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Vore RP

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2021 8:04 am
by RyanKrakinski
DISCLAIMER: I do not have Discord. So please stop asking me if I can talk there. I also don’t play female prey.

So I’ve gotten interested in older preds lately. Like, 65 and older. Especially the Asian ones. These women are what we know as GILFs. And I would personally very much like to be fucked and eaten by one. (Fuck, I’d love to feel her wrinkly boobs, butt, and belly...)


I also like the possibility of getting raped and eaten by a big bad wolf. Especially if he’s a bulky type of guy. Or female. Doesn’t matter. There’s also the idea of getting raped and eaten by Apollo, the British cheetah from Cheetahmen (Yes, THAT Cheetahmen for all you AVGN and/or Action 52 nerds).

There’s also the possibility of me getting eaten by one of my waifus. For example, the Other Mother from Coraline, Mai from Avatar, Juri from Street Fighter, Hinata from Naruto, Noodle from Gorillaz, pretty much any Sonic girl (ESPECIALLY Sonia, Amy, Rouge, Sticks, Tikal, and Blaze), etc. I also like ancient Egyptian women and Steven Universe girls.

Yandere preds? Yes! I wanna be stalked and mentally violated by Himiko Toga. Being stalked my actors dressed as clowns/monsters/whatever at an amusement park? Also good!

Another RP idea of mine concerns life. Be warned that there’s potential loli material, but only if you want it to be. Starting from childhood, a boy meets a pred who occasionally bullies him. There are times where she eats him, but is forced to cough him back up. She also eats other people and demands that he rub her belly. Of course, as they grow older, she becomes less hostile. The two eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend. They later get married. It’s like a love story.

And I could I forget emo preds? God, I would love to be led to the back of the mall where an emo boy works, whereupon he fucks my brains out. And then he eats me alive, of course. Whether or not he digests me or keeps me in there alive for a really long time is up to you. Alternatively, fat goth girls also work, especially if they’re substitute teachers.

Two ideal preds:

PM me if you’re interested. We can come up with a plot and character (unless you already have an OC in mind).

Here's some stuff that I'm into...
-Vore: Obviously. Soft, hard, oral, anal, safe, fatal, etc. I personally prefer oral soft vore with fatal digestive results, but I'm fine with other parts.
-Bellies: This is important. I always prefer same-size vore, or at least a taller pred. Not like micro or macro, though. I really like the size of a big belly. Swollen, pregnant-like... Yummy! By the way, I can do any other types of vore in case you request it, such as hard, anal, etc.
-Gas: Belching and farting, yes. I love that stuff, but it's worth noting that I don't want it constantly. That is, I don't want it all over my character's face at all. You know, that kind of stuff.
-Disposal: Scat, exactly. However, I like it after the prey has been digested. I don't want scatplay, though. That really turns me off, so don't expect my character to eat shit or play with it or whatever.
-Xenophilia/raceplay: Preds from different parts of the world are always attractive to me, especially the accents, no matter how poor their English may be. I actually get offensive when it comes to them (stereotypes, appearance, and how they smell), but that's basically my way of expressing love for them.
-Breath: I already like bad smells, such as the gas fetish mentioned above. However, bad breath is also great. Morning breath, garlic breath, etc. It just helps display being rude, and I enjoy rude preds, especially if they're female.
-Smoking: Something about preds having a cigarette is just arousing to me.