Female prey looking for Male canon preds for wholesome vore

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Female prey looking for Male canon preds for wholesome vore

Postby coop500 » Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:32 am

Hello all! Totally revamping this thread.

Extreme longshot here, but I'm looking to play a little prey for a canon character predator (of course male).

I only do safe, soft, oral vore with no sex or anything like that, as my character is a child (usually 7 years old), she just wants a friend and a safe tum to curl up in. I can do any size difference, except for small pred/big prey. Lilly could be a borrower in the pred's home, or they stumble across her in the forest/city. Her max height is around 3'5", but as a borrower she will probably be about 3". Most of the time she is willing once introduced to the concept, but might be a little nervous at first if trust hasn't been established.

I loveeee a gentle surprise nom~ It's not required, but the predator just gently slurping the prey up without warning, and being so soft about it that the prey isn't too scared is precious to me. Of course this depends on the story and direction, generally I try to help with the vore fitting in so it's not forced/random.

I will not be overly picky on exact characterization or entire familiarization, of course closer the better, but we're all human and no human is perfect.

Canon preds I am interested in: Brackets is title of media they are from.
Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer)
Jonathan Reid (Vampyr)
Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher, mostly the games but TV show is fine too)
Vincent Keller (CW's Beauty and the Beast) <--- Especially in a strong mood for him~
Zane Flynt (Borderlands 3)
Deacon St. John (Days Gone)
Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural)
Castiel (Supernatural)
Benny (Supernatural)

Not currently accepting OC/Self insert preds, maybe another time.

I am okay with both short term, or longterm (even perma) endo, just no digestion.

My discord is: Wholesome Vore Writer (Coop)#5556 and I mostly RP there, but I can still totally RP here instead if you rather! Feel free to ask questions or whatnot, I am a open book.

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