Looking for a Fun Roleplay! (And a DM?)

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Looking for a Fun Roleplay! (And a DM?)

Postby 9kirby99 » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:02 am

Hello, there! Thought I might as well make a thread since I've been RPing here for a little bit.

Just know I have a few mediums I prefer, in order from Discord, Forums threads, and PMs.

I like a lot of vore types, only a few I won't do.

What I like to do/what I like:
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Cock Vore
Breast Vore
Navel Vore (pretty rare one! Kudos if you do this.)
Tail Vore
Hard vore
Gentle/Kind Preds
Willing Vore
Same Size
Pokemon (Anthro, Feral, whatever.)
Humans (I have no problems with most other species, though. Go ahead and ask! Furries and Feral are welcome)
Being Prey
Preds of All Genders
Big Bellies
Sentient Fat (Prey's consciousness goes into the pred's fat)
Bestiality (Dogs are fun recently...males or females. :3)
Uncommon Pet/Master (Like a dog being the master of the human. I'm more likely to be the pet in this case. I'd be a very willing pet...;3)
Squashing (encompassing face sitting, belly and breast smothering, the like.)

What I may do:
Micro/Macro (Can be fun!)
Being Pred (I generally only do this if people are willing to do a second RP where they're pred. That way we both get to be prey.)
Being a Female Prey

What I will never do ever. Not even bribes will work here:
Dirty Anal Vore (Weird and strange and gross...)
Scat (...)
Watersports (...)
Super Roughness (Minor roughness is acceptable, with reason.)

Little Things I Enjoy
Cuddling ^^
Lying on (not face sitting, but the person actually lying on top of me, like if we were in bed together or something)
Big Bellies
Belly Rubs/Cuddles
Drinking from Breasts
Big Breasts
Breast Cuddling
Chubby and Fat Preds
Smothering (Most parts will work here. Breast Smothering, Cock smothering, Belly smothering...just not something gross like dirty armpit smothering or something)
Being Dominated.
Playing as a pet
Weight gain
Face sitting
Male Lactation
Worshiping a master(Particularly a dog, like I've mentioned. I'd worship him or whatever body part he'd like.)
Being treated like an object (Want to use me as a seat? Want to wear be like underwear? Want to treat me as a plush toy? Want to sleep on me? I'll do all that and more!)
Face/Butt Entrapment (Basically, someone puts someone else's face against their butt before wearing some sort of underwear to keep them there like that. Generally would work if the person who's putting the other against their butt is sitting in a cushy chair or laying down, such as on a bed.)
Rimming and Rimjobs (Clean)

Fandoms I enjoy with vore
Ace Attorney
Animal Crossing
(Ask about others)

I generally only RP on here or Discord.

I may have forgotten a few things...but they'll turn up. PM me if interested!

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