Any Meals for the Equine? (Literate Pred Here)

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Any Meals for the Equine? (Literate Pred Here)

Postby BigBellyVoreLuver » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:01 pm

Status as of July 11th
I decided to change the slots idea to just a simple open or closed to say if I am open for rp.

RP Open Status: Open for now !

I am an equine-themed pred mainly and very literate roleplayer. I will try my best to reply, but I may not be able to due to me being busy or having writer's block. I prefer to roleplay through (in order of most preferred) Discord, PM, the Chatroom or, but I can be convinced to roleplay somewhere else if you ask. If you do PM me, rename the message title if you can to make sure that my messages are not full of "Re: Any Meals for the Equine yaddah yaddah yaddah." And please share your rp idea if you have one because that will make me more inclined to rp with you. Also make it clear if you want a short term or long term rp. Hope to devo- I mean speak with you soon! :gulp:

See here for more details:
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