Literate, Male Prey for Dominant, Sadistic, Female Pred

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Literate, Male Prey for Dominant, Sadistic, Female Pred

Postby megadeth0927 » Sat Oct 23, 2021 1:29 pm

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this!

As the title says, I am male prey, looking for a female pred, preferably someone who is a dominant pred and is interested in playing with multiple prey.

I myself am not new to role playing, I've had a few years experience in the rping area, I always try to post good lengthend replies (at least a paragraph) with as much detail as possible.

A little about me:

I am open to almost anything, with a couple of limitations, so here are some of my preferences: I'm quite the fan of same size vore, although I do also really enjoy macro/micro, so whatever your preference. One of my favourite scenarios is where the pred will start out same size, but her meals help her grow to a small size difference (ideally around 12-20ft), however this isn't a necessity.

When it comes to vore I'm a fan of pretty much anything in honesty, I'm particularly fond of oral and anal vore though. I've always been a fan of such things as absorption, as well as vore, whether that be for a certain body part or the body as a whole. I prefer to play a human and appreciate a pred who's also human, or at least humanoid, furry doesn't particularly appeal to me. As stated before, I'm a very big fan of a dominant pred, someone who knows she's more powerful that her prey, and she demonstrates this by toying with them and humiliating them before ultimately devouring them. If this includes face sitting, then that's even better as it's another of my absolute favourites!

For me, all characters have to be 18+, and I won't do anything related to incest, futas and I'm not a fan of furries as I mentioned before. I like to rp via skype, KIK, or over PMs.

I've tried to keep this brief so that it's not too much to take in, but if you're interested I'm more than happy to elaborate on anything you'd like to know!

Thank you for reading! I hope we can chat soon :)

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