Male (Prey) Seeking Creature Vore.

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Male (Prey) Seeking Creature Vore.

Postby AuriSkunk » Sat Jan 18, 2020 12:49 pm

Looking for someone to capture/buy my character from an auction and lead him out into the woods to be fed to one of the awaiting creatures as a sacrifice:
Hungry Plant, Snake, Slimes/Goo, Slug, Worm.
Loves: Slime, Goo, Latex, Rubber, Bubble Traps, Breathplay, Asphyxiation, Unwilling, Sticky, Oviposition, Encasement, Strong Emotions (Fear, Crying, Helplessness)
*Interested in my character exploring an alien world and being devoured by local flora.
Tentacles? Plants? Strange gooey monsters?
Just looking for a plant-based RP. Searching for a predator or someone willing to help feed my character to something starving. My character as prey.
*Also a bit of a stretch but quite hard to find a partner for: I am searching for a companion to help trap my character in a stretchy, unpoppable bubble made of rubber, latex, or who knows what. Maybe as some sort of lab experiment testing new materials? Bubble-Blowing dragon? Sentient slime with that special touch? Even a huge gob of gum would work. Very niche but oh so hard to find help with.
More details:

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