Female Nintendork Switch Seeks Girlfriends And Girl Power

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Female Nintendork Switch Seeks Girlfriends And Girl Power

Postby Artemis » Sat May 25, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi! You can call me Arti or Artemis. I'm your local lesbian dorkette whose interests include video games, roleplaying and occasionally art! I'm nothing too special or interesting, but occasionally someone finds me bearable to be around. So I've got that going for me, which is nice. I enjoy wordplay, I'm very much into more feminine fashion trends and I value things like suspension of disbelief and an actual story more than you might be used to in vore scenes.

Intimacy and Vore Friendships/Relationships
I am the type of dork who forgets how to talk to girls who are pretty and/or nice to me in real life, the type of dummy who probably idolizes other girls a little more than is proper. I like being close to other girls and making other girls smile makes me smile. It's a little odd by some standards, but I mean well and I don't expect anything for it. However, I make a good and edible friend who is somewhat submissive and tolerant of playful bullying if you prefer something rougher~ I have a deep but pure love for my fellow woman, especially those who share my feminine or dorky traits as the solidarity tickles my heartstrings. I don't play video games a ton? But I'm willing to play them with you once we're close. <3

If you'd like something closer than an edible friend, I enjoy cuddling and emotional intimacy is a big deal for me. I like to express my love without using sex, as I'm a genophobe who adores other ladies tushies but has no idea what to do with one besides hug it. I keep things relatively casual. I'm polyamorous and I'm pretty accepting of people for who they are. I'm not gonna ask you to prove you're female and I don't mind if you're trans or bi or anything like that. The important part is that we connect, and I'm perfectly appy dating someone I only have an avatar/mental image of.

I'm also happy to have a mother-daughter relationship if that's more interesting/comfortable to you. If you are willing to assert yourself and hold me to it, I will play along and accept you as my mother. This means addressing you as such, letting you teach, correct and punish me, RPing as a younger and less experienced version of myself (I can go as low as 4.) and if you so desire, carrying me in your tummy or womb! It can be as normal, romanticized, platonic, public or private as you so desire.

RP Characters/Fandoms/Ideas
Most of my characters and fandoms, along with my preferences, can be found on my chat profile. For reference though, I have a few OCs and a self-insert, but I play a lot of fandom stuff. I'm a huge fan of Puyo Puyo / Madou Monogatari above all else, but I also have a soft spot for Pokemon, Mega Man, Warcraft and certain Nintendo princesses such as Zelda or Peach. I'm also a big fan of stat/dice/tabletop/d&d style stuff, and you can find a couple of my

I'm somewhat flexible with my preferences, provided I'm also getting something I want in addition to the things I might not quite be into of course. Below I'll talk about some key talking points as far as preferences go, but for an in-depth look at what exactly I like please give my custom preferences at the bottom of my chatroom profile here a look!

• I will play pred or prey. Prey is somewhat more enjoyable for me, but I expect to play both over time.

• I am a lesbian but am more than willing to play with and eat males. I'm even willing to be eaten by males, provided it's understood that I only really enjoy it as the set up for some sweet revenge. However, romance with men is uncomfortable for me. Other genders, however, are a turnoff for me. This includes gender benders, herms, and trans characters. I would date a trans person, but fetishizing them in RP rubs me the wrong way.

• I'm only attracted to humans, so only humans and demi-humans really do anything for me. A character with full body fur or scales is a no-go for the most part, for example.

• Soft Oral Vore, roughly Same Size, Unwilling is the name of the game. Anything straying from this doesn't work for me very well, though I'd work with it if it didn't overstay its welcome. I am a big fan of both digestion and clean full tour. I also enjoy entrapment, where the prey is simply trapped inside the pred against their will for a while. I don't much enjoy reformation, scat or watersports though. The latter two can be implied but not described, though. As for regurgitation, I don't care for it all that much but it doesn't kill the scene for me either.

• I'm a humongous fan of sexism and girl power in RP. It would be accurate to say that I really enjoy gobbling up fictional chauvinists that underestimate, belittle and bully my characters~ I even like more cartoony depictions such as gender wars or hammy team evils trying to bring male dominance back!

• Lastly, penises aren't my thing. Not even fake ones. I'm not into sex and my characters will share these feelings to some degree. If you'd like to incorporate rape or some other form non-unbirth related genitalia play, we may have to gloss over some details or leave things implied entirely.

Favorite Characters
These are just a few of my alltime favorites from my favorite game series. I am willing to adapt characters for other settings.

Original Characters
Mallory (Magical Girl / Pokemon Trainer / Self Insert)

Fan Characters
Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo / Madou Monogatari)
Raffina (Puyo Puyo)
Ciel (Mega Man Zero / ZX)
Iris (Pokemon; Game Version or at least champion outfit)
Dawn (Pokemon; Game Version, maybe anime version)
Rosa (Pokemon; Game Version)
Hilda (Pokemon; Game Version)

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