Switchy pig seeking brutal, yet wholesome scenes!

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Switchy pig seeking brutal, yet wholesome scenes!

Postby Bigfatpiggy » Mon Feb 06, 2023 3:21 pm


Hello! My name is Chris. I'm looking for some new friends and roleplay partners!


Name: Chris

Thanks for checking out my seeking roleplay topic. Hopefully we can find some common ground! If you're looking to add some bacon to your diet, or perhaps you're a tiny looking to be gobbled up by a big gluttonous pig, you're in the right place! I do want to get this out of the way; I'm a lot picker about what I want in an RP when I'm playing as the pred. My specific tastes generally revolve around fatality/digestion, as well as consensual/willing prey. Consensual death is kinda wildly appealing for my dumb monkey brain. The acts we play out are savage, and brutal, but the tone and feelings between our characters are light, and positive.


What I'm looking for:

Playing on Discord:
You can add me there at Thopterthallid#8612
I'd rather you just add me there straight away rather than PM me here first. I don't check here very often.

Post length:
I'm not super picky about this, but one liners can be tiresome. I'm not looking to write a novel by any stretch, but a few sentences is nice.

We're probably not going to roleplay the first time we chat:
I usually like to take a day or so to get to know you. Talk about kinks, scenarios, ideas, fantasies. This isn't a super hard and fast rule, but I really don't like when people add me and ask "okay who starts".

The best roleplay partners are the ones I enjoy spending time with even when we're not roleplaying.

Still with me? Awesome! My prefs are below! There's a few extreme kinks in here, just be mindful.


My preferences when playing as PRED.
Spoiler: show

Mandatory stuff (*mostly):

The only people that end up inside me are ones that want to be there. Even if they need a bit of gentle convincing.

Every snack that passes my lips doesn't come back. You're going to die in me.~

Gentle and Compassionate:
Despite my eagerness to melt my little snacks, I'm actually a very sweet predator. Your feelings matter to me even if your life does not. There's no reason we can't cuddle, or talk, or play games before you go.~

Gender Preference:
I definitely prefer my meals to be women. Naturally that extends to all of you lovely trans women too. Feminine presenting intersex characters are adored as well. *HOWEVER; I'm open to eating males or masculine-presenting characters provided they tick off a lot of things from the next category. AND if they come to me with an interesting scenario.

My prey must be small enough to fit in my mouth. Either you're a tiny, I'm a giant, or I'll use some shrinking shenanigans to get you bite sized. *HOWEVER; I'm open to same size stuff if you tick off a lot of things from the next category.

Stuff I really like but isn't necessary:

I'd Like to be my Piggy:
I'm happy to adjust my pig to your tastes, size, build, age, etc. That said, It's not the end of the world if you want me to play something else.

Most forms of vore:
Oral, Anal, Cock, and perhaps I could be convinced to try something a bit different under the right circumstances.

Hard vore, crushing, general snuff:
Big sucker for this. Girls who want to die for my pleasure make me swoon hard. If that means crushing under my foot, or biting you in half, or cooking you, or butchering you, or any number of different bad ends for you, I'd love to talk about this.

Dark Themes Treated Casually:
Ideally, death for pleasure is commonplace in any settings we play in. Predators enjoy the rush of power that comes with their prey ceasing to be, and the prey are generally happy to allow them to indulge.

I like owning my snacks. My little playthings. My good girls. I do go through them quickly, so I'm often buying more.

Worship my belly, or my mouth, or other areas you might think of.~

Eating strangers is fun, but eating a childhood friend? Or a lover? Amazing.

Eating family is fun too!

I love reminding my snacks about their fate. I love teasing them about how they'll be pig pudge forever and there's no coming back. But I want to stress that this is me flirting with willing prey, NOT me tormenting unwilling prey.

Intense, eagerness to be food:
No nonsense snacks that are abundantly clear; all they want is to vanish down my throat forever and to bring me as much pleasure as possible as they fade away for good. My ideal food.

Weird kinks:
I'll elect for the unusual scenario over the mundane scenario any day. If you have a weird kink you've always wanted to try, chances are I'll be interested.

Stuff I'm not opposed to:

Vanilla sex:
I can do it. It's not my favorite thing, but it can certainly happen if you like.

Excessive focus on maws, throats, tongues, stomachs, digestion, pain, etc:
I get that's why many of you are here and I'm happy to indulge with you. For me personally, the absolute best part about eating someone is the sheer generosity of the prey; Giving up their one and only life for no reason other than because their predator will feel good.

Limited Reformation:
I don't mind if in-scene you reform or reincarnate somehow. Preferred you'd have a limited number of revives, and I plan on using every single one.~

Absolutely not:

Toilet Themes.
Instant turnoff even mentioning it. Don't.

I'm a lazy, chubby pig, but I'm a very clean lazy, chubby pig!


It's okay if you're a bit scared at first, but ultimately you must be willing and enjoy it. If you start begging, crying, or screaming, the scene will end.

Cruel, Heartless Predator.
I know a lot of people want this, but I really don't have it in me. I love to tease you about your fate, but its more seduction than me trying to scare you.

Non-Sentient Characters.
The most important part of vore for me is explicit intent to kill for pleasure, and consent from both parties.


My preferences when playing as PREY.
Spoiler: show

Absolute Favorites, NOT Mandatory:

I'd Like to be my Piggy:
I'm happy to adjust my pig to your tastes, size, build, age, etc. That said, It's not the end of the world if you want me to play something else.

I'm not interested in the kicking, screaming, begging, crying thing. This doesn't mean I necessarily have to be overbearingly eager to get inside you, but I do like that both characters understand it is a certainty and have accepted it.

I typically like vore to be a one way trip. Giving up my life to be your snack is kinda peak fantasy for me.

Kind Predators:
I love a predator who cares about my feelings, even when they're taking my life. I love a cuddle or kiss beforehand, maybe a thank you or a goodbye afterwards. I like predators who won't miss me or regret eating me for a second, but will remember me fondly.

Teasing About Finality:
Nothing makes me quiver quite like a sweet predator that loves seeing me squirm and blush when they tell me how I'm about to be gone forever. Ask me what I think death feels like. The general fatality of it is what makes me tremble the most. If you want to push my buttons, this is it.

All Standard Vore Types:
Including Oral, Anal, Cock, Unbirth, and perhaps some more outlandish stuff like a marsupial's pouch, or elephant's trunk. This is mainly going to revolve around your favorite type.

General Snuff, Hard Vore, Crushing, Cooking, Butchering, etc.:
The act of a predator taking a prey's life for their own pleasure is my biggest fixation. Vore is my favorite, but I certainly don't mind exploring some other ways of cutting my life short. Particularly things that play into the pig-theme. Butchering, cooking, etc.

Dark Themes Treated Casually:
Ideally, death for pleasure is commonplace in any settings we play in. Predators enjoy the rush of power that comes with their prey ceasing to be, and the prey are generally happy to allow them to indulge. Nobody would bat an eye if you off-handedly mentioned you ate your lover, or friend in passing conversation.

I do like a bit of size difference between our characters. Generally speaking, massive stretchy mouths aren't my thing. This can range from being a foot or two difference, to macro-sized characters.

Being eaten by a stranger is less fun than being eaten by someone who's known me a long time. Be they a childhood friend, or a lover, or something else.

Being eaten by family is fun too...

I love the idea of a spat up skull or some such being kept as a souvenir. Maybe something lewder...

My Prefered Preds:
I'm not terribly picky about this, but I do have a big fondness for femboys that are bigger than me, herbivore species predators, MILFs (Mothers I'd Like to Feed), and big soft chubby preds. Anyone with a kind, dominant energy. All genders are welcome!

Because Magic Thats Why:
I like when we're both able to suspend logic for a while and come up with exotic, outlandish ideas. Characters that can use whimsical cartoon magic, or other logic-breaking reasoning for why something is possible is always welcome.

Your Weird and Wonderful Kinks!:
I love hearing about strange kinks I've never played before. The weirder the better. I found the kink world through vore and found all sorts of weird things I thought were awesome. I challenge you to tell me a kink you really want to play that I've never heard of. Chances are I'll want to do it with you.

Some of the more fringe stuff that I'll enjoy:

The Other Weird Surprisingly Popular Furry Kinks. The usual suspects!:
Stuff like inflation, growth, force-feeding, transformation, living latex, all that jazz. I've done them, and I've had a perfectly lovely time with them. If they're your thing and you want to include them? Awesome! I'm happy to accommodate. If you are having fun and at least some of my tastes are accounted for, I'll probably have an absolute blast. I love finding fun crossovers between kinks I've never mixed before. Don't ever be afraid to ask!

Vanilla Sex, Being Bottom:
Happy to participate, but it's going to be more of an icing on the cake rather than a proper dessert. I do love being used freely like this in a sheer dominance sense, but what comes after is what I generally am waiting for. Now if the sex is during, or for some reason the cause of my death, I'm definitely more interested.

Mood dependant, but sometimes I get moods where I'm more interested in something purely wholesome. Less focus on fatality. That said, it's also fun to do things like indefinite endosoma, sentient fat, or some other pseudo-permanent fate in which I'm still "alive" and get to hang out with you. Permanent transformation is actually really appealing to me, especially for nonsensical, petty, casual reasons. A Medusa-like character wants to turn me to stone for her statue garden, or being turned into clothing can be a lot of fun.

Stuff I'm not opposed to:

Vanilla Sex, Being Top.
Doesn't do much for me unless it's specifically a power bottom partner, and if I should wind up inside them during it, all the better.

Very vanilla, plain scenes.
I'd like to brainstorm a proper setting first. Meeting up somewhere and doing a vore is just kinda less interesting. I'm hoping we can make it even just a little weird.

Absolutely not:

Toilet Themes.
Instant turnoff even mentioning it. Please don't.

No thank you.


It's okay if I'm bit scared at first, but ultimately I'll be willing and enjoy it.

Cruel, Heartless Predator.
Just not my thing to be dominated like this. I need a blend of sweet with my spicy.

Non-Sentient Characters.
The most important part of vore for me is explicit intent to kill for pleasure, and consent from both parties.


Some very taboo kinks I want to mention separately.
Don't open this unless you've already read the other sections and want something even more extreme.
Spoiler: show

The big bad one. My vorish fantasies started when I was really young, and I never quite got over the feelings of having monsters under my bed just waiting to make a meal out of me and being confused and excited by them. If you'd enjoy letting me indulge in being a piglet kid, you'll quickly become one of my favorite roleplay partners. I'm a lot more flexible with my preferences if I'm a piglet. As for if you'd like to play an underage character, it's outside of my experience but I'm open to discussing it.

Another squicky one. The idea of being killed for the sole reason that the dom would just rather make love to their sub *after* the sub stops moving is really appealing to me. Something about doing something so depraved to a willing participant scratches a weird itch that I'm ashamed to admit, so I'm putting here behind the warning.


Thank you for taking the time to read. I hope to hear from you all soon!

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