Pred LF Prey ^w^

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Pred LF Prey ^w^

Postby CrazedPhantom » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:33 am

Hey there,
Phantom here with a thread to find some like minded folks interested to create a scene to have fun with and within. More then often the Predator role is adopted from this end since it's the only one where experience lies (though there are rare moments this mood does expire and a minor preference for a switch around occurs).

> Literate/Semi Literate : There is little a worse sensation to experience when one's all is put into their sentence and work only to have the person on the other side dismiss it and respond with little to no detail. There's nothing wrong with those that prefer that such is a bore on this end and it likely to have the scene end there and then. Third person is also advised.

> PM : Public forums or Instant Messagers are avoided due to the often common and associated problems, so scenes are performed over the Private Message system located on the site.

> Communication : I'm a very laid back and pretty chill person behind the screen, but it's not taken too fond of people that approach and then vanish without at least some head's up on a reason. Yes, life happens, but radio silence is considerably rude (and the chances are there will not be scenes/discussion in the future). If there is a problem, please speak up.

M/M and M/F
H/M and H/F
Same Size and Similar Size
Anthro/Feral and Demi Predators
Anthro/Demi and Human Prey
Fantasy and Modern Fantasy Settings
Story/Plot (should someone have a suggestion in mind on approach that would be loved!)
Fatal Scenes
Unwilling and Willing Prey

F/F and F/M
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Tail Vore
Implied Digestion

Non Fatal Scenes
Anal (Clean Only)

Scat and Urine
Fanservice (Pokemon/Digimon etc)
Macro/Micro and Micro/Macro
Hard Vore/Gore
Naval Vore (Etc)

I do possess quite a couple on hand for material/s found on this site despite that most are anthro or feral since that is where the preference these times tends to lie. Some demi-folk are on hand as well but are less used. There is a healthy mixture of genders also. I usually pick the character based on the plot or scene.

Hope to hear from someone soon and thanks for the scan over the thread too! Cheers!

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