Male pred seeks girls, futas or softer boys.

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Male pred seeks girls, futas or softer boys.

Postby replicatkd » Sat Jul 30, 2022 9:02 pm

I am into OOC vore teasing and rp. I like easy, one-shot RPs and I also like large/continuous rps. I like safe vore and fatal vore. I like reformation and permanent endo too. As well as "dirty" stuff or violent stuff.

I am fine with no sex but I write vore in a licky, lewd, drooly way though. The only real "dislike" I have is strong-looking guys as prey. I usually write 1-3 paragraphs.

I play as humans, demi-humans and anthros. I often play hunks, average humans or fat-assed/doughy boys. I am also interested in anime/videogame settings.

I sometimes play in Second Life. Or in MnfClub. We could try some online vore mods or online porn games that you want to try out or need two players to work.

We can also talk about games or anime or normal topics. Or if you have stuff going through your mind or want a friend/someone to rant on. I actually have watched anime together with discord share screen with people here.

I am if fine if our rps or talks are just things like "would you eat me if you could..." and stuff like that.

I can also try to cater to stange/rare ideas you had in mind as well.

I am -usually- around even if my seeking thread is not up.

Specific ideas I want to try (Warning: I have no filters)
Spoiler: show

1)A contract of sorts has to be fulfilled. I saved the town/kingdom/ship so there is contract that you have to digest in my gut, be my fat for a while or the like. Could be like your friend or family sold you out or a willing volunteer. I will give your family money if you become my snack. Basically any idea with a contract. Maybe you had a brand on your body since forever that marked you as snack.

2)"I got you" theme. For example: you are a very well-liked and promising worker/student/mage/pred and everyone is looking forward to your accomplishments. But then you have fling/run-in with me at the university/space ship and either willingly or unwillingly found yourself in my belly. Your ID says you have been digested or claimed and that's how that goes and I send your remains/bulge pic to your fellows as a trophy, thanking them.

3)Some kind of cuckolding element. Like a prey already has a partner but their kink for vore is too great and worth the risk. A family went camping, visited an amusement park or something like that and they don't know that their loved one preferred to stew in a pred's body until they see their remains or changes in their social profile. Digesting a son unknowingly in front of parents in a pool.

4)A multi-prey/collection theme. I attack someone's ship/dormitory/zoo/farm/pool. Stalk the people in attack on Titan, fairy tail, monster musume or any other show. Wiping out a tribe of elves or amazons. Vore brothel/slave market/restaurant for rich people and I order a good helping. "Vore tinder" or casual vore world like Saint Miluena vore academy. Or a vore world where everyone is waaaaay into vore. A vore fighting ring?

5)You stole something or have been born with something important inside your body. A gem/key/power boost or whatever. And the way to take it back is to digest you. If it can't be retrieved then you get punished by being sentient fat or permanently endo'd.

6)Some dark themes. A new person wants to be a pred or pass a test or join my sports/sci fi/ fantasy team and I teach them but they don't learn quick enough so they become my prey instead. You don't want to come out as [insert stuff here] so I take care of that problem. You were once a famous warrior but ever after missing an arm or eye I have targeted you or take advantage of how I can beat you now and bully you with safe vore or digest you.

7)Big prey. For example eating a centauress co-worker, there is a cow-girl that is too big and she needs to be out, the big lamia teacher. Could be even macro. A conjoined prey?

8 )Another weird one. Sentient feral prey with a barrier or no barrier of communication served in a restaurant. Or found in the wild. Most preferably female horse, dragon, female snake and similar to that. Basically non-humanoid prey.

9)Other overly specific ideas include. Stuff like eating a wheel-chair bound prey and I am uncaring pred. Or something like prey is too damaged or scarred from X and being eaten pleasurably seems better.

10)If you like one shots I think I have some in mind. Like teacher digesting you before or during p.e. class, camping, getting lost and you lose a raffle as to who is prey for who. Friends finally letting inhibitions out. Eating prey along real food. Maybe I got more.


1)Feminization. It can be willing or not. Like asking a friend to help them become more feminine. Breeding or mpreg possible too. Maybe the world has no women or someone wanted to take a tough girl into a soft girl.

2)Interrogation through sex, all the way through sex, pregnancy, drowning in cum or piss, drowned in stomach juices and then spat out. I guess I could be the guard or owner of a prison/war prisoner? Snuff and such is fine too.

3)Someway or another. You become encased in latex or plastic suit that betrays how your body really looks like. For example: a sex doll and you ask for help(or not) and I don't believe you so I use you anyways. Your mind gets sent into gummy-boy or gummy-girl body or any kind of food. I don't believe you either and eat you. Can also be another species and get enslaved. A robot body too.

4)Maybe something that specializes around one kink. Cock transformation, absorbed into my balls and only your face remains. Or like breeding, sadism, romance, toilet stuff, etc. Like as punishment you have to be my toilet, towel and seat or whatever. Ending as a permanent all the way through cocksleeve.

Likes and dislikes:
Spoiler: show
--Things I LOVE:
Multiple prey/harem
Exotic prey. Like robots, muscly girls, purple skin colors, lamias, cunt-boys, etc.
Anthro prey. Monstergirl prey. Pregnant prey. Underage prey. Bigger or giant prey.
Cock transformation
Fat bellies or with a very lewd prey outline
Alternative digestion where the prey gets spat out as a gooey person or becomes a statue.
Smothering with cock, ball or mating press.
Safe full tour
Prey stuffed inside the pred's underwear
The pred's skin is so stretchy that the prey can still somehow suck the pred's cock while in the belly.
Prey ends up as a tattoo on the pred.
Pred-like prey
Prey that have prey inside of them.
Romance/softer rps

-Things I like:
Absorption - Merging into part of the body. Like turning someone into your arm, belly, balls, etc.
Tail vore - Cooking Vore - Sheath vore - Hard vore - Soul vore
Hyper Bodyparts
Multiple pairs of breasts or cocks
Bladder vore
Size differences. (Pred or prey being like twice the size)
Permanent endo
RPs based on video games, anime, tv shows, etc.
Snuff or "beating up someone" scenes.
Penis all the way through
Nipple fucking
Egg laying
10-foot long tongues
Post-digestion awareness
Transgender prey
Lactating prey
Themes like racism, misogyny, sissyfication and species-im. Hero worship or loving/appreciation themes.
Males with boobs
Male Preg
Cuckolding, sharing or cheating
Gender bend. (Such as femboy Samus)
Orientation play (Lesbian prey and straight male prey would be the most relevant)
RL references for prey are fine.

--The things I dislike are:
Non-sentient prey
Strong men/hunks as prey.

Kinks for things besides vore:
Spoiler: show
Non-vore endings like:
Transformed into a statue, ending up a sex addicted slave, made into a painting, a weapon, onahole, being permanently stuck on a cock, drowned in a cum tank, made into toilet, stuck inside a poop, etc.

I like quirky things:
Like cock vore prey ending up as cum-girls.
Prey treated like bubble gum.
Chest kisses
Neck nuzzling/kissing
Gaping after sex
Cumming on hair
Leaking pre on others
Tribal, sci fi, post apocalyptic settings, etc.

The pred puts his dick in the prey then turns her into his foreskin. Or covers her with it.
Foreskin TF
Testicle TF.
Pred collects prey in diaries, shit jars, condom room, etc.

Pubic hair rubbing on face or being left on body.
Lots of pre, sweat, scent, etc.
Rimming/sniffing/sweat focused rps

Tying the prey up around the pred's body. Like with a harness and everything.
I am fine with the rp involving gore, snuff, executions or having a more "stinky" and dirty approach.

Pred swallows two preys or more at the same time in the mouth.
Pred grows or becomes more powerful/more good-looking through vore.
Pred cleans out a whole group, a whole place, a whole species, etc.

Pred actually collects the prey in some sort of "hammerspace" or "dreamscape" stomach. Could be like a fleshwall or like a world he can put in and pick people out from.

Prey is swallowed butt first or while curled up.
Full nelson sex position

Permavore. Or tempvore.
OOC and roleplayer-to-roleplayer dirty talk, vore insinuations, and RPs. Breaking the fourth wall.

Meals in my body/Friends:
Spoiler: show
(Feel free to ask me if you want me to add you here.)

Status:Safe and protected
Appearance:If not outside then she looks like a female bulge with her butt pointing outwards while trapped and sloshed inside by my masculine frame. Her much petite frame claimed and sloshed by me.
Location:In my hungry stomach or greedy shaft. Getting thoroughly tasted and grabbed. She comes out from time to time. Not often though~
--DiAnna. Met the skilled, adorable and tasty DiAnna a while ago. Such a kind and polite girl. When I saw her cute and dainty body I couldn't help but have her as my gut and ball-filler. I shower her in my cum and stomach juices as I do my stuff. Such an obedient meal deserves a long stay as food in my belly or pleasing my cock from the inside. She plays along so nice that I wanted to befriend her AND keep her. So if she is not around then you just need to look at the female bulge in my crotch or waist and most likely you will find her there. [Female butt in my sack or stomach] [Stays still as a bulge if asked] [Adorable, smart and fulfilling snack] ["Long stays"]

Status: Churned down into my cum. Part of me.
Appearance:Looks like my cock. Infused into my cock and balls. Her face is a tattoo on my wiggling balls.
Location:My crotch. Brewing in the bottom of my nuts and dangling as my rod.
--Achenar. Always having a soft spot for Achenar I couldn't help but impose my male pred urges on him and had him take my hot seed deep inside of him. I was so hungry for him that I made my seed leave him pregnant and I deliberately made my virile seed change him into a girl and had her stuffed away in my intestines for a whole year as she grew my spawn. My dna imposed on hers, making her my girl and had her sire the product of my sperm. I gave her some after care but i couldn't resist my friend in her form and devoured her quite easily with my dick, having her trapped and wiggling inside my bulge felt just too good. I wanted her to be my friend forever so badly that I claimed her with my sperm and turned into jizz. Her "struggles" were a delight but I think she always knew I liked her this way.~ [My pants' bulge] [Claimed for good even though they were a long-standing friend.] [Ball tattoo] [Feminized, impregnated and eaten.]

Now her story continues with her as my bulge and this time I am not going to let her go.

Status:Claimed and melted.
Appearance:Blubber on my body.
Location:Jiggling on my belly as padding
--mrapple. I was eating a lot of meals when mrapple brought yet another buffet to my attention. After seeing my belly filled with many meals and how easily I carried them in my stomach he offered his lighter, sweet, yummy and perky body to me as a pleasant treat and I gave him his rightful place as extra flab and weight on my powerful waist. After using his tight body and having him service me I added him to me as extra inches for stomach and "tool" He went down easily and tucked him inside my body and cooked him away with my hungry juices. His smooth skin and flesh were tasty and delicious. I melted him thoroughly and left no trace of him as I used every part him to boost my pred body. Now he is a college graduate from my fat and all his achievements are logged on his social profile with the last picture and status update of him being a picture of him bulging on my gut.~ [Obedient prey-slut] [Permanent man-fat] [Graduated into belly fat] [My belly tattoo]

--Due to stuff like my eye problems, aging family, etc. You should message me if you are fine with slow or irregular replies. I am talking about once a week, once a month, etc. But there are also times I can reply like 10 times in a row in a single day. I will be basically in your back burner.

--I also have Discord. I can use telegram too.

--I might have a lot of heavy and crazy kinks but make no mistake. I like vanilla oral vore and casual, no-brainer scenes just like anyone else. As well as soft, romantic, loving scenes.

--Examples of how I RP here. As male and female.

--If you think you might want to try a group rp with 2 prey players vs 1 pred player then we could try to get an attempt going.

If you want my previous ideas/the tv shows I know, they are stored here:

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