Female/MalePrey LF Herm or Female Pred. (Added New Plots)

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Female/MalePrey LF Herm or Female Pred. (Added New Plots)

Postby Nallore » Fri May 22, 2020 5:58 pm

Please for the love of god no one liners they make me want to curl up in a small hole, paragraph a minimum, three-four lines. Put some thought into posts before messaging.

Update: I also have Second Life if anyone wants to rp with me my name is NalloreStarfire add me and we can work something out on there. :)

Hello everyone, i'm new to this forum but i'm not new to RP. :-D I made this account a few months back but I haven't gotten a chance to post here yet. Anyway i'm searching for either a pred herm or another female RP partner for a vore RP I like my partners to be literate and also can make good posts, I give what I'm given so if you give me a good descriptive paragraph, and if you give me a one-liner then I'll give you one. We can work out something just send me a PM and i'll get back to you as soon as I can. :-D


1. My character is invited to go to a strip club that had just recently opened up in the more shady side of the city, having nothing else to do, and pretty much bored. He goes to the club and presents his invitation to the bouncer blocking the entrance, once inside of the club he sees various women dancing on poles, or serving up other women at the bar. He decides to go over and sit at one of the tables facing the stage as a show is just about to begin.

2. He works at an office, there is a new CEO of the company that recently just got hired, as the weeks go by both men and women are taken into her office. And a few hours later they come out drenched and sweating as well, but none of them say what happens in her office. Getting curious he presses his ear up against the door and hears some moans coming from within the office, quickly embarrassed he goes back to his desk, until he hears his name being called by the CEO to enter the office.

3. He is invited to an all women’s college, and has been the first boy to enter in years, as he goes in he notices the various female students with bulges under their skirts, and goes to meet the principal of the college for orientation.

Things i'm into: (Bold means I really would like.)
Herms/Futanari(Love huge cocks and balls on them)
Being Prey
Cock Vore (Would love to have a futa pred or herm pred for this)
TF ((Would like it forced on my character))
Forced Vore
Breast Vore
Anal Vore
Tentacle monster (Being vored by one.)
Succubus (Herm or female)
Sex before being vored
Naga (Craving espsaially being unbirthed by one.)
Driders (Same as above.)
Demi (Neko's)
Furries (Prefered herms)
Same sized
Non fatal digestion
No death

If it's not there i'm willing to try it. :-D

Things I will not do:
Hard Vore
One liners
Oral Vore

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