Male prey looking to end up in a female belly.

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Male prey looking to end up in a female belly.

Postby NisseHult » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:16 pm

So, I'm a male prey, looking for a female pred. Due to my schedule with work and studies I prefer to RP here over private messages.

Things I like:
- Being prey
- Soft vore
- Human(oid) characters
- MILF/cougar preds (I have a very soft spot for this!)
- Same size
- Micro/macro
- Dominant and cruel preds (although some tenderness isn't too bad from time to time)
- Teasing
- Digestion
- Gassy preds
- Scat (both pre- and post-vore, I for instance love to watch the pred getting rid of her previous meals!)
- OV
- AV
- Sex

OK with:
- Hard vore
- Under-aged vore
- UB

- Switching
- CV

I would also like to mention that it's way out of my comfort zone to play with other guys, even if they play female characters. Not my cup of tea at all and I won't compromise on this.

Interested? Great, feel free to send a message! Not interested? No problem, just have a nice day, then!

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