Female Tigertaur looking for switches

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Female Tigertaur looking for switches

Postby More-Vore » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:18 am

So I'm looking for other switches to play with my semi new character Cataurina, who is a tigertaur. I came here with her because unlike a few years ago where my characters got some much attention in five minutes I have to put up the DND status, now she gets hardly any attention on the chatroom. So I'm here looking for new partners. First thing, I only do rps on Discord, I don't do pms anymore because it is cumbersome and hard to keep up with.
So with her I am looking for as pred multiple prey scenes so she can engorge herself in some cases to embolization. Or prey that is large enough to do that solo. As prey, I like her to be willing eaten preferably by preds smaller then her, its just so sexy.
Now I want respond to prey only offers, but a little more open to pred only ones. If you are a switch I want to play prey as often as pred, no exceptions. Female playing players will get priority, unless they play both genders, because that is a plus.
Now I only do endo or reform, no fatal, ask and I will block you. I also really only like oral vore, and yes I know that is bland.
So here is a picture of her for you guys to ogle.
https://aryion.com/g4/derivative/465833 ... review.jpg
She also hays an anthro for I can use to with human sized predators if a taur form is to big for them to stomach
https://aryion.com/g4/derivative/493168 ... review.jpg

Now her is a short bio of Cataurina.
Cataurina was born to a middle class family. Right from the start she had a big appetite, which made it hard for her family to feed her fully on a regular basis. Not to mention she developed a habit of hunting and devouring others, which was frowned upon. As a result she grow determined to create a life for herself where she could eat to her hearts content, and eventually decided to make it her carrier giving other preds this opportunity as a service. That desire lead her to open her own restaurant that catered specifically to preds, offering a variety of live prey in stock. She named her restaurant Le Ventre Bombé, which is highly successful.
She is a master predator, and glutton. Never satisfied with just one course meals. She loves to stuff her gut at least until it scraps the floor when she walks, or even till her back legs no longer to the ground. Overall she is caring and a very generous, always asking her employees how they are doing and always giving them over time when they are request to be a meal and their digestion goes past the the business hours. However when she is hungry she is dominating and loves to demean her meals, like telling them they are nothing but food to her in that moment. She can be very manipulative to convince her meals into her belly, or if she can't persuade then she will use minor force.
Nothing satisfies her more after a gorging then laying comfortably on her back rubbing and cradling her lower belly in her fore paws, and lounging as she feels her meals gurgle away. Or she likes to walk around and feel the weight of her meals sway back and forth with each step.
Her restaurant caters to preds that like a wide selection of prey. The Staff is available on request, but she is not on the menu. You will have to sweet talk her into your gut in not business capacity.

Non-fatal either reform or endo.
Really just into oral.
I love either prey being stuffed prevore, or the pred stuffing themselves before hand or afterwards.
Things can be rough or gentle.
She is mostly for willing, but can to unwilling in some cases.
Not really big on sex, and if you don't ask before the rp, I will leave if you try it without doing so.
No scat, disposal, or water sports.
No mirco or macro play.
Not going to do underage play with her.
I like the pred to belch to show they are satisfied after gobbling up the prey. But I also like it through out digestion as the prey is broken down.
I love dominating predators.
I do not like graphic digestion, when the prey digests, they just churn into mush, not blood no dissolving flesh
I like the digestive process to take a long time in the scenes timeline. I also like the prey to be alive for most of it, slowly churning away, getting weaker.
I love preds being possessive of there meals, both pre and post vore. Constantly telling the prey they are nothing but food, or that they are the preds now.
I love noisy digestion
Big on Kidnapping prey
Post vore weight gain is a huge plus.
Love teasing and demeaning the prey.
I like it when the pred is comforting to the prey in many cases.
Cuddling, and smothering with chest, and belly is awesome
and like I said multiprey scenes.

If you are interested or want to know more, pm me.

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