Feral Switch LF Literate Partners - No Kink Limits

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Feral Switch LF Literate Partners - No Kink Limits

Postby Purrloin » Fri Nov 15, 2019 6:47 am

Experienced and literate roleplayer here, looking for either predators or prey. I only play feral male characters, mostly cats or other felines, however my Pokemon characters are all sentient if you prefer that. If I'm going to play as a predator I'm going to have to have more of a reason to do so other than just eating you. Things like object swallowing, disposal, insertions, gas play, feeding literally anything, admiration/affection and kneading against bulges in the throat and gut, etc are all encouraged to spice things up a bit. However as prey simply just eating me and nothing else will do just fine, though I certainly wouldn't mind including some of the things I mentioned above as well. Especially if it involves teasing and bathroom or gas play. All in all kink-wise I'm virtually limitless as a predator, and as prey all I ask is that the predator mustn't be human or very humanlike and I prefer not to be chewed on.

If you're someone who prefers short and simple posts them unfortunately we aren't going to get along well. The more detailed the better, and as a predator especially I tend to exceed text limits on most platforms quite often.

Some of the characters I play include:
Dallas, a Purrloin. Both predator and prey, but more prey leaning.
Wiggly, a macro feral Vaporeon, predator only.
Rocco, a tubby feral cat, prey only.
Rusty, a macro feral cat, predator only.

I prefer to keep things as realistic as possible with digestion. This means as a predator you'll be alive inside my character's stomach for a half an hour at the minimum and digestion will be slow and detailed. As prey I prefer (but don't require) to be able to survive within your character's gut for at least the same amount of time. With either role I prefer something to be present within the stomach upon arrival. Partially digested things, foul odors, something to make the experience as disgusting and realistic as possible. Endo is welcome when I'm prey, but when I'm playing as the predator if you're eaten you will be digested unless you're small enough to pass, in which case the resulting full tour will be realistic and filthy. CV and AV are both endo if I'm doing them as the predator.

If you'd rather contact me via Telegram then let me know and I'll give you my tag.

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