/feral and anthro), with a secondary preference to HERMS (demi/feral and anthro - and I mean this in the case of a possession of both intimate parts). A third and final is occasionally FEMALE (anthro/feral) because I personally don't like to play it (comes from many, many years of bad experiences around here and the net in general so go figure). I do use Original Characters only though and would prefer the same from my potential partner (meaning nothing 'cannon' or out of a show, game etc etc). Since it also seems to be in need of a chime, any feral characters operated are quite sentient (capable of communication, expression and jumping through mental hoops. Feral is more a notion of their appearance.)

* Male and Female Prey (Human/Demi/Anthro)
* Fatality
* Digestion (Implied)
* Cumgestion
* Unbirth
* Same Size and/or Similar Size
* Fantasy and/or Modern!Fantasy Setting
* Willing and Non-Willing Prey

* Anal Vore (Clean)
* Oral Vore
* Tail Vore
* Multiple Predators (Couple/Friends)
* Multiple Prey

* Full Tour (Clean)
* Underage Prey (No Loli/Shota etc. Just a normal kiddo, and this is a massive maybe anyway)
* Non Fatal (Boring! >.<)

* Sex (I've no problem with sexual vore, but the act in and of itself is a nada)
* Watersports
* Scat/Disposal
* Alternative Vore (Naval/Hair/Pouch etc)
* Macro/Micro or Micro/Macro
* Hard Vore/Gore
* Foodplay/Cooking
* Soul Vore
* Being Prey (Sorry - this road is a no-no).

Hm .. that's the basics anyway.
If there's a question on the mind then feel free to toss it to me! Hope to find someone soon!

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