Predators LF Prey ^w^

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Predators LF Prey ^w^

Postby CrazedPhantom » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:32 am

G'day there!
The name's Phantom; it's been quite some time since this thread was updated and breathed some life into so that's the aim and intention this time around, and to do it correct at that! So, let's start! ^w^

I do prefer to communicate and 'scene' with notes since it provides more time and room to come up with a wonderful and meaningful response for the partner on the other side (to which one is taken at a time in order to dedicate the full attention to them). Please permit me to make it quite clear here that while reponses do not need to be immediately sent too and fro, should there be silence/inaction for three days (without a forewarn of some basic kind), I'll consider the scene ceased and move on. I'm sorry if that sounds rude or is an off put, but it's been repeatedly experienced and it's quite a discouragement. Personally? I respond at least once a day (sometimes several since there are moments I have to burn online - and it's actually quite common) and prefer the third person perspective (which is desirable for partners). It should be said that I am quite a verbose person and lean heavily to those that share such (since I usually post a minimum of one paragraph and can create up to several under the optimal circumstances), so please bare in mind that a 'couple of sentences' and 'poor grammar' will not interest me in the utmost least.

Favourites are mentions that I will be more than happy to include and partake within. Accepted things are also done quite easily. Pointers listed under Maybe are the ones done more rare because the mood has to align for them or the prospect has to really 'knock me out of my shoes'. No is, as it sounds, things that I will not do under any circumstances. I've done my best to make them all clear and mentioned but it's quite possible some have been forgotten or not mentioned at all due to never having experienced them (or had them proposed).

Spoiler: show
Anthro/Feral/Demi Predators (Feral is appearance only; my characters are sentient)
Anthro/Demi/Humanoid Prey
Male/Female/Cuntboy Predators
Male/Female Prey
Unwilling or Willing Prey
Digestion (Implied for Oral Vore)
Digestion (Unbirth and Cock Vore)
Same Size and Size Difference
Soft Vore
Unbirth (Female)
Unbirth (Cuntboy)
Fantasy or Modern Fantasy Setting
Medieval Setting
Character Story and Depth
Third Person POV

Spoiler: show
Tail Vore
Oral Vore
Cock Vore
Anal Vore (Clean)
Non Fatal
Multiple Predators
Multiple Prey
Belly Play (Rubs/Cuddles)
Friendships and Rivalry

Spoiler: show
Consential Intercourse
Underage Prey
Full Tour (Clean)

Spoiler: show
Disposal (Scat)
Hard Vore
Soul Vore (Or the unlisted methods)
Micro Prey or Predator
Macro Prey or Predator
First Person POV (I, Me, You)
Action Lines ( *Insert Text* )
Fancontent (Pokemon etc)
Unconsential Intercourse (Rape)
Intercourse (Underage)

Characters listed beneath may or may not include potential scenes to them; they usually fit in just about anywhere and will actually be swapped around with each bump of the thread (because there's quite a couple possessed). On the odds you do not see one that seems 'tolerable' then do let me know and I'll browse the possessed collection for one that may be more suitable. The ones listed are just the ones I personally have a lean to play for the time!

Spoiler: show
Name: Puffin
Gender: Male (or Cboi)
Orientation: None
Race: Spirit
Species: Avarisine (Avian/Bear)
Height: 12 8in
Weight: 690 lbs
Alignment: Neutral
Methods: OV/UB/AV/CV

> A group of people (or a race) venerate the gentle guardian for the protector he is and leave quite interesting gifts for the services.

Name: Endigo
Gender: Male (or Cboi)
Orientation: Undecided
Race: Demi/Feral
Height: 8ft 4in (Humanoid), 12ft 8in (Draconian)
Weight: 120 lbs (Humanoid), 800 lbs (Draconian)
Length: 30ft (Draconian)
Wing Span: 60ft (Draconian)
Alignment: Neutral
Methods: OV/UB/CV/AV

> A time-old tale in which a fair maiden/man is sacrificed to a 'terrible' draconian creature which may or may not turn out to be as scary as tales tell.
> A person that dabbles in the arcane has obtained themselves a pet. Will they treat him well, or will they not?

Name: Cecidimus
Gender: Male (or Cboi)
Orientation: Straight
Race: Taur/Demi
Species: Centaur/Faun
Height: 8ft 2in (centaur), 5ft 8in (faun)
Weight: 600lbs (centaur), 140lbs (faun)
Alignment: Neutral
Methods: OV/UB/CV/AV

> Sometimes, as a courier, the jobs requested come to be a little odd, such as a person that wishes to 'catch a ride' to another destination. Or perhaps a good person has been wound up in a false accused crime!

Name: Sol
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Orientation: Bisexual
Race: Demi
Species: Harpy
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 290 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Methods: UB/CV/AV/OV

I ... I think that may be all that comes to mind. Thanks for the read and hopefully I'll hear from you soon! ^w^

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