Various F/M vore ideas

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Various F/M vore ideas

Postby RyanKrakinski » Mon Oct 22, 2018 2:05 pm

-I date a Muslim woman. Basically, older than me, maybe potbellied or pretty fat.

-I’m initially not the biggest fan of my new big-bellied stepmother, especially when I have to spend an entire year with her. In a way, even though she’s very strict and considers me a "heavy burden" (including the vore parts) on her, we sorta bond and become sexual partners.

-I try my best to impress my pregnant-looking crush, but all my compliments sound incredibly racist. Eventually, we do hook up, but it doesn’t end well.

-I’m finally able to solve the disappearance of 13 nuns, but the unexpected pred has some grotesque and sexy vore plans for me.

-I end up in an arranged marriage with an ugly woman, resulting in obvious vore, belly-stuffing, and more. Over time, she becomes increasingly fatter, rapidly aging, and uglier.

Feel free to add your own stuff to these RPs.

Oh, if you don’t have any OCs or designs for preds, here’s a gallery of your choosing:

NOTE: Although I prefer to be prey, I could try out being the pred as well. I just don't do it often because I fear being insulted.

Here's some stuff that I'm into...
-Vore: Obviously. Soft, hard, oral, anal, safe, fatal, etc. I personally prefer oral soft vore with fatal digestive results, but I'm fine with other parts.
-Bellies: This is important. I always prefer same-size vore, or at least a taller pred. Not like micro or macro, though. I really like the size of a big belly. Swollen, pregnant-like... Yummy! By the way, I can do any other types of vore in case you request it, such as hard, anal, etc.
-Gas: Belching and farting, yes. I love that stuff, but it's worth noting that I don't want it constantly. That is, I don't want it all over my character's face at all. You know, that kind of stuff.
-Disposal: Scat, exactly. However, I like it after the prey has been digested. I don't want scatplay, though. That really turns me off, so don't expect my character to eat shit or play with it or whatever.
-Teleiophilia: Sexual attraction towards adults. I often prefer my character to be eaten by adult women, usually after that character has intercourse with then.
-Xenophilia: Preds from different parts of the world are always attractive to me, especially the accents, no matter how poor their English may be. I actually get offensive when it comes to them (stereotypes, appearance, and how they smell), but that's basically my way of expressing love for them.
-Breath: I already like bad smells, such as the gas fetish mentioned above. However, bad breath is also great. Morning breath, garlic breath, etc. It just helps display being rude, and I enjoy rude preds, especially if they're female.
-Smoking: Something about preds having a cigarette is just arousing to me.

Overall, these can be offensive to some people, and I understand that. But everyone is allowed to have their own kinks, and as long as you're happy, I'm happy. Just PM me if you're curious.

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