Male Pred looking for literate story rps (UPDATED)

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Male Pred looking for literate story rps (UPDATED)

Postby kaijuart » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:23 am


I have been away from this site for sometime but now I have the time to make a return. I have one male pred that is apart of a story that I'm writing but I'm happy to use them in other scenarios or AUs

Spoiler: show
Bruce was mostly raised in the outback area of South Australia. He helped his parents run a banana farm with his older brother. Due to being as young as he was, he wasn’t much help but still enjoyed it. However, while on vacation in the US, he was kidnapped by Achim’s men, selected as a test subject for the super soldier experiments happening at the TCCS.

Out of 300 children, he was the only one to survive the initial dose of the mutation serum. Over the course of 20 years, he suffered abuse and torture, pushed to new limits each and everyday. He was sent out on a few missions, destroying innocent towns and cities, only to help the rich get even richer. The abuse from Achim got so bad that Bruce finally snapped and ripped off the scientist’s arm out of protest.

Four years after the incident, the giant managed to escape the facility. From there he was able to build a log cabin in the woods which is his forever home. However, Achim’s men are still chasing him down with full intent on bringing him back to where he belongs.

In order to keep him killing, they played with his body, eating anything other than humans made him extremely ill with symptoms including extreme vomiting and cramps that can immobilize him. Usually he eats one to two people each meal.

Monster form: When Bruce becomes injured to the point of dying, he enters his monstrous form. A giant who stands at about 350ft tall. Bruce has very little control in this form, all he does is destroy and kill everything in his area, no matter if it’s natural or man-made. In this form his roar is powerful enough to shatter the glass around him. It lasts for around four hours, when time is up he passes out and stays asleep for two days.

This is just the abridged version!

Spoiler: show
Jack is the more successful version of Bruce. Standing at roughly 25ft tall, this monster of a man is Achim's pride and joy. He too was experimented on as a child but he was a little older than Bruce, at the age of ten. Unlike the younger, smaller giant, Jack followed each of the scientist's orders. His personality is very stern, almost soldier like thanks to the brainwashing techniques that were used onto him. However, once he breaks out of that hold, he can end up being quite fun.

Again this is just the abridged version!

So as I mentioned above I will do pretty much anything, but here are my favourite things:
Human/anthro prey
Story Rps
Post vore scat.
full tour
I'm pretty much cool with anything.

These are the very very few things that I will refuse to do simply because I don't like it or it doesn't interest me:
Same size.
Grab 'n' Gulps
Scat eating/diapers/piss drinking

I'm pretty chill with any sort of prey except ferals and slime (sorry it's not my cup of tea.) But everything else is fair game!

If any of you are interested, please contact me through the PM system on here, and we will go from there :) Trust me, I don't bite

Thank you so much for having a look, I can't wait to hear from you!

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