Tigertaur, snake, and other chars, LF switches

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Tigertaur, snake, and other chars, LF switches

Postby More-Vore » Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:34 pm

Hello, back again. So first this is first a disclaimer. I know that you can't look for partners for the chatroom here, and I'm not, just for discord ones. I simply post links to my chatroom character profiles because I'm lazy and don't want to have go over all the details for them, because its extensive.
Now as the title of the thread says, I 'm looking for players that are switches, and the two main characters I'm rping with are my Tigertaur Cataurina, and my feral snake Tanith, as well as my prey only human character Maldrom. I have other characters I will use too, but not exclusively and not in the first rp most likely.

So her is my alt list, which has a link to each of my characters, accompanied by a short description for them.
Now the sliders in the alt list extend to all characters, but each one has customer sliders that apply to many characters differently. So if you like a character, read the preferences.
Also all characters are are switches, except the male human. And I know you have seen trillions of those, but check him out anyway, he's got a nice backstory working as a waiter at the restaurant my tigertaur owns. So even if you just play with her in that setting he will still be around.

Finally my presences that are non negotiable, I am not flexible on any of them, so if you don't like it to bad and don't try to change my mind either.
Vore must end in Reform or Endo, no fatal.
No hard vore.
I really only do oral as pred, and no AV or CV period.
No, water sports, scat, or disposal.
Full tour can happen but mostly implied.
I know I took a lot of the table, but look in the profiles and you will find I brought a lot more to in in ideas and scenarios. Nothing is ever boring with me if I can help it.
Also just to note, I like a sense of finality to the scene even with Reform and endo. Some have a hard time seeing that with non-fatal, but know that I have gotten damn good at fitting it in my rps. Also second note as such, I don't like rps that go one past the post vore. So if the prey reforms or inst digested I still want end scene no trailing on much past it, I get bored.

So, I only interested in finding a partner for discord, I hve basically had it with the chatroom.
PM me if interested and thanks for reading.

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