female switch looking for partners

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female switch looking for partners

Postby HeyLookItsPatti » Mon Sep 17, 2018 12:16 pm

*** I have been playing a pred exclusively for the last few months and am now in need of a change of pace so i'm looking for preds/switches only right now ***

*** I am on the east coast, I rp on weekday evenings and pretty much anytime on the weekends depending on what I have going on so if you're not available at the same times it's not going to work out ***
*** I only RP on discord if you want to RP with me you'll have to make a discord account, and you should, it's way better then skype :P ***

My name's Patti *waves* I have been into vore since about middle school, I really can't recall what got me into it :p I'm very experienced when it comes to RP and have been doing it for years now so I'm looking for someone with at least a decent amount of RP or writing experience.

Alright so I have a few things that might help tell if we are going to be a good match.

I'm looking for experienced RPers that can make paragraph sized replies. My favorite part of a RP is the story/plot, I love the build up to the actual vore and by that I mean the interaction between pred and prey characters so being able to play a character is another big point. If you only have one OC who is princess whatshername who lives on mars we are probably not going be a good match, I don't mind using OC's, in fact I make new ones for almost every RP I do, the problem comes when the story has to be compromised to fit an OC as long as they are flexible your OC's will probably be fine

OK so If you are still reading here are my actual vore preferences:


like I said his is probably the most important thing for me when it comes to RP's. I am so over the standard evil giantess/witch/scientist RP. I like there to be a plot of some kind and a reason for the vore besides a pred that just liked to eat people.


I only play female humanoid preds.


I'm much more open to what kind of prey I will play with. The only thing I refuse to play or eat are inanimate objects.

Alright now here is a simpler list of likes and dislikes as far as themes:


same size
female preds
Soft vore
Oral vore
Multiple prey
Digestion (this I can do with or without)
Fatal vore ( when I say fatal what I mean is that there is at least the threat of death, It doesn't have to be played out or even happen. but RP's where the prey knows they are not going to die are no fun for me)

belly play


Water sports
Gas-play (burping doesn't bother me)
Violence that could be considered torture
Cock vore

male preds

Well I really can't think of much else but I'm sure there is something I didn't cover so feel free to message me with any questions you have.

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