Male (Pred/Prey) seeking Friends!

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Male (Pred/Prey) seeking Friends!

Postby Bigfatpiggy » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:33 pm

Hello! My name is Chris. I'm bored and lonely! It's been a while since I've updated this, but most of the replies that I get are from folks that just don't mesh with me that well or don't seem to care about my needs, so I'm going to condense my previously vague post into something a little more specific.

Who I'm looking for: To give you an idea of my personal preferences, I prefer playing with women over men, and I prefer being prey over pred. That's not to say I don't enjoy the feeling of swallowing someone up, or the company of a nice guy, but if you're exclusively a male prey, I'm going to be pickier I'm afraid.

What I need from you and what I can give you in return:
- Friendship! I want a little more out of this than someone who asks me if I'd like to RP when they see me online and ignore me entirely if I'm not up for it. (80% of the people in my Discord list...)
- Specific! I overwhelmingly prefer people that have a good idea of what they enjoy rather than people who are "up for anything".
- Creativity! If you suggest that "Maybe we meet in a forest and you are hungry!" I'm going to find you overwhelmingly boring, and that's kinda unforgivable for roleplaying...
- Effort! We're writing a collaborative story! I don't need (or want) you to write a novel, but don't just give me a single sentence...
- Compassion! I live with depression, anxiety, and self esteem issues. Sometimes I try too hard and sometimes I just can't try at all. Give me a little grace, and I'm sure we could be great friends.

My Species:I'm a big, chubby piggy. I like being a pig because they're delicious, but also so hungry! I am however; happy to accommodate any of your preferences. Don't like pigs? I'll be something else, be it human, furry, monster, or something different entirely. I'm really happy to play as anything you like, but I prefer playing as a male character for the most part.

If you've gotten this far and don't oppose to anything I've said, you're already better than 80% of the people who add me from here and I'd be thrilled to be your friend.bI do have an F-list here: If it would be easier to look at.

My Kinks:

I'm very open and willing to try most things. None of my kinks are mandatory, and I'm happy to accommodate your favorites too!

Ageplay: I discovered my love for vore at a very early age, so naturally I do enjoy settings where I get to play as or with a younger character. I get that this is VERY taboo for some of you, so it's not mandatory at all.

Romance/Loving Relationships: I'm a sucker for sweet and tender settings. I love intimacy and pleasant settings.

Willing prey: No prey is too willing for me. I get really weak-kneed when a cute girl just needs to be my food.

Tender, intimate, and cute/lighthearted settings even under dark circumstances: I don't care for sad, dramatic, or painful settings. Even when things get dark, violent, or fatal there's no tears in my roleplays.

Fatal, Digestion, or some other form of permanence: Food is food! I do enjoy death and permanent outcomes of vore. I REALLY like when it's associated with willingness and entirely without pain or sadness.

Non Fatal: It certainly doesn't need to be fatal. Sleeping soundly inside a warm tummy or keeping you safe inside mine is just as appealing.

Chubby, Fat, or even Obese characters.: I love big, soft, cushy characters. From muffin top to hyper fat immobility.

Size difference: I enjoy having the pred be larger than the prey. I really, really don't have any upward size limit on this :P If you think I need to be big enough to swallow the universe, lets do it!

Bizarre or silly scenarios.: There's nothing more boring than a setting of "We meet in the woods" I have had some absolutely bizarre RPs that sound more like fever dreams. Many times, they're the funnest ones. Seriously, throw it out there and we'll give it a shot!

Bizarre characters.: I'm willing to play just about anything you like, and I hope you have some weird and unique characters to play too!

Every Type Vore: Oral, Anal, Unbirth, Cock, Tail, Soft, Hard, etc. Got something different you want to try? Lets hear it!

Dark themes with an indifferent, or positive feel: I love it when things like death have no sad association with them. Like a world where a teacher could send a letter home to a student's parents explaining that their child has been eaten and digested for chewing gum in class, and the parents would simply agree that it was a fitting punishment and go about their day. Or maybe a love-struck man asks his girlfriend's father for his blessing to eat her, and nobody would bat an eye.

Soul Vore and Soul Digestion: To me, somehow, there's nothing quite as holistic as giving up one's very soul for another.

Slavery/Pet/Master/Ownership: I love the feeling of being owned, and I also love the feeling of owning someone. Maybe you've been my slave for a while, maybe I bought you from a vending machine, this one can go in a number of different directions!

Incestuous or other taboo sorts of relationships: I do really enjoy when our characters are family or closely related, even if not by blood. Things like, siblings, parents, teachers, sitters, all fit the bill.

Confinement: I LOVE being locked inside cages, pouches, purses, pantries etc. I can't explain it, but being put away like some object is really fun. I like doing it to you too~!

Talking about vore: It's a big part of my life, and I tend to think about it a lot. I'd love to share thoughts and feelings about it too! Would you let someone eat you given the chance?~

Friendship: I should stress that I'm NOT looking for a quick RP fix here. I want to be friends with you.

The following are my ABSOLUTELY NOT list:

- Scat
- Watersports
- Vomit
- Super Unwilling. No screaming, crying, or thrashing... Makes me REALLY sad...
- Really short or non-creative posts. Please don't just say something like *I squirm down your throat* or "Please eat me".
- Deception. If I'm going to eat you, I'm not going to lie to you about it. It just feels scummy and is a turnoff.
- Scent/Stench

Anything not listed above is probably a yes. I'm looking for friends. I'm not interested in people that want one RP and then nothing to do with me...

I only play through Discord, no PMs, chatrooms, or email.

My Discord is Thopterthallid#8612 If it doesn't work, just send me a PM.

I hope to chat with you all soon! <3 :gulp:

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