Looking for a dm for solo campaign

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Looking for a dm for solo campaign

Postby MrM945 » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:58 am

Hi ! I’m looking for an experienced dnd dm ( either 5E or monster hearts ) who would be interested in doing a solo campaign for me. I usually use discord so just pm me if your interested and we can discuss details further. I’m open to almost everything expect for underage , scat , watersports that sort of thing. Down below are my main likes and such their a little outdated so feel free to ask

Update 20 January. Currently looking for someone to RP an anthro along these lines https://www.google.co.uk/imgres?
imgurl=https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/5a/69/19/5a6919028a7cdf76fa47c1985f53572f.jpg&imgrefurl=https://www.pinterest.com/macphilip/blacksad/&h=364&w=236&tbnid=i481XccQx6u_aM:&docid=nB-Q2HEnWmYmhM&hl=en-gb&ei=aPOfVrSyEImv-QGejZ7ABA&tbm=isch&client=safari&ved=0ahUKEwi0hue-ornKAhWJVz4KHZ6GB0gQMwiJASheMF4 ( face wise and body wise no fur ) also I'm looking for someone to do a cheerleader pred RP with since there's absolutely no content of cheerleader pred here

Update 25 November. I want to try a RP with an anthro bbw pig girl, got a view ideas lined up so if anyone wants to just pm me and we can talk ^^

update 28 October . I wanna try out a few ideas. One is a RP with rouge the bat as pred and one is with a fairy , feel free to contact me if a thing on here interests you :D

upade 12 September, as you can tell by the title I really reeeeeeaaaallly craving an RP with Anne Marie from tdi and tf2 femscout. Also I'm also wanting to try out a lollipop chainsaw RP with Juliet as a pred cause she been prey far too many times

Update ! I'm currently looking for someone to do a tf2 RP with femscout as the pred and someone to do a RP with a furry cowgirl( bbw preferved)

Currently looking for female pred or male pred, I'm just getting a little bored with being the pred all the time. So pm me if your interested and we ca plot ! A plot I really want to try out is a voracious cheerleader wanting the local nerd girl/boy to be her lover/belly pet[list=][/list]

Im a switch so I can do either pred or prey not really bothered if your male for female I'm just looking to have some fun ^^

Hi ! Just joined this site been stalking it for god knows how long so yeah I'm looking for an rp partner mainly non fatel vore ,some anal navel and soft vore, I'm a dude Just dropping that there. I fairly flexible with who I play either boy or girl, pred or prey I don't mind :-D I mainly RP through pm and on Skype so message me if your interested in both !

Here are some possible ideas we can try out

(( mother vore I.e mother cheating on husband for younger man and eating him making him her sex toy or cheating on daughters boyfriend.))

I'm willing to do an rp with cartoon women I.e jessica rabbit, Debbie turnbull, any total drama island girl but I never watched to show myself, mrs turner , dexters mom and my favourite pred courtney babcock( btw she legal age when it comes to rp ) practical anyone hell even disney princesses as long as they legal or any other cartoon girl you want to get nommed by)

(I'm looking for someone to try out a tf2 vore rp with, you know like either a Femscout or some other fem classes decide to make a meal out of one another or they vore someone they care about, I can also work with the male classes too well scout mostly. Also I always wanted to try being prey to anthro hippo girl being in that big belly would be a lot of fun ^^.)

But I do have some likes and dislikes

Here what I like

Same size
Non fatel( but if they can reform that's okay)
Long rps( I hate I repeat, I HATE very short replys I love however long rps with story and depth)
Character development
Some furries( I.e like anthro hippos, croc girls, cows girls you get the idea)
Belly worship
Face sitting
Rebellious/spunky prey
Loving pred/prey relationships
Fat preds

What I don't like
Predator being cruel ( can work with this )
Incest( only blood relation I.e by marriage is okay) ( Is up for discussion just pm me your idea)
Hard vore

So,yeah if you want to plot something just message me ^^

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