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She's what's for dinner! (M/F) (Updated 11/12/20)

Postby Chameleonette » Thu Nov 12, 2020 12:00 pm


Fresh meat, here! Er, I mean... you can call me Chammy. I'm new to the world of vore and vore RP, but most certainly not new to RP in general. I have been RPing for many years. I fancy myself a fanfiction writer, as well, though I generally do not play fan characters in RP of this nature. (I consider it writing experience, nonetheless.) I stumbled upon Eka's Portal pretty recently, since I have been skirting around being ashamed of this more out-there fetish of mine for quite some time. And I'm hoping that through the connections of this site, I can finally find people like myself to enjoy role-playing/chatting of this nature with!

So! Down to business... You can probably guess from my (not-so-witty) subject title that I enjoy playing female prey. It is the role I adapt to the most and relate to the most, and I would appreciate finding a partner (or partners) that do not try to push me into playing the predator role. It's just not comfortable for me.

I RP mostly in a prose and 3rd person format, past tense, and I write relatively detailed. I can adapt to action-type format and/or present tense, as well. If you have another preference, you may run it by me.

Update (9/7/13): I hate to do this, but I need to make it a requirement that people I RP with can use at least somewhat proper grammar, spelling, and basic punctuation. It doesn't need to be perfect, by any means, but if I can't even tell where sentences start and end and where a character is talking, we are going to have serious problems. On that same note, one or two liners don't really do it for me. My RP style is quite verbose and I need at least something to work with. That is not to say that you need to be nearly as wordy as me, but I would appreciate a little effort.

Update (10/26/13): While I do try to cater to the tastes of the people that I RP with, I do not do well in having set ideas of characters and character body types for me to play. I feel this needs to be clarified, so I have added my preferences to the lists below. (I vastly prefer NOT to play buxom, over-sexualized females. Please respect this.)

Update 2/28/15: I have REMOVED sexual situations from my list of "will do" and moved it to "maybe". This is because I have found it's extremely difficult to RP this kind of thing with strangers (especially guys) and before coming here, I was used to RPing sexual stuff with other females while we played fandom characters we both loved. It's not comfortable for me and please don't try to pressure me into it. I've also had numerous issues with people dropping the RP after sexual interactions. If I feel like it can be handled in the RP after we get to know each other better or something, then it might be alright, but otherwise, it's a no. (Exceptions may be for certain canon preds.)

~Newer updates are at the bottom of the post! Thank you!~

I would also greatly prefer if you do not contact me if you're JUST looking for anyone specifically female to talk to. If my gender is all that matters and we don't have anything in common, I would rather steer clear of those situations. If our preferences go well together or we get along, I'm more than willing to chat/RP whether you're male or female, but I don't appreciate really personal questions/passes made at me or being made to feel uncomfortable. Thank you for your understanding.

Main Preferences:
-Male predators (human or humanoid/demi-human/monster guys greatly preferred!)
-Bishounen (Pretty Boys) FAVE! (Note: Not femboys)
-Authority figure!Preds (Anything from teacher/professor, to policeman, royalty/status differences, bosses/superiors, etc.)
-Confident, Playful and/or Cruel/Sadistic preds
-Unwilling prey (usually human, but I can adapt to demi-human, etc)
-Oral vore
-Macro/Micro (As long as the prey is big enough to make a bulge in the pred's belly!)
-Dominant/controlling preds
-Possessiveness (big kink of mine)
-Discipline/Punishment/Humiliation (Note: NOT degradation and NOT vore as a punishment)
-Chases/Prey being hunted down (This is really fun to play out and kind of goes hand-in-hand with the above!)
-Belly expansion (I prefer this to be because of the vore)
-Digestion (I don't mind a little detail here, but nothing too extreme. Melty digestion is great, but I do not like this to be pleasurable for the prey at all.)
-Fatality (I really love this aspect about vore, and while I am open to reformation sometimes, the PREY will still view each time as being fatal.)
-Post-vore belly play (rubbing, taunting, any and all)
-Playing female prey of normal/smaller body proportions (This does NOT mean underage, however.)
-Story/Development---building of relationship/interactions between pred and prey before vore
-Vore and voreplay-focus (I enjoy build-up, but the vore is the most fun part and the more that's extended and delved into, the better!)
-Canon-play (If we have similar tastes in canons, anyway. My main interests in this are pretty niche, so keep that in mind.)
-Multi-pred competition/male observers (Have only recently discovered that I enjoy this in a scene after trying it out!)
-Post-vore Weight Gain (Especially thin/lean characters enjoying their new lady addition---particularly his rotund, fattened belly---as a way to keep her with him and toy with her/rub/attend to her even after digestion.)
- Disposal (Treasured) - This is a strange new interest of mine. I've come to really enjoy disposal scenes if the prey is still treated as important and the process as pleasurable and not simply meant to humiliate or make the prey feel insignificant/forgettable. If you question what this means, I have written and posted a disposal scene you can check out for reference, if you like.
- Long Digestion - Anywhere from hours to days. I'm just not a fan of rapid digestion in RP.

Things I may be willing to do/try:
-Cock!vore (I would prefer this only in a macro/micro setting, however, and I will only play it with RP partners I am comfortable with.)
-Other types of vore not listed (feel free to run them by me!)
-Sex/Strong Sexual Themes or Situations (I will NOT play this with people I am not reasonably close with. Sorry. See the update for 2/28/15 for details.)
-Reformation - I only like this in situations where the prey's memories of it are taken away and used so the pred can enjoy them and their 'fresh' reactions time and time again.
-Sentient Fat - This is something I have come to enjoy in the last year or so, but I'm still pretty new to playing it. I also greatly prefer that the prey only become part of the belly fat and not situated elsewhere. Coupled with lots of teasing from the pred, this can be pretty fun.
-Cooking - However, I do NOT like the prey to die during the process of it, nor being chopped or cut up. So light cooking scenarios where the prey still gets eaten whole and alive is as far as I go with this.

Things I would rather avoid:
-Scat (But I don't mind if you'd like a disposal scene involved, just as long as there is no playing with it.)
-Hard!vore (at least, REALLY hard stuff)
-Female/Herm predators (Not my thing, sorry.)
-Safe vore/Endo (I just feel that I need to clarify that I'm not into ANY of these things. For me to even consider them, I would have to know you very well.)
-Multiple prey (either as playing multiples or multiples involved - I prefer focusing on one relationship and not having the prey share space with anything else)
-Willing prey (My characters are not going to jumping at the chance to be eaten, period. I can't wrap my head around it.)
-Over-fetishization of the female figure. I do not like being 'required' to have characters with ridiculously large boobs/butt. This kills my interest SEVERELY. If the size matters to you that much, I'm not the RPer that you're looking for (I focus more on personality.)
-'Grab and Gulp' scenarios. Not really my preference.
-Preds that talk about prey conquests and use them to try to 'scare' the prey in-scene. (I prefer something charged between two characters and the prey being special. If other prey or conquests are brought into it, my interest is lost.)
-Casual Vore/Vore is "known" (I just don't care for these concepts. And don't care for the prey knowing they are prey (or in danger of/ going to be eaten) or a world split between preds and prey.)

Some various ideas/vore situation ideas (though you don't have to be interested in any of these--I'm always glad to discuss!):

-I haven't really done much with monster-boy pred types yet. As long as they're not full on anthro and retain a human appearance at least halfway (ie: birdmen/harpy men, cat boys, dog/wolf boys, mermen, lizard boys, demons, etc), I think that could be a lot of fun. I've been leaning toward the idea of male harpies as of late, so that would be especially interesting/appealing.

-A hapless young woman who comes across some fairy dust amidst a circle of toadstools and gets shrunken and found (or perhaps she was lured to the toadstools from the beginning) by a male fairy. But the tales she's heard of fairies are largely different from the truth - particularly that untold legend of the ones that make meals out of women that stray into their territory.

- Anything with an authority-figure pred (police man, military officer, teacher, prince/king, etc.) I absolutely love scenarios with men in power.

Added on 7/2/2014:

-Any sort of situation with a jealous man (be it a best friend, boyfriend, etc), who decides to take matters into his own hands and possess the object of his affections/attentions in a very final way.

Note: Any of the above can be fixed up to fit specific preferences (like either macro/micro or same size, for example). I'd be happy to brainstorm on any of them if you're interested.

Update for 12/27/16:

Bumping to say that I'm open for an RP or two! Most of my current RP-related things are going incredibly slowly and I've been feeling the vore itch for a bit. I would be thrilled to do something with a monster guy (sans things like nagas, unless the prey remains the human belly and not the tail) or demi-human of some kind. (As stated above, I love male harpies, fox/cat/wolf demis, frog demis, mermen, centaurs, lizard guys, etc.) If you prefer human preds, however, I'm perfectly all right with those too.

I don't have any current solid ideas for scenarios, but I am more than willing to discuss the possibilities via PM with interested parties who think we may mesh decently enough for an RP. Shoot me a PM if you have any interest! Thanks!

If we have discussed possibly RPing before but I was bogged down at the time, feel free to refresh my memory if still interested.

[Update for 3/10/17] ANOTHER STRONG ADDITION to the canon play list! I've gotten into Code: Realize - Guardian of Rebirth recently and a fair number of the guys in it have pretty great pred potential! It's a steampunk game set in London, which is a fun premise in itself. I find that I really favored Arsene Lupin (huspred bae---should you know of him/play him, I absolutely would LOVE to RP with you!) and Van Helsing the most, as far as preds go. I haven't finished watching all the routes just yet, but those two alone are definitely ones that I'd absolutely adore playing with (particularly Lupin, who has, er... been showing up a lot in my vore works lately).

[Update for 12/30/17]: Although I'm still more than open to canon-play for various things (and you can inquire further, if interested), I'm also open to OC scenarios for the time being. Human/Demis/Monster boys, it's all good! I would be happy to discuss scenarios with potential partners. My preferences above are a good guideline for what my personal interests are in vore scenarios. And if you think we might be a good match, feel free to contact me! I've been really itching for some vore RP lately. I also want to note to please take our preferences into account before inquiring about RP! It doesn't make me happy when someone tries to change their prefs around to suit me---I really would prefer that both people are engaged in and having fun with the RP. Other than that, I've been wanting to play something with a jealous pred lately (not necessarily due to cheating or the like, but just in general). And if you're interested, I'm more than open to discussion about that and/or other ideas!

Update for 4/3/18: Making another attempt to find canon-play. Particularly looking for something with the huspred bae (Arsene Lupin from Code: Realize). Can offer material/knowledge to help with the character if anyone is interested. Willing to suggest many AUs/ideas/concepts (whether character is played as human/demi/monsterboy---I've considered a LOT regarding him).

Update for 7/21/18: Although I would still absolutely adore any chance of doing canon-play with the above, I'm opening my search to something a little... different. What I'm looking for is a potential Pred Pal. What's a pred pal? Basically a long-term RP partner of sorts who really enjoys playing (in my case) male preds. Naturally, our likes and prefs would need to match up pretty well---and if you do message me about this, please be prepared to tell me what your prefs and likes are or link me to them. And I'm also looking for someone literate who likes detailed tags, plays bishounen/average/toned pred(s) of human/demi/humanoid monster boy variety, enjoys alternate universes (with same/similar pred/prey and their interactions/dynamics), is open to discussing ideas and not just going to say 'I'll do anything you want', and who might like to chat about vore and other things on a platform like Discord (Harmony Rose #3920). Gender of the player doesn't matter to me, so long as you enjoy playing male predators, really enjoy M/F, and would like a female 'Prey Pal'. Although I want to note, this is not exclusivity---rather, just having a partner that is reliable and enjoys playing multiple times with the same person and different scenarios. If this interests you, by all means, please do message me! Should this be bumped and this update still be here, that means that I am still actively looking for a Pred Pal!

Update for 4/13/19: I am once again looking for a Pred Pal (details in the above update right there ^)! And if you have no interest in that, I'm also still looking for scenes with Arsene Lupin from Code: Realize. I have dozens of ideas, so feel free to inquire if interested! Aside from that, I would also like to find a scene with a harpy man that involves getting snatched up or kidnapped, kept as a 'pet' of sorts or even a forced mate, and that leading to a very possessive fatal vore scene. If any of what is listed here appeals to you or intrigues you, I welcome PMs or adds on Discord (my tag can be found in the update above). Thanks!

Update for 4/19/19: Still looking for all of the above update stuff! BUT! I now have F-list if you would like a closer look into a more detailed list of kinks and such! Here:

Update for 8/14/20: It's been ages since I bumped this, due to getting too many unreliable RP partners who would vanish or drop the RPs or leave me hanging for literal months. But I'll give this another shot. I'm still looking for a potential pred pal. You can see details in the 7/21/18 update above. I am not looking for Switches, however---not only can I not accommodate you, but I have not had any good RP experiences with Switches over the years. (If you really think you can convince me otherwise, I'm open to talking, but generally Switches and I don't match well, likely to due to Switches having a strong prey lean that I cannot help them with.) I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with and strongly prefers the male pred role. And as stated above, someone who likes to discuss different scenes and who preferably has a Discord for communication. It would also be preferable that we have a fair amount of likes/kinks in common. If this interests you, I welcome PMs for discussion, as well as what you might be looking for in a prey pal. And from there, we can see how we might mesh and if we're a good fit for one another.

Additionally, some things have been added to my preference lists since the last update.

Update for 11/12/20:

The update from above about the Pred Pal is still fair game inquire about, if you wish! I have not found anyone yet. But I'm also open to a one-off RP or two, at present. My preferences reflect the sort of things I like, so if you have a concept or an idea you think might be fun to play together, I'm open to discussion/plotting. I've also recently gotten into FFXIV if anyone might want to play something from that universe (my knowledge is still limited in it, however). Or if you'd like to chat about similar interests, that's fine too. I've been itching for some vore RP, though. Also updated a few of my prefs again.


I can be flexible on some aspects, so if you see anything here that is of interest to you, please feel free to contact me! I prefer doing RP over Discord (Harmony Rose#3920 - but please do not add me without telling me first. I will NOT add random friend/message requests), but if you have something else you would rather use, perhaps we can work it out. I am also on the Eka's chat (usually under the name "Chammy"), and I would be happy to real-time RP there if you prefer that over Discord or PMs.

Thanks for taking the time to look/read this! I look forward to playing with fellow vorarephiles. :)

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