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Switch looking for other switches

Postby nicktaken » Sat Nov 27, 2021 10:27 am

Hello and thank you for checking out my topic!

I've been playing for years now, and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to most things. I prefer to play via Discord (will provide if we click) or forum posts. Willing to look into others, but no promises. I live in UTC+3 and have no fixed schedule. I can generally do a post a day, more if we're online at the same time. I prefer long-term RPs, and may be interested in a series of shorter semi-connected ones. I play in third person and prefer my partner to do the same.

I am looking for players who are interested in more involved writing: decent grammar, detailed posts, a proper (if simple) story. Communication is important so we can write a story we both enjoy. Regularity is kind of important.
When you contact me, provide information on your own preferences (links are okay) or at least tell me what caught your interest. I am not very demanding on "skill" but I loathe low effort.

I tried to keep my preferences in a conscise list-like format. The keywords to look out for are: love (strongly positive), like (positive), enjoy (neutral), picky (neutral but conditional), dislike (negative), hate (strongly negative).
IMPORTANT: The list below is relevant to sexual/kinky scenes. I don't mind any elements appearing for story's sake.
Spoiler: show
Setting. I love original (non-derivative) settings. I dislike fandom settings. I love fantasy and sci-fantasy themes. I like urban fantasy and sci-punk themes. I enjoy light fantasy themes. I dislike realistic settings.
Drive. I love story and character driven RP. A simple story underlining the events of the RP is a must for me. I hate purely kink-driven RPs. I love romance sub-plots.
Scale. I love long-term RPs. I like series of scenes with shared characters/world. I dislike single-scene RPs. I hate grab'n'gulps. I like both stories that focus on characters' personal issues and ones that involve them in larger events.
Writing. I love detail, exact length is less of a factor as that varies with scene. I hate short, one or two line replies. I love third person, past tense writing. I hate first person, present tense, declared action type of writing.

Race. I love human-like races (elves, catgirls etc, or humans themselves). I love mythical creatures that have or can shapeshift into a human-like form (especially dragons, demons, angels). I am picky with anthro and part-human characters (centaur, naga etc). I dislike non-humanoid characters. I hate non-sentient characters.
Gender. I love female, male and herm characters (female body, both sets of genitals). I enjoy asexual characters (e.g. slimes). I dislike any other mixed genders types. I love H/M and F/M kinky interactions, I like H/F, I enjoy H/H and F/F, I dislike M/M.
Roles. I love F and H pred, I enjoy M pred. I like any prey equally when I play pred, but I prefer to be M prey myself.
Anatomy. I love semi-realistic, traditionally attractive characters. I enjoy realistic characters. I dislike hyper anatomy (oversized breasts, penises etc) and excessively thin or muscular characters. I hate fat characters.
Age. I love teenage (15+ in human equivalent) and young adult characters. I like adult characters. I dislike older or younger characters.

Types. I love oral, cock, anal (less with M pred). I like unbirth (cum digestion), tail, soul (alongside another type). I enjoy absorption. I dislike other types. I hate hard vore. I like both unwilling and willing vore (where it makes sense).
Purpose. I love vore that is sexually or mentally gratifying for the pred. I love vore as a form of intimacy. I like utilitarian vore (growing in power, disposing of evidence - setting dependent). I dislike vore purely for food.
Digestion. I love vore that ends in digestion by default. I like vore that is made safe through the efforts of the pred and/or prey. I like reformation for lead characters. I dislike safe vore. I hate easy reformation. I like pleasant or painless soft digestion. I enjoy implied or non-detailed realistic digestion. I hate detailed realistic digestion. I love digestion that takes a few hours. I like digestion that is slower or faster.
Disposal. I love disposal in most forms: scat, cum, clean bones, colored goo, any combination of the above. I enjoy belongings disposal and implied disposal. I dislike a total lack of disposal. I dislike vomit disposal.
Size. I love same size and moderate size difference, for vore and outside of it. I dislike micro/macro. I hate hyper micro/macro. I dislike when the pred is smaller than prey. I like "hammer space" (bigger on the inside). I dislike absurd stretching from vore (and hate it otherwise).
Other. I like tongue and saliva play. I like burps and farts in context of vore. I like belly play and digestion noises. I like minor or temporary weight gain. I dislike significant weight gain. I like clean or slightly dirty vore (slime and such). I am picky about realistically dirty anal (or other) vore. I hate settings where vore is treated casually.

Sex. I love sexual content to accompany vore (which is also sexual for me). Normal, anal, oral - love it. Perhaps more unorthodox methods (tailmaw, slimes etc).
Domination. I love teasing, seduction, face sitting, smothering, size play, body worship, this sort of thing. I like light bondage, pretend dubcon. I dislike bullying, pain, BDSM.
Transformation. I like temporary size and gender transformations for characters. I am picky about temporary object transformation. I dislike permanent transformations.
Incest. I dislike this in vore context and hate it in all others.
Violence. I dislike violence and pain in sexual context. I hate torture and gore in sexual context. I am perfectly fine with these being outside of sexual context.
Dirt. Bad hygiene, excessive musk, sweat, vomit, scat play etc - I hate all of these in sexual context. May make exceptions for some in vore context (see above).

I have some simple settings in mind to RP in. Exact details on all of them are up for discussion.
Spoiler: show
Of gods and men - a mythology/superhero inspired setting.
The world's living creatures are split into four groups. Mortals are normal people. Gods are deities who do not engage with the world directly, but act behind the scenes. Then there are 'heroes' (both good and evil), with superhuman abilities taken on as aspects. Finally there are demigods, who are for all intents and purposes a higher class of heroes (and ascend beyond aging). The main ways to gain power and become a hero (or grow stronger) would be to: perform feats of skill and obtain appropriate aspects, be granted a boon by a god, or to devour other heroes. Add both good and evil gods to the mix and you get a chaotic mess, which is why certain rules regarding treatment of mortals exist. Breaking these rules makes one a heretic, an enemy to both good and evil heroes.

Nameless sci-fantasy setting - a simple sci-fantasy setting.

The entire known galaxy is under Federation authority, with no other nation-like force among the stars. There are utopian "core worlds", there are less developed but still futuristic colony worlds, which can range from being pretty neat to quite dystopian, and then a lot of "outer worlds" that, while officially inducted into the federation, weren't really uplifted. And of course, still plenty of "wild worlds" that hadn't previously been visited by authorities. Long-distance space travel is facilitated by jump gates and jump drives aboard large ships, a technology curated by a less numerous but most advanced species in the galaxy. Shorter-range space travel is possible with warp drives present on most ships.

Humans are the dominant species in the galaxy. Fantasy races exist as 'meta-human' species, often superior to humans physically or otherwise. Magic exists in typical fantasy fashion, though some opt to call it psychic powers, and most humans need special amplifiers to actually do anything with it. Cybernetic implants are readily available, though not exactly cheap. "Monsters" also exist on various planets, and even out in space. Gods, spirits and other supernatural entities exist, though they rarely leave the "spirit world".

Dimensional crossroads - a multiverse fantasy setting.

The multiverse consists of many worlds, and in those worlds, some creatures are born as "planeswalkers" who can open portals between worlds. There also exists an artificial hub world created by planeswalkers where many of them end up living, alongside whatever people they may have dragged along. At the center of this world is a large city, the only proper settlement there, effectively ruled by multiple competing factions. You can think of this as the city being ruled by several mafia families, but without an established government to balance them out. There are, of course, also independent players and people who don't want to take sides regardless.

I also have some simple ideas to kick off a RP. Below are some suggestions. Note that any parts of the ideas and settings can be mixed together if you want.
Spoiler: show
Survival game
A very simple premise that quickly gets to the action. From plain gladiatorial arena setups to competition for the princess' hand in marriage to cruel games for the entertainment of cosmic powers. Easy to get into and quite flexible. The downside is potentially lacking direction or longevity, which are both things I strongly prefer to be present.

Dungeon crawling
A somewhat RPG-like scenario that takes an adventuring party through classic RPG-like adventures, whether they take place in one mystical dungeon, a variety of such or not dungeons at all. The caveat here is that it would either require multiple players or for each to control more than one character. On the plus side (this applies only to switch players) we can both double up and play both pred and prey for each other at the same time.
I have a loose scenario for this in mind that would see the protagonist party being the only ones able to resurrect (at least reliably), leading through quite a few misadventures as they travel the world (or perhaps even multiple worlds).
We can play this scenario with or without dice (I currently have a simple system in the works).

Stuck together
Another collection of very simple ideas. I really like when two characters that don't get along initially are forced to work together due to circumstances and gradually grow closer. This would be more slice of life than the other ideas. My three favored subtypes for this are: master and slave (or any position of subservience that the character cannot simply leave), arranged marriage, involved in some major incident.

Roadside inn
This is a bit of an experimental idea. The RP would focus on a mystical inn and events that transpire in relation to it. Apart from the owner, I imagine there would also be between 3 and 6 live-in employees. Something fantasy-ish would work best for the setting, perhaps as a crossroads between different worlds, which would open up more possibilities. The RP could focus on the whole staff of the inn, with involvement of visitors who come and go; on a couple of characters, with the rest of the staff and visitors being more "extra"; or try to treat everyone equally and be more of a collection of small interconnected RPs than a single longer one.

Galactic bounty hunter
One of the my more specific ideas, set in my sci-fantasy world. Your character would be a F/H pred in this and the titular bounty hunter, while mine (preferably M) is one of their marks. The story starts with them catching my character and finding out they're not so easily disposed of (reformation in a world where it generally doesn't happen). Due to curiosity and some misunderstandings, the bounty hunter becomes involved in the plot that resulted in my character's immortality. Adventure and lewds ensue!

Sorcerer's legacy
One of my more specific ideas, set in a fantasy world. My character (preferably M) is a young sorcerer collecting artifacts of the past. The story starts with them finding a magic "McGuffin" - and discovering your character bound to it as a guardian and/or prisoner. Your character would be a F/H pred of some mythical species. Interested in breaking said bond, your character would cooperate with mine and we'd go from there. A major plot point would revolve around powers that be wishing to take the "McGuffin" for themselves.

Space pirates
A slightly more specific idea set in my sci-fantasy world. The RP would revolve around a crew of Robin Hood style pirates (though with most of the crew likely being background characters), and I would use my 'galactic idol' character for this. They would be the face of the pirates, but not the captain. It is a bit of a silly premise (celebrity criminal) but I think it can actually logically work on the scale of a space adventure, since information would be extremely hard to control on such a scale and you can hide pretty much anywhere in space.

Demon and angel
Yep, I know, very cliche. The story I want out of this is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from the title. And yes, I'd like my partner to play a F/H pred while I play a M character for this. To hopefully make this a little more interesting, I have a few suggestions for the premise. One, a modern urban fantasy where both demons and angels are trying to discreetly (or not so much) steer politics in their favor, and our characters are caught in the crossfire, so to speak. Two, something closer to classic fantasy but with sci-fi elements, with demons being a native race and angels highly advanced aliens, and our characters getting caught in a conspiracy to redraw national borders. Three, set in my sci-fantasy world, a similar premise to the previous but angels mean to induct the planet that is home to demons into the galactic society, and the RP is more character-driven.

P.S. Yes, my more specific ideas are biased toward me playing M prey. It's because it's much easier to find RPs as a F pred, so I get through those quickly.

I don't use pre-defined characters, per se. However, I did write down a few concepts on F-list, with 'visual aid' as a bonus.

If any of this sounds interesting, PM me and we can work out the details.

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