LF Flexible, Kinky Switches~ (Been getting into PlayerVore!)

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LF Flexible, Kinky Switches~ (Been getting into PlayerVore!)

Postby DireZyre » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:56 am

I live in California, so my timezone is PST (currently in daylight savings so -07:00, I don't really fully understand all this stuff but you can look it up to compare your times to mine) I have a part time job so I may be busy on various random days.

Now that that's taken care of, let's get to the raunchy stuff!~

As stated above I have recently gotten into player vore, as in playing as myself to be eaten by my partners character, I'm a bit picky in terms of other human characters still so don't except me to player vore you, but we can of course discuss it, and if I like you as well that could be a possibility, keep this in mind before messaging me

As you can tell I'm a very kinky individual, so I'll give a quick run down of what I require, my favorites, and what I dislike

Disposal- It can be implied or not very dirty, but it has to be there, I hate the idea of a pred that never disposes of their prey just because they don't like scat, I need SOME realism >.> So if you're not gonna dispose of people, at least give a good excuse as to why.
Kinky/Unique- I need really kinky, unique ideas, I get rather bored if something isn't there to keep it fresh, so please try to keep it interesting for me ;3
The very occasional returning the favor- You don't need to pred all the time if you're mostly prey, but if you don't return the favor at least every so often, I don't know if we'll rp that much, I can get pretty burnt out predding so if you never do I may just not be in the mood to pred you for a very long time
Vore- Duh

Transformation- Anything from changing your flavor to gender to species to making you a living pair of panties, I love pretty much all forms of TF, and if you're a fan of my character Tye then expect TF to be involved in some way, he's a very TF heavy character
Cooking- It can be anything from putting you in a sundae to straight up deep frying you, I love cooking in pretty much all forms, it doesn't have to be painful, there are ways to turn off the pain essentially, so don't worry about that.
Shemales/Cuntbois- I love to get dominated by shemales and I love to be or dominate cuntbois, if you fit either of these then you gain some points in my book~
Teasing- Dear gods include as much of this as possible, please <3~

Extreme Hyper- I love big dicks and big balls, but there is a limit, if its bigger than you or just ridiculously massive, please do not include it, feel free to ask first, it's kinda a case by case basis, and the worst I'll say is no thank you
Sex- Not that sex can't be in the rp, but if it becomes the focus, I will lose interest quickly, i prefer to focus on the kinks and throw in some sexual activity, so don't worry about sexual stuff happening, it will, but please don't make it the focus
Posts like this- Food Time! *I slide down your throat and smile in your belly* (No no no no no, no first person, no ridiculously short posts, no " around dialogue, all of these take me out immediately and are frankly unprofessional, I prefer novel style, write it like most books are written, also I like to use second person if both main characters are the same gender, so I'd use He for my character, and you for yours, instead of he and he, so it's less confusing that way, but this isn't required and I can refrain from doing so if you prefer)
Full Unwilling- I dont love full willing either, though I'm okay with it, but my ideal is somewhere in between, someone who's nervous and worried, but turned on and unable to resist. Anything that involves screaming, crying, terror, that kinda stuff instantly takes me out of it, I just can't handle it, too much for me so please be some kinda of mix of the two idealy

That's all I can think of for now, for more exact preferences please look at Faen and Zyre's profiles for kinks at the bottom

I have profiles for most of my commonly used characters, but a few still don't have profiles on this website, so I'll just post the text walls I have about them here, or just make a short description.

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Faen_ This is my sona

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Zyre This is my old sona, but still my go to sub character, you could consider him my submissive sona, he's going through a bit of an overhaul right now so ask if you want to know any of his new details.

http://profile.aryion.com/profile/Ghirar_Delli This is my switch chocolate bunny

Other Furry OCs: Descriptions will be short, if you want more info just ask. I have a few more than these but rarely play them.

Kelfer Roxxics
A pleasure demon straight from the ring of lust in hell, he's very much a pred, he'd never prey to someone, or at least never to a mortal. His favorite pass time is finding goody two shoes who have never 'sinned' a day in their life, and finally rewarding them with the blissful fantasies they've always dreamed of but never dared chase, sometimes they love it so much they decide to stay with him in hell forever, living nothing but an endless life of amazing pleasure, or they decide to stay and hope he makes a guest appearance every now and then to provide bliss in their otherwise humdrum lives. He has a very toned, somewhat muscular figure, often dresses all fancy, and the only thing that gives off his demon nature is his powers, and his deep blood red eyes. https://e621.net/post/show/144725/abs-a ... bulge-capr he mostly looks like this, taller, around 8' tall on average but can change height at will, and the aforementioned red eyes, oh, and of course, much bigger package <3

Lextra Lellion
One of my only female characters, and the only one I don't mind playing that often. She is a cute, nerdy gal, busty and perfectly chubby, not fat, just curvy~ She wears glasses, the sexy nerdy kind of course. She's pretty nonchalant about sex, for instance she might study on her laptop and ask her roomie to snake their snout under it and give her a nice slurpin~ she is equal parts pred and prey as well, pretty infatuated with the romanticism of it all, though with her being a kitsune, she reforms the same was the earlier mentioned Zyre does, so she doesn't really fear if her pred takes it too far, and in fact enjoys it more so~ She also has the power of aura manipulation, this can mean anything from soul vore to fusing someones soul into living pudge, usually only temporarily, she can do a lot more with this power but she only just discovered it so she is learning more ways to use it all the time. https://e621.net/post/show/365574/breas ... r-female-f this is rather close to her description, she dyes her hair occasionally so finding her with purple hair isn't uncommon

Lander Sylldrix
This is my cyborg bodyguard gator, he got into an accident and a 'mad scientist' (who may or may not have caused said accident >.>) fixed him up with a partly robotic body, he still has normal scales over most of his body, and other than a few exposed metal bits, his full metal tail, and some of the 'harder' parts of his body, you probably wouldn't even know he was a cyborg. When he digests someone he turns them into bio fuel to keep his body going, and disposes of them as dirty oil, he has no need to eat normal food as he cannot change it into fuel as he can prey. This is my only pred character who is practically off limits for being prey himself, unless there's a special circumstance like, you can digest metal, it's a very large creature that he can escape from, or something like that. He is very much inspired by the character 'Latch' from Lethal League https://e621.net/post/show/550608/3_toe ... hing-cobal his cock is also decently larger, possibly twice as large as the pic at most, more like 1.5 times as big though

Varrick Trynsal
Varrick is a small bat, about 4'5", and a very unexpected pred. He likes to slurp, gobble, chomp and gulp up people in nearly an instant, before the prey can even figure out what's happening, and likes to put other preds in their place, or his place... his belly ;3 He also uses blood magic to infuse runes with magical properties, but don't think of this as really scary or evil or anything, his most used spell is reforming infact, he'd rather someone snuggle the pudge they just created than just vanish forever in the sewers. He also has plenty of tricks to help escape from the preds he couldn't pack away first, but if all else fails he can also reform himself through the runes. He has a white leather collar around his neck, etched with runes that seem to be dyed with blood. He looks like a mix between https://e621.net/post/show/565874/2014- ... r-blue_fur and https://e621.net/post/show/559040/anal- ... anthro-bal his figure is somewhere in between, closer to the second, while his fur and cock color more match the first, only red. His wings are about half the size as they are in either pic.

Pony OCs: Descriptions will be short, if you want more info just ask. I have a few more than these but rarely play them.

Regal Heart
This is my pony sona, he is a purple pegasus with a green mane and tail, he is a traveler/writer, his cutiemark being a book with a quill in an inkwell as the picture on the cover. He can be played as a male or Cuntboi

Regal Heart (Changeling Version)
In one canon, he was turned into a cunt colt breeder changeling, that's about all there is to say

Sharp Smile
This character is a popular Vorno actor (Vore Porno) who's cutie mark is a grin with very sharp teeth, which matches his own, razor sharp to a point. This character is mostly pred but can certainly fall prey, and just because his fangs are sharp doesn't mean he partakes in hardvore (at least not without being requested)

Red Velvet
Red Velvet is a pastry pony, essentially a living cake in the shape of a pony, she happens to be a red velvet cake (duh) with buttercream frosting mane and tail, she is as much a prey as she is a pred, but she'd not be TOO willing as prey, she'll enjoy it but not ask for it. When she eats someone she churns and breaks them down into lovely batter and frosting, matching the coat and mane color of the one she devoured, she then bakes them into a cake which their soul is trapped within, she often keeps these cakes as a trophy for a while before eating them again and adding them onto her lovely mass, with each cake she grows in size but she often reduces her mass to make her own special cakes based off her own design so she doesn't end up some freakish giant. Due to this, she can be anywhere from a smallish sized pony to near celestia sized, she is a unicorn and has many magical talents as one.

The Slates:
Clean Slate
A huge earth pony with a white coat and black mane and tail, he is larger than big mac, about the size of celestia herself but a male so even thicker. Clean has a blank flank and an interesting power of absorption, able to merge any prey into his body, turning them into living fat, cock, plot, just about anything if he liked really. If he were to fuse with a unicorn or pegasus, he would acquire their wings until they were released. His stomach works different than normal, melting down prey into a thick gooey mass, usually absorbing it to merge with him, and upon disposal a thick gooey mass is pushed out of his ass, matching the colors of the prey, and usually reforming them shortly after. He can digest prey normally if he stores said goo in his belly for a long time, they will eventually be broken down and digested like normal, it would just take much longer than a normal pony.

Flick and Slick Slate
The runt twins, the younger brothers of clean, flick being a unicorn and slick being a pegasus, they are both about the size of a foal while being fully grown adults, with giant wings and horns for their size, enough to accommodate even clean's giant form. They have the power of absorption as well, only they absorb into others instead of absorbing others into them, able to merge into someones ass, balls, cock, stomach, wherever, and add to them, able to speak in their head and control their wings or horns on said pony even overpowering their own if they already have one. They can form themselves inside their pred to reform, in the balls, womb, ass, stomach, wherever, or can be shat out in the gooey mass mentioned with Clean, reforming them soon after. They generally fuse into clean whenever in public to give him the display of being an alicorn, usually pretending to be royalty to score fame and free meals of star struck ponies~

As for my preferences, they are mostly on my f-list and my sona's profile, but on a side note, I have almost no limits, I'm not a fan of insanely hyper or macro/micro type things, someone with a cock as big as their own bodies is fine from time to time but massive muscles or people/genitals the size of buildings is just silly and not fun to play for me, I am a fan of scat to a point, mostly in terms of disposal but will take it otherwise, I do have limits with scat so please ask if it's kinda extreme, also vomit is a no for me, can't think of much else I really dislike so feel free to ask!

That's about all I can think of for now, please drop me a note or just add me directly on Discord at DireZyre#2795, or Telegram @DireZyre if you're interested! Can't wait to hear from all you sick freaks like me!

(New characters I'd like to try)

My very first human character: Dough

https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5u0hra6mol7q ... e.png?dl=0 WARNING SCAT

https://www.dropbox.com/s/yipsphhucpmhg ... e.jpg?dl=0 WARNING LIGHT GORE

He's a rather flamboyant femboi with a penchant for vore. He knows his place as a prey (as all humans in his world are) but is happy to partake in predding as well, if only to make himself a better meal, or take the place of the prey he just devoured (as seen in the first image above). In his main canon he was born and raised in a human farm, basically the same way cattle are in real life. They are genetically modified to enjoy vore, their pain receptors instead flood their brain with pleasure, addicted to the sensations of cooking, digesting, any sort of pain really, even torture would be pleasurable to them if it were to happen. They're also indoctrinated to enjoy the idea of vore, sacrificing themselves for a greater being, basically their religion with digestion and disposal being their form of heaven or 'perfect death'. As mentioned before he will often eat others as well, a few examples being offered other humans to 'stuff' him with, fattening him up and making himself even tastier, he also sees it as a way for his prey and his pred to all be even closer upon their ultimate fate, he would also sneak eat someone just to take their place, seeming them ready to be eaten, quickly gobbling them up, and then giving himself to their pred, a bit of a prey slut as you can tell :P Humans sex drives are also moddified, they're constantly horny, erect (if male) and almost always leaking their pre, which is also modified to be several flavors, his in particular being rather sweet. Often humans have condoms put on just to keep them from making a mess, even standing around idly they can eventually pop those if their not high grade, plus it makes for a great coating when they're ready to be eaten~.

My Coyote Siblings

The Soul Link: In their family, Female Hyenas are considered far superior to male ones, who are basically considered all but worthless. Often brothers end up being claimed by their sisters, put to good use as toys slaves, meals, other more unique things, though usually, it's just a large pile of steaming hyena shit or just a permanent slave to do chores and such. Raina, being the thoughtful girl she is, decided to do something more fun, long lasting, and enjoyable for her big brother, at least compared to the fate of his other brothers, see 'steaming pile' for reference. She hired the help of a powerful soul shaman to create a link between their essense, the older brother being shrunk to 1 foot tall and changing most receptors in his body to genital ones, specifically the pleasure ones, also removing his own genitals and making his stomach into testes, causing him to drool jizz, and burst it from his maw upon orgasm. When he or his sister grow aroused, his body stiffens a bit and makes it a little harder to move, Raina able to feel everything he can as if he were a cock on her crotch, she can also fuse him to herself to actually become her cock temporarily. While she can feel everything he feels, he cannot feel her slit being pleasured, or anything else from her. The only major side effect of the link, at least for Raina, was the uncontrollable urge to engorge herself randomly, to provide energy and sustenence to her brothers form and giving her the ability to reform him, often storing a lot of energy in excess for said purpose. She doesn't have the ability to reform others besides her brother, and he doesn't need to eat, sleep, or perform other basic human functions, though he can do some if he likes, such as sleep and eat, which would be more akin to cock vore disguised as oral vore due to his altered biology.

Name: Raina
Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Female (Herm alt)
Height: 7'
Weight: 320lbs

Appearance: Raina has a tall, chubby, yet strong figure to her, not exactly muscley, but even though she has some pudge you could easily tell she's strong enough to handle herself, especially being so tall. Possible color scheme: https://e621.net/post/show/1113259/2017 ... tt-english ( She has a light brown coat with darker brown spots speckled about and lighter brown areas around her nethers, stomach, front neck and lower jaw, ). Figure: https://e621.net/post/show/1109413/2017 ... y-bedroom_ She often wears a snug pair of pink panties, which her brother can sometimes be found tenting~, a pair of snug shorts, a tube top, and usually not much else, it being very hard for her to find clothing at her size, and not liking to wear clothing unless she has to anyhow. She'll often also have a large purse with her, which her brother can often be found in if not in her panties.Personality: While she'll be often forward, dominant, and controlling with her micro 'big' brother, who she sees are more of a possession than anything, she'll actually be rather nervous, shy, and submissive around others, especially those she has a crush on. While she doesn't have a very dominant personality, thanks to the soul link between her and her brother, in order to fuel the link and occasionally reform him she has to devour a large amount of mass/energy, usually another person, causing her to go into a voracious fury until she's engorged enough, usually the NEAREST person, until she snaps out of it, and nervously asks for forgiveness, even while digesting them away. Due to this frequent hunger spazz she gets, usually once or twice a week, her dates usually don't last long before being 'dumped' and only her best friends general keep from being devoured, only because they learned to keep others around to eat instead, many even enjoying her large squirming belly after her meal. She'll rarely ever eat anyone outside of her insatiable hungry, but would eat a willing prey if asked, in any various kind of vore they wanted, but would nervously make a flirtatious proposition to someone she found cute after a bit of bashful staring.

Name: Richard (Dick, hehe~)
Species: Spotted Hyena
Gender: Male
Height: 1'
Weight: 10lbs

Appearance: Richard has a toned, slim frame, and would be decently strong if not for the fact he's only 1 foot tall. Though he technically shares a lot of biology with male genitalia, he does not actually look anything like it.
Ref: https://e621.net/post/show/1025390/4_to ... ose-blonde
Personality: Richard was originally very annoyed and spiteful of his fate to be his sisters dick, but after eventually realizing it was far better than that of his brothers, again see 'steaming pile' for reference, he came to accept it and even enjoy it, at least he's alive and gets to feel a lot of pleasure, right? Now he's quite the curious, kinky, friendly little micro, happy to climb and squirm just about anywhere, only occasionally annoyed by his altered biology now. He is usually found beside his sister somewhere, but she'll often share him with those who wish to enjoy his company, which usually doesn't bother him much.

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