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Bunny girl prey seeks cruel dom preds~

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2023 2:50 pm
by Elysionskii
My name is Ellie, and I am back from a much needed hiatus. I am feeling better nowadays, and I am finding myself wanting to play again! I play as male, female, and femboy prey almost exclusively. In a rare dom mood I can really get wild, though. We’ll see what you get.

Anyway, I’m changing up my list a little, but first I’ll tell you some specific prompts I am looking for.
1. A shuttle containing a lost civilization crosses the galaxy in a desperate quest to find a planet that is habitable. This scenario has two outcomes. A: The shuttle is runnning dangerously low on fuel, and the AI makes the only choice: to land and settle on a hostile planet teeming with predatory wildlife. Various explorers travel away from the wreckage in solo search parties to conserve numbers, but….One by one the gps coordinates of explorers go dark. Nobody inked why, but….The wild life is very aggressive.
2. The shuttle is struck by debris and the ship auto seals itself. Miraculously, the damage to the ship isn’t terrible. The exploration can continue, but not without hiccups. The ship sensors and repair droids were unable to detect it, but something has snuck aboard….
3. A girl-crazy predator is on the prowl and happens upon a really convincing femboy, and they are tricked. The pred is outraged that the femboy isn’t a true woman, and takes this out on the femboy quite mercilessly.
4. In the Amazon, there is a long lost village of bunny girls very much resembling final fantasy Viera. The village is protected by ancient magic, but every so often, the bunny girls must complete a dangerous pilgrimage through the Amazon Rain Forest to receive enlightenment. In the rain forest, there are many predators that focus on breeding and eating. The tribe of Bunny girls has a Ritual connected with the pilgrimage that says that they must accept any path on the way to enlightenment. Many do not return.
5. The word has been overpopulated. In this version of world history, things developed in such a way where….Quite simply, there are too many girls. Predators of all types are allowed to engage in what is called “Open Season.” More details can be discussed!
6. Ever play dead by daylight? If you haven’t, the premise is simple(and hot!). There is an ancient and powerful entity that lives off the fear and suffering of humans. It has vast influence and power and can draw anyone into its web of torment. It hunts predators and monsters to take part in a trial of sorts where the killer must attempt to sacrifice 4 survivors to the entity who are trying to escape. Sounds fun, right? Except in this world, the entity has a serious obsession with vore. This is a new idea I’ve been thinking of, and I think it could be fun! Could be multi prey or single scenarios.

These are just a few prompts that are exciting to me now, but I am open to other ideas!

Also, I usually play characters made from scratch, but I wouldn't mind playing as someone specific for you, provided you don't mind how I play that character.

I'm also willing to do other roleplays if you don't just want to play vore, so keep that in mind if you'd like to be a longish-term friend and player. Anyway, I'm going to list a few things below for the sake of simplicity, but these are things I enjoy, and would like to see in plays:

Me as a female or femboy prey,
Being unwilling,
Being oral vored,
Bondage, (light, or heavy.)
Being tickled,
Being downtalked,
Being treated as food,
Being treated as a plaything,
Being disrespected,
Being touched, groped, or squeezed,
Being licked or savoured,
Being tricked, manipulated, drugged, or otherwise not of sound mind.
Being hypnotized,
Being teased, tortured, and made fun of,
Being owned,
Being romanced,
Being manipulated

Kinks: Kidnapping, dubcon, non con, light bdsm, spanking, tickling, licking, biting, teasing, breeding, hypnosis, bent over positions, being forced to ride partner, being coiled or tied up, being brutally fucked or forced to kiss, suck, and lick. Being treated as food, or an object. Being forced to become a femboy. Ageplay, etc etc!

If I didn’t list it, ask!

So, all of that is optional when I'm prey, and I'd love to use any number of those ideas plus whatever you would like to try. I may not be willing to try the suggestion, but I will most certainly hear it out regardless. Additionally, I'll leave a short list of preds that I would particularly like to see.

Dragons, (small or big)
Non-humans or non-humanoid partners*

If I haven't listed it, I may be unwilling to try it, but please suggest it anyway. I hope that you've found this post interesting, and if you have any questions for me I would love to answer them!

Also, I'm now going to be accepting a few requests to play predators.

Happy hunting~