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Postby BellyBustingKelli » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:39 pm

Hey, my name is Kelli! Want to eat that girl next door? Come surprise me with a visit before you devour me! Like after meal teasing or sex? Definitely come here!

I am trapped in replicatkd's belly. I am nothing but his food now; curled up in his stomach, and forced to do my job satisfying his hunger as a squirmy bulge on his tight belly. I can't do anything but squirm as I am being held in his gut like a piece of food, kneaded and coated in stomach juices until the day he finishes me off and I become part of him forever.

Current cravings:
-Cosplayers! Any cosplayers vore is fun!
-Catfish bait - I want to play a young innocent girl who has no idea about vore, I want an older man who had a history of devouring others (extra points if he's eaten his wife and family at some point) to trick me into thinking he is a young man in love with me over the internet, only for him to have his way with my delicious ass before devouring me.
-Currently hoping to have an RP where I am a cam model, either feedee or pregnancy, and a crazy fan hunts me down and devours me as I'm streaming a show once I'm big enough.

I am new to the forums but experienced with vore, so I'm looking for someone to have their way with me, or allow me to have my way with them. I'm also happy to RP with newbies. I have a few really fun fetishes too: I love being part of a harem or just a cumbucket who can be replaced easily, so all you horny players feel free to do so. I also love being dominated by a male predator!

Latest fantasy:
Being part of a vore orgy. Always fun! Lots of sex and vore! Perfect for a girl like me, eh!

Here's how I play:
I am happy to be both eaten and eat other female characters, especially if it's to steal a boyfriend or some form of meaningless competition.

However, I love the idea of a greedy and dominating guy, either being stuffed into my gut, or stuffing me into his, it's a huuuuge turn on for me.

Haven't really been around long enough to have a huge list of likes and dislikes but here is a couple.

Same size
Weight gain
Sex sex sex
Domination by men
Snake predators (constriction is fun!)


So if you want to eat me, be eaten, PM me. If you just want to impregnate me, just PM me too! I'm not here for just vore!

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