*still available* seeking pred to nom busty me ;3

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*still available* seeking pred to nom busty me ;3

Postby IEatYouWhole » Sat May 11, 2019 12:56 pm


Okay so for ages i have been a pred and still am :3 but i also kind of want to try being prey for once, buuuut here is the thing, I don't want just any pred to nom me, I want someone special, something special, not an average everyday pred, i want someone new, interesting and is very descriptive about every moment like i am actually there ;3 not just some one to two liner :P

of course to make that special pred am looking for come forward, I want people interested in gobbling me up to send me by pm A VERY detailed description of your pred and if I find it perfect for what am looking for, you can expect a pm back ;3 of course ill pm you back anyway to say for sure, but if I do reply to you, don't expect it be a yes, but it could be ;3 rather not get people hopes up :P

and just for good measure what you will be getting to swallow whole is an extremely busty N cup, wide hipped, bloated gut girl that is 6ft 2, has raven black, butt length hair, wears glasses and is now recently pregnant ;3. I do mostly prefers female preds, but if you make an extra special effort with a male pred, then *wink* *wink* ;3 but DEFINITELY no sex, i refuse to do sex in rps, just my personal preference :P

of course ill only accept same size oral vore, cause i want to be in someones stomach, making their tummy huge, so no other kinds of vore please, just simple old swallowing me whole into your tummy ;3.

So please do PM me with your pred that you wish to nom me i know I would love to hopefully soon be curled up tightly inside a nice tummy ;3

p.s This post will not disappear until i am of course safely wrapped up tightly in someones tummy ;3 so ill be bumping it when i can ;3

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I will swallow you whole :3
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