Hyper-hung male human cv preds for enablers

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Hyper-hung male human cv preds for enablers

Postby Xulali » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:57 am

Welcome vorarephiles!

I am looking for female vore facilitators and enablers, not people who want to be prey.

What does that mean? It means that I would like a persistent character alongside mine, though I may consider a situation where you sort of GM my environment/multiple prey and aren’t a traditional character.

Your character should be female, but prey may be of any gender. I am happy to play alongside OCs as well as canon characters. If you want to use a setting other than modern Earth, I am more than happy to work with you. World-building is a favorite activity!

My ideal partner is quite literate. A skilled writer. Post length is not as important to me as post quality. This partner hopefully sees cock-vore not only as an act of domination and arousing in itself, but as an act of uncontested virility.

I have two hyper-hung preds available. Some scene ideas follow. Links lead to F-List profiles.


Derek Sherman

If you have read my Brod series, then you know the type of character I usually write. A ludicrously-hung male with a habit of fucking many different women and leaving them cum-inflated messes.

Derek is a more down-to-earth super-stud. The nerd next door—if that nerd had a ludicrous, frequently-used dick.

At five-ten, he’s not impressively tall. Years under the iron have made his physique muscular, but he’s not cut like a show-ready bodybuilder. His golden skin is tan, his high cheeks and eyes evincing his mixed Asian heritage. He’s a graphic designer that works from a fairly normal home.

He’s a rather goofy nerd prone to non-sequiturs and also having an absurdly-sized dick that he often misplaces. Derek is equally likely to be at home playing video games or banging a dozen co-eds at the local college on a Friday night.

Chris Park

Chris is good if you like a cute, skinny nerd-boy. He’s meant to be a more traditional sub or of equal standing toward your character, though he is still a pred.

He’s short, slender, and his big brown eyes and cute face make him look like he’s just getting out of tenth grade rather than in college. Loose clothing hangs from angular shoulders. Shorts several sizes too big struggle to contain his ludicrous endowment. Chris has far more cock and balls than muscle and lacks the power to move easily with them, resulting in an odd waddling gait.

Chris is an introverted loner who is content to stay inside playing video games and tinkering with coding, PCs, and electronics—which are his main sources of income. He feels like an utter freak due to his condition and blames that for his shut-in ways, but the truth is he’d be one even without his package. He’s a smartass who talks tough online and is a bit misanthropic.

Possible Scenes

Below are a few ideas for scene seeds. This is not a menu! These ideas are meant for inspiration. Mix, match, alter, or come up with new ideas! I love brainstorming with creative people!


A classic scene. As far as I’m concerned, anyway.

Your character is or becomes the girlfriend/significant other of mine. She either knows about or discovers his voracious ways, and it turns out she *loves* it and adores feeding people to his dick!

It’s also possible that my character becomes a pred while dating her. They notice his cock is eating normal food, then eventually live prey. They love it.

Cockvorn Star

In this scene, he’s a massive, well-known cock-vore predator that slurps people up to the delight of fans everywhere.

In this setting, is vore public knowledge? Is it a Vampire: The Masquerade type situation? Is my boy the only pred? Does the public adore preds and him especially, or is it perhaps a dark-web show known only to the biggest perverts?

Your character can be a co-star, camerawoman, or fulfill another role.

CSI: Cock Slurping Investigator

Your character is investigating a string of disappearances. This leads her to my character’s home or hideout, where she witnesses his cock feeding.

Your character doesn’t necessarily have to be a police detective. She could be a superhero, FBI agent, or part of some SCP-like organization. Whatever the case, she ends up quite enjoying the spectacle, even if begrudgingly.

Cocky Vigilante

My character is basically a sort of superhero that goes around sucking criminals into his balls. He may have water or jizz-based superpowers as well.

Human Resources

In this scene, your character needs my character’s jizz for some reason. Maybe it’s full of life energy and she’s some kind of succubus or other supernatural entity. Maybe a vampire discovers she can use it as a delicious blood substitute. Maybe she’s a sorceress or alien or mad scientist.

Whatever the reason, your character gleefully feeds people to my character’s cock. They may be a super-villainous duo, or it may be a femdom situation. Maybe your character is even responsible for mine becoming a predator!

The Huntress's Hoard

Your character is some kind of assassin or bounty hunter. Whatever the case is, she's a tough, scary lady that just loves bringing marks back to feed to my character's cock.

To prove that she did the deed, she might bring the prey after the customer has verified they’ve been taken care of. Or perhaps she takes video and/or DNA samples or gathers up the mark's signature paraphernalia or any remains after they're churned into cum. Or maybe she just presents the contractor with a big ol' trash-bag-sized condom with the mark's name on it? I mean, that would give a good DNA sample....

Cockvore Cult

Your character(s) is, are, or become part of a cult worshipping my character’s cock and his ludicrous virility. They meet in a secret (or not-so-secret) temple where they feed people to his cock, slipping and sliding their bare bodies against it and his balls as it turns them into cum and grows still bigger. It’s a harem-like atmosphere.

Do you play the group a huntress? A cock attendant responsible for its maintenance since it’s so big he has trouble caring for his own dick? Is she his queen as described below?

Perhaps the cult is responsible for his growth and predatory ways.

Vore-Stud’s Queen

This scene is meant for Derek, but maybe it could work for Chris. He is a hyper-hung super-stud like in the Brod series, except he’s also a cock-vore pred that maintains his size and virility by feeding people to his cock. Your character is the only woman who he truly loves.

Note that the queen must be superlative. Tall, strong, confident. Preferably kinda badass. Small, weak women won’t cut it as the queen.

Even though he fucks dozens of women on a weekly basis, he always comes back to you. You’re the only one that can call him yours.

How does it work? Does he only slurp up boyfriends and husbands while the women gleefully watch? Or perhaps his cock sucks up any women who aren’t hot enough to be in the harem? Or maybe you provide specific prey.

Destination D

Your character is the leader of or fairly high up in some organization. Maybe she's a queen, a pirate captain, a mercenary leader. Maybe she runs a space station for the unsavory like Aria T'Loak.

Whatever the case is, when there's a big troublemaker, enemy, or someone who just doesn't need to be around anymore, my character's balls are her favorite places to send them. Depending on your preference, she may also have sexy female servants that have the job of serving, attending him, and getting him off. Not necessary of course.

Virility Fiend

Your character is obsessed with seeing mine get bigger and more potent. She loves feeding people to his cock only to see it and his balls grow bigger and to see him create bigger loads! Perhaps she's also obsessed with having him fuck and/or breed as many women as possible, ensuring he's the most virile thing ever?

Cocky Curse

My character wishes to be the most virile, most hung man to ever live. Little did he know that this would involve feeding his cock more and more, and eventually giving it live prey to fuel his growth....

More to come!

CV Options

Cock-vore is a niche fetish within a niche fetish, and it has more niches inside it! Does he melt them into cum? How big is he? Can it change size?

I will almost always ask you questions about the aspects of the RP below, so I figured I’d just put them here. So please take a look and let me know your preferences.


The exact size of their cocks and balls is negotiable, but will always be huge. And they will always be at least a few feet long flaccid when slurping someone down.

However, there are two options with how to handle their size.

The first is that the cock has a static size and never changes.

The second is that they have a full maximum “feeding” size and a relatively small “carrying” size they can walk around town with. They can’t shift to whatever size they want, but they can move between the two sizes. In most cases, the pred is much more comfortable when he “lets it all out” and is typically at full size when at home or not fucking. This option allows for a much larger potential size.

Whatever the case, my character will be the biggest, most virile pred around.

Prehensile Cock

This is mandatory. How, exactly, is their cock supposed to eat if it can’t move around? What, there’s only muscles on the inside and you have to shove the person in there? I don’t like that.

Capture and Manipulation

When your cock is so big you can't reach past its tip, things get troublesome, especially if he's so big that he needs to use the cock's prehensility to move, riding it like a giant slug. To that end, the cock has optional cock-tentacle-things this picture though I am not all that into tentacle sex. They're merely an option.

Another option is that the cock can spit sticky ropes of cum and use those to trap and reel people in.

A third option is that I can manipulate my cum and make tentacles out of it like a water bender.

Cock Sentience

This is an option. The cock may or may not have a primitive intelligence. An animalistic mind of its own. It may move, mouth things, drool on stuff, or in some cases it may even eat food or people without its owner directing it unless he overrides it. Perhaps the cock “likes” certain people, not eating them but giving them sloppy kisses instead.

There’s a couple ways to handle this if you like the idea.

The first is a less aggressive cock that merely probes and tastes and mouths things it’s interested in. Its owner has to actually trigger the eating part.

The second is where the cock may try sucking things or people up unless its owner stops it from doing so. It’s much easier to control if it’s well-fed. In this case, your character will be safe for whatever reason. Possibly because the cock associates her with pleasure (since it ends up inside her often) or another reason.

Other Predators or Hypers

Do other vore preds exist? What about other people with hyper endowment? How common are they if they do exist?

Whatever the case, my guy is always or will become the biggest, most virile pred by a large margin.


I have three main options for handling what’s left after cum digestion. If you think of another, let me know.

The first is the default way: Inorganic items such as glasses and belt buckles are periodically regurgitated into a jizzy mess by the cock.

The second option is that his balls can melt everything and leave no traces of the prey or anything they had on them.

The third option is for those that enjoy a morbid touch. The cock must periodically regurgitate piles of spunk-drenched bones as well as inorganic materials.


Does the cock grow as it eats more people? Does it stay a relatively consistent size? Or maybe the growth levels off and he gets diminishing returns, or shrinks if he doesn't maintain it.

Public Stance on Vore

Does the public know about vore? If they do, are preds hunted?

Perhaps it’s more lighthearted and the public knows about and fetishizes and loves preds like porn stars?


Do you want sex involved in the RP?

If so, do you enjoy the super-stud themes described in Derek’s profile? If you've read my Brod or Jae stories, you know what I mean. TL;DR he can't keep it in his pants and fucks many different women on a daily basis. Doesn't mean he doesn't love your character, it just means that he has a sexual appetite as insatiable as his testicular appetite.

It's okay if not. I'm also quite happy to play monogamous characters dedicated to their cock's feeders!

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