Switch seeks partner for non-fatal vore rp's

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Switch seeks partner for non-fatal vore rp's

Postby GastroGuest » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:04 pm

(Before I start, I wanted to mention that I only really use private messages or private roleplay rooms. If that's inconvenient, I apologize.)

Well, I guess the title shares a good portion of what I'm after. I'm equally proficient at being both predator and prey, male or female, and write in pretty good detail. I'll say it now, so that it's clear: I'm only really after safe vore AKA endosoma. For me, vore is about trust and affection, where both are willing to put themselves out of their comfort zones for the sake of the other, and as a result having someone they can protect or snuggle up inside of. Least to say, digestion rarely shows up in my RP's that I've participated in. I would much rather keep someone warm and safe inside me than make them a meal, and would hope for the same from those I get eaten by.

I'm also good at coming up with characters and scenarios pretty quickly, so I can be a good person to brainstorm with. Sex shows up less frequently in my rp's, but I'm perfectly fine with doing it when it seems appropriate.

Oral vore
Endo/safe vore
Pred/prey relationship
Affectionate/protective preds
Same size
Monster girls

Indifferent about:

Hard vore
Fatal digestion
Mean preds
Feral preds

Anyways, if anyone would be interested, feel free to send a message my way!

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