Male-Switch Seeking predators and prey alike!

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Male-Switch Seeking predators and prey alike!

Postby Bigfatpiggy » Mon Mar 22, 2021 10:11 pm

Hello! My name is Chris. I'd really enjoy having some new friends to play with!

It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm a silly piggy with a pudgey belly that's in the market for friends, food, and a cozy belly to snuggle down in. Vore has been a huge part of my fantasies since I was just four years old, and I've been around the community for a while now. With all that being said, let's get started.

What I'm looking for, and what I can be for you:
- Friendship! I want a little more out of this than someone who asks me if I'd like to RP when they see me online and ignore me entirely if I'm not up for it.
- Specific! I overwhelmingly prefer people that have a good idea of what they enjoy rather than people who simply insist they like everything and never have any ideas.
- Creativity! If you suggest that "Maybe we meet in a forest and you are hungry!" I'm going to find you overwhelmingly boring...
- Effort! We're writing a collaborative story! I don't need (or want) you to write a novel, but I do want a little more than "I squirm".
- Compassion! I live with depression, anxiety, and self esteem issues. Sometimes I try too hard, sometimes I just can't try at all. Give me a little grace and forgiveness, and I'm sure we could be great friends.

Still reading? I'm already sure we'll probably be great friends. Give me these things and I'll give them back.

My preferences:
I get we're not going to match on everything, but I'd really like for us to agree on some things. I'm a VERY flexible person, but I want us both to have a good time. I want to enjoy myself without you leaving your comfort zone, and I want you to enjoy yourself without me having to leave mine. So lets see how we match up in compatibility! Remember that nothing here is mandatory, but I want us to match up on at least some of it.

Note: If you're male, and exclusively prey, there's a good chance I won't be interested unless I find you to be an exceptionally awesome person who shares lots of other kinks with me.

My Kinks:
The number before each kink is a rating on how much I love it, 1 being I enjoy it a lot, 5 being it's very important part of my fantasy. NOTHING here is mandatory, so please don't be frightened off by my spookier sexies. and if you can pick out just a few of them that you feel the same way about, we'll be a great match!

(5) I really love AGEPLAY. I discovered my vore kink at a very young age, and almost all of my fantasies of being eaten up involve me being a young child. This kink is one that's really important to my fantasy, but not required. I get this is a huge red flag for some of you, but it really is just a case of me never having quite lost that "monster under my bed" thrill.

(5) I love DARK THEMES TREATED VERY CASUALLY. I LOVE it when death has no sad association assigned to it. The real world is sad enough as it is, so I like my fantasies to be causal, fun experiences even (and especially) when not everyone survives. A world were offering your life up to be fed to a predator in a restaurant is a perfectly acceptable and fairly ordinary career/lifestyle choice.

(5) I love SOUL VORE, AND SOUL DIGESTION.: To me, somehow, there's nothing quite as holistic as giving up one's very soul for another. The ultimate gift, with the ultimate consequence, to give up your immortal afterlife to satiate a predator you love more than anything. The idea makes me swoon. <3

(4) I prefer BIZARRE SCENARIOS AND CHARACTERS over more common, vanilla ones. There's nothing more boring than a setting of "We meet in the woods and one of us eats the other". I have had some absolutely bizarre RPs that sound more akin to fever dreams. Many times, they're the funnest ones. Seriously, let your imagination soar and let's have some fun. This applies to both the setting, and our characters. I'm going to be way more interested in a Cow-Naga Fertility Goddess, or a huge Dinosaur who uses normal-sized furs as game pieces in his D&D game than an anthro wolf or cat who likes video games.

(4) I prefer FATAL scenes over non-fatal scenes. Whether that means digestion, hard vore, absorption, transformation, crushing, or anything else, I like this outcome more.

(4) I prefer NON-HUMAN characters over human ones. Humans are fine, but I'm just tired of them.

(4) I prefer the company of WOMEN over men. Just a preference, but certainly not a barrier especially if you can tickle some of my other tastes!

(4) I prefer being PREY more than being a predator. Usually when I'm being a predator, it's because I do it as a favor to my partner. Switches and strict predators get a ton of bonus points, but it's not mandatory if you can satisfy my other needs!

(3) I love INCEST, AND TABOO RELATIONSHIPS.: I do really enjoy when our characters are family or closely related, even if not by blood. Things like, siblings, parents, teachers, sitters, all fit the bill. It's even more fun when what we'd normally perceive as taboo is treated in our story as being perfectly normal.

(3) I prefer WILLING PREY over unwilling prey From shy curiosity, to a full on NEED to be food, I like willingness over non-willingness.

(3) I prefer TENDER, LIGHTHEARTED SCENES more than dramatic serious ones. I don't care for sad, dramatic, or painful settings. Even when things get dark, violent, or fatal I don't like tears in my roleplays.

(3) I prefer SIZE DIFFERENCE as opposed to same-size. I enjoy having the pred be larger than the prey, from a couple feet to a couple of miles. Macro/Micro is amazing, but it doesn't have to be to that extent. and I have no love for smaller pred larger prey at all.

(3) I love TRANSFORMATION, CONJOINMENT, AND OTHER STRANGE KINKS. Turn someone into underwear, turn someone into your cock, or otherwise use kinky magic to find fun games to play.

(2) I prefer BULKIER PREDATORS as opposed to thinner, more petite ones. I love fat, I love muscle, I love size, I love weight. This applies more to the pred than the prey.

(2) I love MASTER/SLAVE SCENARIOS. I love the feeling of being owned, and I also love the feeling of owning someone. Being property is cool!

(1) I like being a PIGGY more than other things. I'm willing to play almost anything, but I love being an oinker! They're the best eaters, and tastiest food!

(1) I prefer ANAL, COCK, VAGINAL, AND HARD VORE more than traditional soft oral vore. I love the classic soft oral vore, I've just done so much of it that I like to spice it up a bit. Lets do something weirder!

If you can satisfy even just 3 or 4 of these kinks for me, I'm sure we'll have a great time! I want to have a good time, but I absolutely do not want to take you out of your comfort zone. Let's find something we'll both love.

The following are my ABSOLUTELY NOT list:

- Scat
- Watersports
- Vomit
- Super Unwilling. No screaming, crying, or thrashing... Makes me REALLY sad...
- Really short or non-creative posts. Please don't just say something like *I squirm down your throat* or "Please eat me".
- Scent/Stench

Anything not listed above is probably a yes. I'm looking for friends as well as RP buddies. I'm not interested in people that want RP and then nothing to do with me... The quickest way to get me to lose interest in you is to add me, ask me how I'm doing, and then ask me about an RP prompt without even telling me what you liked about my post.

I only play through Discord, no PMs, chatrooms, or email.

My Discord is Thopterthallid#8612 If it doesn't work, just send me a PM on Eka's.

I hope to chat with you all soon!

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