Male Prey LF Male Pred (Human/Demi) Very Literate

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Male Prey LF Male Pred (Human/Demi) Very Literate

Postby deathravager » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:17 am

♡ My F-List Page ♡

Hello! Long-time and very literate role-player here. I’m solely a prey-player, but if you give me the chance I’m sure that I could impress you! While the above link will give a much better list of my likes and dislikes, as well as the characters that I enjoy playing as (all cute boys), I’ll include the basics below.

I am currently hoping to find a role-play partner that is flexible, dominant, and open to some very dark kinks. The less limits you have, the better!

Primarily, you must be interested in:
  • Playing as a Human or Demi-Human Character [Preferably a Male Character with a Slim, Cute Aesthetic, but Female Characters are welcome too]
  • Paragraph Minimum to Multi-Paragraph Posts
  • Detailed and Descriptive Writing
  • Bad Ends / Fatality
  • Vore [Ideally involving Graphic Digestion and Disposal]

Other kinks are more or less optional, but I really enjoy:
  • Size-Play [Micro/Macro]
  • Ass-Worship and Co. [Anal Insertion/Anal Vore, Face-sitting, Rimming, etc]
  • Mindbreak Scenarios
  • Unwilling Prey / Nonconsensual Domination
  • Fear-play / Prey-Characters Begging and Crying
  • Emphasis on Smell / Taste
  • Teasing
  • Underage Preds or Prey [Within Reason! No younger than 14.]
  • Canons [Especially Vocaloid, Touken Ranbu, and Fire Emblem]

I am very flexible when it comes to kinks, but please be willing to compromise if you insist on the same from me!

While I enjoy a variety of RP scenes (including story-based scenarios), I prefer to involve as many kinks as I can. I consider myself a very creative individual, and as such I am constantly brimming with new and exciting ideas that I look forward to sharing. However, the drawback of this is that I will generally prefer to suggest characters for you to play (even if it is only a reference image and nothing more). Since it is never my intention to force a character onto you, I will always provide a multitude of options for you to choose from. Ideally this process will result in you finding a character that you would at least be enthusiastic to play.

While I am open to playing with your preexisting OC’s, I can be a bit picky from time to time, so please don’t take offense if I suggest other characters. This works both ways, and while I try to offer variety in the characters that I play as, I am open to making new ones to best suit our scene (however, they must still be cute male characters). Likewise, please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with me! I will do my best to offer some of my own, but they are not set in stone. Feel free to suggest changes to them or to give me entirely different ideas; this is a mutual partnership, and will only work if we both enjoy the scene and its characters.

If any of this interests you, please don’t hesitate to send me a message (or ask for my Discord)! I look forward to getting to know you (:


Scene Ideas:

[Figured I'd write up a few just incase! Some are basic, others are more complex — feel free to ask about them, suggest changes to them, and so forth. I’ve also included some character suggestions beneath a few of them, which will hopefully give insight into the type of characters I’d prefer for each scene. The ideas are not limited to those characters, however! I’d be happy to offer more characters, or see what you have in mind if none interest you.]

#1. Livestream Vore.
Spoiler: show
I’m particularly craving a scenario involving a cute (and slutty) femboy/twink abusing, teasing, and even eating unwilling tiny participants on livestream (could have some semi-willing volunteers, as well). Perhaps he only does what his viewers want him to do, and/or he requires donations before doing certain things? Say, requesting a donation of x-amount of money if his viewers want to see him swallow some poor, helpless tiny. For this one, I’d also really enjoy an extended digestion sequence; I.E. following the boy around after the stream ended, his unfortunate ’co-stars’ digesting as he goes about the rest of his day. Eating junk-food (pizza, chips, soda, etc) prior to, during, or after the stream, would also make this very fun.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#2. Living Buttplug.
Spoiler: show
Basically, a scene in which my character is kidnapped/purchased/‘acquired’ by yours, and is introduced to the harsh reality that he’ll now be spending the rest of his life as your character’s butt-plug. Objectification / de-humanization are encouraged, with my character being treated as a literal sex-toy with no say in the matter. Ideally he’d start off very unwilling, but thorough and frequent ‘use’ will lead to mind-break/loss of humanity and a gradual acceptance of his new role in life. (I’d like his sole purpose to be worshipping his Master’s anus, meaning zero contact with any other part of his Master’s body — other tinies could tend to those needs.) Ideally he’d reach a point where he’d disconnect from his own humanity, forget about who he used to be/what it was like being human, and identify more as a butt-plug than as a human being. In time he’d come to embrace this role, and devote his existence to serving his Master’s anus. (This idea can fit into some of the other suggested scenes, as well.)
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#3. Micro/Macro Mixed School.
Spoiler: show
Simple but fun idea; a portion of the global population shrunk (likely due to a drug side-effect or bio weapon), and mixed schools are an attempt to reintegrate them back into society. As one might expect, this leads to less than ideal results, with High-School probably having the highest rate of tiny fatality. I would be playing one or more tiny students, and you would be playing one or more ‘regular’ students. Very open to which direction this takes! Could go with a bully route, an unaware route, an ‘I dare you to eat a tiny’ route, or even a consensual micro/macro relationship route. Limitless possibilities!
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#4. Spoiled/Rich Pred.
Spoiler: show
You would be playing a character that more or less is used to getting anything (and anyone) they desire. My character/s could either be a tiny they purchase, someone they get kidnapped and delivered to their doorstep, or even a household servant. Once more, a relatively simple idea with a lot of branching paths it can take. My character, if they weren’t already, could be conditioned into being a personal servant — or instead objectified and used as a sex-slave / sex-toy.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#5. Vorno.
Spoiler: show
Whether tinies are born a certain way or created via shrinking, there is a big market for seeing them used, abused, and eaten — especially by cute young models. Your character would be one such porn model, who gets paid to make videos of himself playing with (and occasionally eating) tinies. He could be enthusiastic and into it, or he could just be doing it for the money. As for my characters… I lean more towards unwilling, so I’d be fond of some ‘participants’ wanting to make money via taking part in a sex video, but not quite knowing what it’ll entail. For example, they might sign up knowing full well that they’ll be played with by a giant twink — but they certainly don’t expect to be eaten by him. Perhaps it’s part of the ‘fine print’ in whatever contract they signed?
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#6. A Special Diet.
Spoiler: show
Your character would (ideally) be an older femboy, perhaps early or mid 20s, with a personal belief that eating cute, young boys is the key to maintaining their sexy looks / offsetting aging. Your character’s position in society would preferably be higher up, so that they see themselves as a superior being / apex predator. Anything works in that regard, so long as they view boys as little more than food (and maybe occasional playthings). Maybe they keep count, maybe they forgot? I’d like to think they’ve eaten a ton of boys by now, and can maybe even terrify their latest victim with the statistics of it. Whether consuming someone else provides a sexual thrill to your character, or whether it’s just a matter of maintaining a diet, is entirely up to you — but I’d like fear play to be involved either way. Could also be fun to involve some non-con sex to break their prey prior to eating them; make them submit to the body they’ll become a part of.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#7. Pred Prostitute.
Spoiler: show
This one can play out in a few different ways, depending on whether tinies are born as they are, or if people can shrink. I’ll mainly explain the latter. I like the idea of playing a submissive character with a micro/macro fantasy, who finally works up the nerve to hire a skilled (or amateur~?) dominant to make that fantasy come true. The alternative is my character hiring a dominant, and not expecting to be shrunk by them — something they do to ‘enhance the experience’ with or without his permission. Either way, they’ll control his size, and can do any number of things to him — setting up the scene for one or even multiple visits. Maybe they’re not supposed to eat clients without permission, but do it anyways to make quick money? Could just take their wallet, and claim that the client asked to be eaten - or they could break the client so much that they can coerce him into being eaten. Oooor… they could just bring the occasional client home with them as a sex-toy — whether he begged for it after getting attached to them, or whether they simply needed a replacement. The latter could be a particularly effective method of draining the money out of rich clients; first break them in as sex-toys, and then milk the money out of their bank-accounts once they're obedient enough.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#8. Be Careful What You Wish For.
Spoiler: show
My character would start off with a fantasy of being shrunk down (if he’s not already small), toyed with, and swallowed alive (or perhaps used as a butt-plug) by another boy. For one reason or another, either due to the technology involved in shrinking, or the legality concerned with eating someone else, he can’t fulfill his biggest fantasy. In his own life, he is a perfect student with a bright future ahead of him — but not a day goes by where he wouldn’t give it all up to live out his desires. He leads a double life, and after every day he browses forums, searches the dark web, tries to find someone that might just be willing to take him in… and he eventually finds your character. Your character could be just about anyone, what’s important is that they gladly take in willing little tinies, and use them as they were meant to be used. Perhaps they interview my character first, or maybe it’s just right to the point — but he meets them, he signs his life over to them, and then he gets added to their collection. No turning back — he agrees to your character’s rules. He’ll be a sex-toy for the rest of his life until they decide to eat him. However, after he is brought home with them, his perception will probably begin to change. He sees your character (and their friends, perhaps) use other tinies, treating them like objects and not people — and give no consideration towards their wellbeing. Maybe this is unexpected, and he thought it’d be more intimate, more romantic, or perhaps he even believed he was special? Maybe most of the other tinies are older, as well; people who have already lived their lives to some extent. This begins to frighten him — since it’ll soon be his turn. Perhaps the reality of it is so frightening that it gives him second thoughts. He has his entire life ahead of him, he’s by far the youngest tiny in their collection, and he begins to realize this was a mistake. He’s not like the other tinies — he threw away his entire life before it even started. He doesn’t want to just be eaten and forgotten about by someone that can’t be bothered to remember his name. With this in mind, he might expect your character to let him go and return to his old life (since, after all, he came here willingly) — but they refuse. Sex-toys don’t have the right to ask for things.

#9. Couple.
Spoiler: show
Very similar setup as above; my character has a size-fetish / vore fantasy, and he wants to be have his fantasy made into a reality. In this scenario, you would be playing two characters — a couple, in fact, that live far out in the countryside or perhaps in a fishing village of sorts, away from big cities. They may have a size fantasy as well, or maybe only one of them does, and he convinces the other. Either way… they want something to spice up their sex-life, and are looking for a third member. Not a third person, but someone willing to give up everything to come and live with them as their sex-toy. Because of their remote location, they send out an advertisement on some forum — and my character responds do it. He has a life of his own, good student, bright future, etc etc… but the allure of this offer is far too good to pass up. So, after being in contact with them for a bit, they decide to meet up — my character agrees to their offer — and they take him home as their new sex-toy. This is his new life, and they will use him however they’d like — he’ll have no say in it. While ideally you’d be playing both characters, you wouldn’t necessarily have to play them both for the entire scene — there could be times where he’s with one character and not the other, and so on.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#10. Adventure.
Spoiler: show
Fantasy / Medieval setting. Your character is a renowned (or not so renowned) adventurer or hero. My character could be a peasant / farmer-boy, someone that was lost and/or injured that they saved, a hired guide, or even an enemy of significant importance — like a foreign prince. They will be accompanying your character, willing or not, to help them along the way — whether that be carrying things for them, tending to their needs, or being an outlet for sexual desires in the absence of any women. My character will vary depending on your preference; for example, they can absolutely despise your character… or they could even have a one-sided romantic interest in them that can never be returned. This scenario is particularly open, so I won’t detail it much further. However, one route I liked was the idea of my character being someone that your character saved, and thus feeling indebted to them (maybe even mesmerized by them), and wanting to be their travel companion. Perhaps it starts off as adoration and admiration, but eventually changes to a desire to be with them, even knowing that they can’t ever compare to someone as heroic or brave as your character? Maybe your character is aware of this, but is straight, has a love-interest, or is expected to marry a girl, and therefore can’t return it. So, at the very least they let my character act as sexual relief for long journeys, and (preferably unromantically) use them from time to time. I also like the idea of rations running low at some point, and my character ‘making themselves useful’ by providing your character with the energy needed to make it home or the like.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#11. Royalty.
Spoiler: show
Basically what it says on the tin — you would be playing someone of royalty. I could be playing a servant of theirs, or even an enemy (a soldier, a commander, a prince…?) that they defeated and decided to break in as a servant / concubine for the ultimate humiliation. Something like that could be fun, but another idea I had involved a religious/sacred rite of sorts, involving the conquering of an enemy kingdom, and the subsequent consumption of enemy royalty — body and soul — in order to break that kingdom to the new royal bloodline. Your character could be a king or prince, wherein mine would most likely be a prince — and as conditions of surrender, he is to be eaten by your character on a set date, so that his kingdom will be spared and merged with your character’s empire. Perhaps, rather than the entire royalty, it is only the prince/s that must be eaten? (To prevent any future male heirs to the throne). So my character’s parents would survive, and his sisters may even survive, but he would have to go to your character. Whether your character is a tyrant or a gentleman is up to you — maybe the ceremony is such a sacred rite, that there are a few months of ‘bonding’ leading up to it, where my character will serve and honor yours, and familiarize himself with / submit to the body he will become part of? Your character could break him during these few months, and use him like a concubine — or he could try to make it bearable, and even be kind to him (perhaps he feels a little guilty knowing that my character is terrified of being eaten, and so he does his best to make it up to him).
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#12. Mech Pilot.
Spoiler: show
Future/Sci-Fi scene, involves mechs and pilots. Can either be played with a setup where a mech needs at least two people to operate, so that my character gets paired up with your character… or a setup in which my character and your character are on opposite sides of a conflict. The former can play out in a variety of ways, but I like the idea of your character being the Pilot / ‘Alpha’, with my character being a somewhat more replaceable support / ‘Beta’ meant to assist and care for your character. He would have to put all of your character’s needs above his own, and serve him to the best of his ability — both in and out of the battlefield. Shrinking would likely become involved at some point, I have a few ideas as to how. As for the latter scene… Your character/s would defeat or otherwise capture my character, and could hold him hostage for interrogation, or simply keep him as spoils of war to be used for sexual relief and entertainment. An alternative would be my character not being an enemy pilot at all, but perhaps just an unlucky citizen (ideally a celebrity) that gets caught by enemy forces. He surrenders, perhaps hoping he’ll be valuable for ransom, but is instead locked away and used as a sex-slave by an enemy soldier/pilot who doesn’t care who he is.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#13. Manager.
Spoiler: show
This is a specific scenario. I would be playing Piko Utatane, an up-and-coming Japanese Pop-Idol. You would be playing his Manager — a very talented young man that has taken numerous idols under his wing, many of which have gone on to be exceptionally famous. For Piko (and many others before him), working under your character is his ticket to stardom, and a dream come true. However, your character has a side to him that is hidden from the public eye — and connected to a small list of missing idols. He exploits the vulnerability of these young singers, and his power over them, to gain all sorts of sexual favors from them. He can make their dreams come true, but at a price. Sometimes it’s very light stuff, like a blowjob in the office, some degradation and BDSM play (he likes to get a bit rough with his idols) and other times it may be more serious, like a few nights of ‘practice’ at his house and some more hardcore abuse. When it comes to Piko, it’s the same sort of deal — he can bend the idol around his finger, knowing just how important this opportunity is to him. Perhaps he’s aware of just how much Piko loves one of Japan’s top idols, Len Kagamine, and offers to get him a duet with Len / an opening at his concert, in exchange for a bit of sex? This could be on and off, with multiple sexual favors over the course of multiple days or weeks… but one time your character goes too far. He gets too into it, Piko is too cute (a perfect canvas that he wants to dominate and ruin), and he loses control. Maybe it was accidental, or Piko refused to do something and your character made him do it — but it ends up with Piko being seriously hurt. At this point Piko is likely injured and/or unconscious, he’ll surely tell about what happened, and your character decides that he has to make Piko disappear. As he has done with other idols before him, he’ll bring Piko back to his place — where he’ll never be seen or heard from again — and he’ll keep him. Maybe he has a small collection of other idols-turned-sex-toys, or perhaps Piko is the only one at the moment, but he’ll likely break him in as a personal servant/housemaid, a sex-toy, or even both.
-Potential Pred for this scene:

#14. Impulsive.
Spoiler: show
Another fairly specific scene, where I’d be playing the popular J-pop idol Piko Utatane. While it works best if he’s a little bit younger, that part is optional. The scene could take place after a concert, after a festival, or any number of places where Piko might run into a random fan. Your character could just be a huge fan of his, or maybe they’re just a little drunk or otherwise not exercising good judgement… but they see him, they can’t help themselves, and they have their way with him. Once it’s ‘done’, they come to their senses, they realize they have to fix this — and they make up an on-the-spot plan to bring him back to their apartment. They know they can’t let him go (or he’ll surely have them arrested), and the scene will go from there.
-Potential Preds for this scene:

#15. Toy.
Spoiler: show
One of my characters (ideally Piko) ends up at the mercy of a younger character, who intends to keep them as a pet / doll / toy for the rest of his life. Whether they shrunk my character, ‘captured’ him when he was already tiny, or purchased him somewhere, is up for discussion — all would be fun to play out. Perhaps they don’t even believe that he’s human, or maybe they intentionally did it because they’ve always wanted a tiny person as a pet?

#16. Life-Like Candy.
Spoiler: show
Sort of similar to the above scenario. My character/s would be kidnapped/captured in one form or another, shrunk, perhaps 'flavored' like different candies to make them more convincing, and then sold off. The information would either come on the package or from the seller, claiming that they are: fully artificial, designed to mimic people, and are not actually real people (which, of course, is a lie). Their purpose is to be enjoyed and eaten, with swallowing them whole being especially fun. The recipient would ideally be a naive, younger character, who would believe that they are nothing more than fun candies meant to be eaten - regardless of what they might say. I particularly like the idea of a semi-innocent predator justifying that they are candy, since real people don't taste like candy. Or something along those lines.

#17. Living Sex-Toys.
Spoiler: show
My character/s are either born into life as miniaturized humans, and conditioned into being sex-toys — or they are kidnapped, shrunk, and then brainwashed/conditioned into being sex-toys. This would be the central concept, while the rest of the scene would depend on what happens after your character buys one such ‘living sex-toy’. Perhaps they can even be ‘rented out’ for parties and the like.

#18. You're My Next Victim.
Spoiler: show
Your character would have a particular 'hobby' of stalking, kidnapping, and devouring cute young boys - potentially with some overlap from #6, or more just for the sexual enjoyment or domination aspect of it. The catch is, they would keep track of their past victims - whether that's a little collection of photographs, newspaper snippets (of the missing person), or even any 'mementos' that they passed. They would be proud of this collection, and would probably masturbate to it rather frequently - feeling empowered by the private knowledge of what they'd done to each of these boys. But, more than anything, they'd enjoy showing off this little collection to their newest plaything - enjoying the fear it inspires in them, knowing they'll be adding to it soon. Fear-play is a big part of this scene, so ideally your character would get off to my character being terrified to the point of tears, as well as tease / taunt him (with his inevitable fate) to scare him all the more.

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