Seeking Male prey Beastmaster lewd Wing Vore

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Seeking Male prey Beastmaster lewd Wing Vore

Postby Foxtaur » Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:14 pm

Looking for Wingvore prey, similar to the likes of the movie Beastmaster.

What is wingvore? check out the clip from the movie Beastmaster

The image description on this pic covers what I have in mind

More wingvore art

Have RL wingvore fan related images only upon request via IM's mention below

heres my f-list

in short the plot would involve:
Multiple characters - Just posting what the birdmen are doing to yourself or me, we would play as prey whilst the birdmen have a sloshing time with the two of us!
Anal sex (prey will be humped inside the wingwrappings)
Extreme musk
scat(optional though not required)
watersports / prey wetting themselves? (optional though not required)
goo (watch beastmaster youtube clip)

One Liners (zero effort means zero interest sorry!)

drop me a pm on here or on f-list lets get talking!

Also I tend to rp via Skype/Discord or F-list only I do not use notes or pm's as a means of RP.

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