Male canon Pred(s) LF OC female prey

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Male canon Pred(s) LF OC female prey

Postby coop500 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 7:01 am

Current character mood: Lucifer~ But also Geralt and Jonathan :gulp:

I'm mainly looking for gentle, protective vore scenes with me playing one of four potential predators that I will list below. I don't play as OCs much anymore, but you're more than welcome to play an OC. Knowledge of the universe these characters come from isn't too required, I'll help cover the gaps/explain the basics as the RP goes on. In no specific order I can play:

Lucifer Morningstar, from the Fox TV show "Lucifer" (modern default but can do almost any timeline)
He is the Devil, but a rather 'nice' version in which he doesn't want to destroy the world or anything. He's a playful but soft predator, won't take no for an answer but will be as gentle about it as he can as his goal in the end would be to make sure his prey is comfortable with it once inside. He will most certainly enjoy having a warm living little guest in his belly.

Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series (Medieval)
He's what the series calls a Witcher, a mutated man trained to hunt and slay monsters for coin. He's a bit on the gruff, blunt side predator wise, can sometimes crack a joke but generally, he devours others for their own safety rather than his personal gain.

Castiel from the Supernatural TV series (Modern)
He's a somewhat simple angel that sort of fell from Heaven, but to help mankind as the angels wanted to bring the end of the world. he is friends with two modern monster hunters, Sam and Dean Winchester. He is often clueless to most modern media related things or even modern terms, but he always means well at heart and would come off as a gentle but logical predator, likely only devouring for the prey's own good.

Jonathan Reid from the Vampyr video game (1918 London)
Jonathan is a doctor in London, recently back from the war, but became a powerful vampire. He struggles with his two natures of needing blood and healing people with his medical knowledge. Generally, he is kind but slightly still in denial of anything magical and not scientifically proven, despite his vampiric nature. He will make sure everyone is as healthy as he can make them with a decent bedside manner. He'd be a very gentle predator, storing prey safely in his second stomach so he can still drink blood from rats and whatnot without giving his prey an unpleasant bath.

Below I'll list my basic likes/dislikes, you don't have to match them all, just avoid my 'never' section and we'll be fine

Gentle vore
Innocent, helpless prey
non-sexual vore
Unwilling prey turn willing
Child prey
Human (or on equal 'power' level) prey
Half size prey (the prey being roughly half the size of the pred)
Oral vore
Halfling prey (For Geralt verses)
Elven prey (For Geralt verses)
Orphan prey
Prey staying in the stomach for an extended period of time
Gentle teasing and playfulness (platonic)
Neera/mousegirl prey (For Jonathan)
Female Prey

Is fine with:

Micro prey (mouse sized prey)
Willing prey
Unwilling prey
Adult prey
Samesize vore
Non-sexual alt vore types (like bellybutton)
Pred shrinking the prey
Young/weak angel prey (For Lucifer verse)
Catch and release
Perma stays in the stomach


Powerful prey
Prey larger than pred
Prey that talk about eating others (not big on switch characters, switch players are fine though)
Male prey

Fatal vore
Sexual vore
Playing a female predator

Okay now that's out of the way, I'll list a few basic ideas I had for each predator, we don't have to use them, just some ideas I like to get the ball rolling.We can tweak and change and discuss whatever we need to. Questions about anything are welcome as well.


1. The Devil catches an underage customer in his nightclub and a 'punishment' is soon to follow. (It could be a child or someone just barely under.)

2. Lucifer is approached by someone in need of a favor. (Could be a protection favor or a rescue, the person asking him to find/save someone)

3. Lucifer finds himself in a church, it might be a tad too tempting to not softly tease one of the religious folk. (It could be a nun or church goer)


1. While traveling through a snowstorm, the Witcher happens across someone huddled in the storm, cold and alone without a fire. (Prey can be a human, elf or halfling.)

2. While meditating either in a town/village or in the wilderness, a tiny person disturbs him for something. (Could be for cold, protection or trying to steal from him.)

3. After clearing out a den of monsters, Geralt happens across a person the monsters have kept alive for whatever purpose.


1. While the Winchesters are off on a simple hunt, Castiel finds a borrower in the hotel they are staying at. ("borrower' is a loose term here and can be any small person)

2. Dean calls Castiel to help them with a child they found while on a hunt that is being hunted by the monster they're here for and want the angel to protect them. (Child is preferably human but doesn't have to be, just keep in mind no super powerful prey.)

3. Someone in trouble prays to Castiel for help after overhearing the Winchesters doing the same. (This one is very loose to help offset the other two which is somewhat narrow.)


1. While lurking the streets of London and feeding upon rats, he could happen across a tiny person, maybe mistake them as a rat at first but realizes they're not before anything bad happens.

2. An injured human needing surgery steps into the hospital Jonathan is working at and he's the only one around to perform it. After it's done he gives his patient a soft and warm 'bed' to recover in due to lack of empty beds in the hospital.

3. Jonathan finds another vampire, like him, cornering a human, about to strike and decides to step in and try to save this person from a unsavory fate.

I do have a discord, I can RP either over that or PMs here, I'm okay with either. My discord is coop500~#5556
If I don't reply in a few days, feel free to poke me, but please understand sometimes IRL gets in the way.
If I ever do something in a roleplay you're uncomfortable with, please speak up and I can correct it.

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