Literate Femboy Prey Seeking M or F Pred

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Literate Femboy Prey Seeking M or F Pred

Postby Spade » Fri Jan 14, 2022 1:33 pm

♡ My F-List Page ♡

Hello! Long-time and very literate role-player here. While clicking the above link will give a much better list of my likes and dislikes, as well as the characters that I enjoy playing as (majority of which are twinks and femboys), I’ll include the basics below.

I am currently hoping to find role-play partners that are dominant, extra-descriptive, and open to some dark kinks. The less limits you have, the better!

Primarily, you must be interested in:
  • Playing as a Human or Demi-Human Character [Preferably a male character with a slim, cute aesthetic; twinks & femboys are favorites, but female characters are welcome too! I will not role-play with most furry/anthro/etc. characters. However, exceptions may be made for Furry Femboys with no muzzles / that look mostly human.
  • Multi-Paragraph Posts [Must be able to reciprocate! I write a lot.]
  • Highly Descriptive Writing
  • Bad Ends / Fatality [Bad Ends do not always need to involve fatality, ask if curious!]
  • Vore [Oral Vore should ideally involve Realistically Gross, Graphic Digestion and Disposal, while Anal Vore should still be pretty gross & unpleasant.]

Other kinks are more or less optional, but I really enjoy:
  • Size-Play [Micro/Macro]
  • Ass-Worship and Co. [Anal Insertion/Anal Vore, Face-sitting, Rimming, etc]
  • Gas
  • Mindbreak Scenarios
  • Cock-Vore
  • Olfactophilia / Describing the natural scents & tastes associated with your character's body [Some basic examples include sweat, musk, bodily fluids, etc etc. Can range from subtle to explicitly detailed depending on your preference, and does not imply a lack of hygiene; I just really like this being included to some extent.]
  • Scent-based Domination [Kind of a sub-category of the above kink. Intentionally or unintentionally overwhelming the submissive partner with the scent of the dom's body]
  • Unwilling Prey / Nonconsensual Domination [Dubcon is equally enjoyed as well! However, I am very much open to more consensual scenes.]
  • Fear-play / Begging and Crying
  • Femdom [Keep in mind that my characters are gay, so this will likely be unwilling!]
  • Canons [Especially Vocaloid and other Idol series]

I am flexible when it comes to kinks, but please be willing to compromise if you insist on the same from me!

While I enjoy a variety of RP scenes (including slice-of-life & story-based scenarios), I prefer to involve as many kinks as I can. I consider myself a pretty creative individual, and as such I am usually brimming with new and exciting ideas to share. The drawback is that I often have specific character references in mind for most of these ideas, and will prefer to suggest some references for you to play as (just the image, you are free to play the character however you’d like). Since it is never my intention to force a character onto you, I will almost always provide a multitude of options for you to choose from. Ideally this process will result in you finding a character visual that you would be enthusiastic to play.

However I am very open to playing with your preexisting OC’s! Likewise, I'd love to hear your ideas too. I really enjoy hearing scenario ideas from others, some of the best scenes are ones that are mutually built. If you don't have any particular ideas, that's totally fine too; I will do my best to offer some of my own as mentioned above, but rest assured that they are not set in stone. Feel free to suggest changes to them as well, this is a mutual partnership and will only work if we both enjoy the scene and its characters.

Currently Seeking: Anything mentioned above, but I've been particularly craving...

Spoiler: show
[Micro/Macro Idea]: A partner to play a femboy streamer/gamer/NEET who gets their hands on a certain J-Pop idol (Piko) and turns him into their personal buttplug. A scene like that with a focus on objectification, AV, Mind-break, & Ass-Worship would be loved. Treating the (very unwilling) little idol as a sex-toy until he forgets all about his former life, and learns to embrace his new one~

[Micro/Macro Idea]: A futuristic society where machines perform most low-level jobs, so the only 'useful' humans are those that can perform white-collar/science-y/high-maintenance jobs. Schools are no longer structured as a means of getting an education to find a good job; if you graduate, you are guaranteed a job. Schools are structured instead as a means of culling the less-than-superb individuals, and ensuring that only the best of the best can enter society. This is all done due to limited job availability; prior to this system being implemented, a population / resource crisis was threatening to topple society. This solution, albeit extreme, creates a balanced, functional, and mostly crime-free society. To be more specific, every student is given the same tools to succeed in academics. Whatever mistakes they make are mostly on them. The only benefit that wealthy students have is the resources to get more external support (via private tutors and the like). It’s also likely that students lacking proper housing / stable homes can live on campus. The school / government / etc. covers all of it. After the end of each year, or maybe every other year or something like that, there comes a big exam period. Those that perform well can continue their education and move on. Those that don't perform as well, get cut. They become ‘Undesirables’ and lose their citizenship / ‘human’ status, including all connection to their family (which, by societal standards, should no longer see them as one of their own) and -- in order to pay back all the time and effort and resources they wasted -- get assigned to their former peers / sold to anyone interested in buying them. Majority are probably sold off as servants or slaves, with many being shrunk and sold as pets, sex-toys, food, etc. Perhaps the owners with more money can implant chips in them that allow them to control their size? There would be a ton of regulations with that, though; any disobedience will result in electric shocks or that kinda thing. So, in a sort of twisted way, they 'give back’ by making the lives of those bright individuals (potentially their peers) easier and more rewarding as a result. Additionally, they serve as an example to keep people motivated to always try their best. In Piko Utatane’s case — as an aspiring idol — things are a little different than with most students. Idols may be granted exceptions, like an immunity of sorts that their contractor company provides (since balancing school life with being an idol is unreasonably difficult). This immunity only lasts as long as the contractor wants it to, so if one of those idols were to fall out of their good graces or no longer be seen as beneficial, then they could drop that immunity. Piko gives it a full effort, he gets contracted to Sony, he’s trying his absolute best — and he’s really talented — but he’s just not getting popular enough. Maybe the competition is too intense, or he just got unlucky, or any number of reasons, but Sony drops him. With no immunity, Piko fails out when exams come around and becomes an ‘Undesirable’. What happens next is up to you. Will he get assigned to another idol or someone at his school, auctioned off to the highest bidder, or maybe even given away as a prize in a big lottery~?

[Same-Size or Micro/Macro Idea]: A partner to play a Yakuza or Triad-affiliated assassin specialized in swallowing targets whole (because killing people quickly is too merciful). If Micro/Macro, then a shrinking drug can be involved. If Same-Size, the assassin could be augmented in some form or another to make it possible for him to swallow people (as well as make his metabolism more efficient). I imagine his digestive process makes quick work of prey, but if given the green-light, maybe he could take a certain pill to really slow down the digestion process, so that he can enjoy every last little squirm of his prey over a 24-hour period~? Or perhaps this is simply part of the augmentation, and it was specialized to ensure maximum suffering. As far as personality goes, cold and sadistic works best; the type to get off to the suffering of his prey, not caring who his target is so long as he gets paid for it. His ‘unique’ method of assassination could make him (or, potentially, his clan) both greatly feared and greatly sought after for his services. I imagine turning someone into shit sends a pretty strong message in cases where it is desired~

[Same-Size or Micro/Macro Idea]: Looking for a straight/mostly straight male pred who only likes to eat cute girls. While Piko Utatane isn’t a girl, he’s androgynous enough that he could be made into one. Idea would involve mindbreak & forced feminization (along with a lot of degradation, conditioning, bullying, etc) until Piko is girly enough for your character to eat / stuff down his cock~ Anything short of gender transformation is welcome!

[Micro/Macro Idea]: Futuristic scenario, gene-splicing experiments lead to the creation of 'chimeras' (cat boys, or other demi-human type characters). Why these experiments were undergone can have any number of explanations, but these chimeras were more or less treated like lab-rats (perhaps government research, military testing, etc). However, something eventually leads to them escaping the facility and getting out into the city. A very big city / metropolis. They scattered, hiding any identifying features and trying their best to merge unnoticed into society. The scenario itself would take place... however many years after that event. By this point, it could go one of two ways. A) Chimeras are publicly acknowledged, but shunned for their differences. They are hunted down, arrested, and more or less viewed as a foreign and dangerous species. Or B) They are shunned for their differences, but more akin to how minority groups are treated. Generally distrusted, viewed as an 'other', possibly feared, and so forth. Either scenario would force them to stay out of the public eye, and make 'settling down' difficult. As a result, most chimeras would probably be forced to live in seedy places and take on seedy jobs. Many chimeras lead lives of crime, but depend upon one another in smaller communities of their own kin. Since humans are responsible for the way they have to live / what they are (discriminating against them/hunting them down, forcing them to lead lives of crime and secrecy), a shared disdain for humanity could gradually developed. They are genetically superior to humans, and humans are afraid of them because of this; they are at the top of the food chain. Many chimeras could either completely despise humans, or at the very least see them as inferior beings, and have no qualms about exploiting them for their own ends. Of course, this usually means preying off of them in a financial sense... but some may take a more literal approach, and -via black-market shrinking tech- indulge in a far-too tempting power fantasy by reducing humans to their proper role as prey.

[Same-Size or Micro/Macro Idea]: Looking to play out a romantic relationship or one-night-stand between Piko and a demi-human, predatory-leaning species (naga, catboy, dragonboy, etc) who is more than capable of eating him at any point in time. It would be a more consensual scene that would transition to being a bit more one-sided and nonconsensual as time goes (or it could just be a single night where things finally go too far). Whether Piko is aware of it or not, he'll trigger your character’s predatory instincts, making him increasingly tempted to hurt, break, and ultimately eat Piko. I love the idea of your character gradually seeing him as less of a boyfriend, and more of property / prey as the scene progresses.

[Micro/Macro Idea]: Someone familiar with Vocaloid to play as Len Kagamine~? I'd love love love to play out a scene with Len doing just about anything to Piko Utatane. One particular idea I had was this; Len regularly has a few (or just one) of his countless fans shrunk and delivered to his changing room prior to or after a performance. There’s so many people that show up, that it’s near-impossible to notice a few missing persons by the time everyone’s flooded out and gone home. They’re usually desperate fanboys/fangirls (who may be under the impression that they’ve received special backstage passes), but even their idolization of him might falter when they’re suddenly reduced to a few inches in height, helpless and at his mercy. He could use them for stress relief, sexual release, hunger pangs, sweat-rags, etc etc. They are his little toys, and he does whatever he wants with them — which usually involves eating them at the end (and maybe occasionally taking them home as temporary sex-toys). By a stroke of bad luck, his co-star Piko Utatane ends up in his room this time around — either due to a mistake on the part of Len’s agent (who is in charge of delivering a fan or a few to him), and/or because Piko was dressed incognito and was part of the audience. Either way, Len is probably a little playfully embarrassed once he recognizes him, and explains to Piko his little hobby / kink. Why he does it, how he does it, that kind of thing — leaving it pretty open to Piko that it might just be a genuine mistake. Possibly gives Piko a bit of false hope that he won’t be doing any of those things to him, only to break the news to Piko at some point, maybe offer him an apology, and then use him like any of the others. Can’t exactly have his little secret getting out~

[Micro/Macro Idea]: Another idea involving Len Kagamine. In this one, Piko confesses to Len one on one. It’s something Len has seen time and time again. He lets Piko down nicely (an act he’s no doubt mastered), he’s not rude or condescending about it, he could even make up some cliche excuse like how he can’t be seen dating anyone, it would make his fans upset, etc. But, seeing Piko so utterly heartbroken might stir something in him. Whether this was his plan from the start — and he’s done this many times before — or whether he actually feels a bit of pity for the poor singer, could lead him to be a bit more affectionate afterwards. Maybe wipe his tears away, maybe say something nice, hug him, that kinda thing. Buuut… he could also put another offer on the table. An offer to be his; not as a boyfriend, but as a possession. Whether he explicitly tells Piko what this offer is, or whether he’s very vague about it, is entirely up to you. Whatever the case, I think he’d stress that if Piko chooses to take this offer, then he would have to give up everything else. His career, his future, maybe even his humanity. Is it worth it to him? Does he want to be Len’s so badly? If so, then he can take the offer and never look back — but he better not have any regrets. If not, then this conversation never happened, they could remain in touch — who knows, maybe they could even become friends? But he will never have feelings for Piko in that way, and he will never offer this again. It’s an on-the-spot ultimatum. As for what this offer actually entails... (and that Piko proves his willingness by, say, renouncing his career as a singer), he'd get to be Len Kagamine’s sex-toy. I don’t think it would particularly matter to Len, either, what Piko wants past this point. He was willing to give away his future for him, so what right does he have to complain about what Len chooses to do with him? It’s his role in life to serve Len at this point. He'd have lost all respect for him — not only as a singer, but as a human being — and would see him as nothing but a toy, a slave to satisfy his needs and worship him. No matter how much he plays the offer up to Piko, he isn't going to be as special as Len may initially make him feel. Once all is said and done, he'll be just as 'special' as any other sex-toy. And just as replaceable, too. Content-wise, I like the idea of him attaching a device on Piko that allows Len to both control his size, as well as deliver electric-shocks or the like to keep him from misbehaving. Forced clothes-wearing (dressing Piko up like a maid, or such) would be cute, to both degrade him as well as use him like a common house-servant. Make him do chores, make him spend every waking second serving Len, and then fuck/abuse him whenever he feels like it. It'd be extremely objectifying, and Piko might just come to regret having exchanged his entire future, his career, and all of his potential, to be little more than a sex-toy.
(I also kind of like the idea of Piko confessing to Len, and Len rejecting him but saying that Piko can date his anus if he'd like. It could even be meant as a joke, with Len thinking it's funny that an amateur like Piko thought he even had a chance to go out with someone like him. This scene would obviously have a much bigger focus on ass-worship & related kinks, and would eventually lead to shrinking & objectification as a buttplug.)

--Alternate version of the above scenario, except without the 'confession & gentle rejection' aspect, and more of... bullying Piko into accepting the offer. He could push Piko around with the fact that he’s only here, as a singer, to get his dick. He could belittle him, mock him, bring up his poor ratings and make him realize just how much of a nobody he is compared to Len, etc etc, until Piko is so crestfallen that he gives him the offer. Not an offer like above, but an offer to actually be useful to a real singer — that kinda thing. Could reinforce that he’s doing Piko a favor by doing this, and/or doing society a favor by opening up his spot for some real talent. In short… Len bullies Piko into confessing that he wants nothing more in life than to serve Len’s every whim — and that he’d be better off as his slave than as a genuine idol, spinning it to make it seem like he’s giving Piko a special offer to save him from the humiliation of his career failing. He could even explicitly mention that he's going to eat him, or keep him as a buttplug, if you'd like.

If any of this interests you, send me a message (or ask for my Discord)! I look forward to getting to know you. ♡

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