male switch seeking males for kinky fun

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male switch seeking males for kinky fun

Postby headhunter732 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:51 pm

Current cravings:
I want a well endowed male demon to come and coerce or rape me, getting me mpreg or filled with eggs. After birthing scene (can be excluded if preferred) am then cock vored to fertilize the next victim
If you aren't interested in that scenario you can carry on reading below! Just extra kudos for this scenario

If I have PMed you and you aren't interested, if you could drop me a little message and I will take note not to message you again

I'll get straight in there! *climbs into your ass*

All characters can be adapted to suit the role-play e.g. Weight gain/loss. Can also make chars up on the spot!
Name: Laurie
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20
Hair: Brown and short
Eyes: Electric blue
Skin: White, pale
Clothes: Grey t-shirt with blue jeans and trainers. Sometimes sunglasses (I guess square aviators is best way to describe, cover eyes completely, blue tinted)
Build: Chubby
Willing: Yes
Unwilling: Yes
Sex: Yes, giving and receiving
Cock size: 7"
Cut: No
Other details: Always a sub, kind and gentle, with a huge addiction to being vored and fucked
Drawn as a shota by Miichix:

Name: Larry
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Age: 19
Fur: Grey, with white on his chest and stomach
Eyes: Yellow
Clothes: Usually topless, wears cargo shorts, normally beige
Build: Slim
Willing: No
Unwilling: Yes
Sex: Yes, giving and receiving
Cock size: 8"
Sexual details: Sheath
Other details: This submissive wolf is an odd one. Shunned by his species for lacking his dominant and predator instinct and for being different, he just longs for someone who looks past his species and sees him for the soft, kind hearted person he really is! (Wow. Wrote this late at night, super tired, and after reading this again, I didn't realise I could go that deep.... facepalm Unintentional joke I swear! A metaphor for genders and stereotypes. Just because I'm a guy doesn't mean I have to be strong and mean society!)
See profile pic :3

Name: Kit
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Species: Catboy/neko
Age: 20 but appears younger due to age regression (no younger than 18)
Fur: Orange and black (like a tiger)
Eyes: Electric blue
Clothes: Loose fitting cargo shorts
Build: Chubby
Willing: Yes
Unwilling: Yes
Sex: Unwilling with most, mostly receiving
Cock size: 5"
Cut: No
Other details: Was once Larry but got unbirthed by angrytiger12 and reborn as a catboy/neko. Is much more shy most of the time, but has inherited some of his new mother's predatory habits

Name: Jesse
Spoiler: show
Gender: Femboy
Species: Human
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: White
Clothes: Slutty clothing as normally scenes will be outside strip club he works at, so full latex catsuits to little pink panties
Build: Slim
Willing: Yes
Unwilling: Yes
Sex: Yes, receiving only
Cock size: 5"
Cut: Yes
Other details: Each night he works at the strip club, grinding against a pole in front of loads of horny customers. Obviously this makes him horny, which is where you come in! Fill him up with your seed! AV only as pred

Name: Neplex
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Species: Plant boy
Age: Unknown (in thousands, appears early 20s)
Skin: Pale green
Eyes: Yellow
Clothes: None
Build: Average
Sex: Yes, rarely receives
Cock size: 10"
Cut: Yes
Other details: As a young man, Neplex ditched a girl. This girl became a powerful tree spirit after crying at the base of a lone tree, and she punished him to only desire men. His skin burns painfully if he touches any women. Appearing as a young man, extremely peaceful unless a male wonders through his part of the forest.

Name: Damon
Spoiler: show
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Age: 489 (appears early 20s)
Skin: Red
Eyes: Yellow
Clothes: None/little
Build: Slim
Sex: Yes, giving only
Cock size: 14"
Cut: Yes
Other details: Gave his life to save a girl, who then ran away with another man. Mad with lust, he HAS to have sex, but vores his victims so they can't hurt him afterwards/develop affection

Story ideas:
Spoiler: show
[vore] = vore type - you are more than welcome to come up with your own suggestions, these are just a few ideas I came up with!
1 Not what was expected: At bar. We spot each other and go into private room. Vored instead of fucked, or after fucking.
2 Wild in the woods: lost in woods and chance upon house. We fuck/tease and then [vore]. Alternatively, can offer dinner but end up actually [voreing]
3 Friends with benefits: Good friends, know about "habit" and want to know how it feels. Possibility of pre-vore sex.
4 Loved-up Couple: Ultimate love shown by vore. Forever together!!! (endo)
5 Bad purchase: In shop. Shown special stock out back. Vored.
6 In woods, step on one of vines. Bound and raped and then vored.
7 IT'S ALIVEEEEEEE: Both wearing latex and bondage/sex scene in progress. Latex then engulfs and absorbs into others body.
8 Tail vore, raped while upper half of body is inside tail and bound. Digested.
9 Outgrown purpose: Domination/Bondage scene. Grown tired of sex slave and [vore]
10 Roommates: move into room as last roommate "left" (possibility of tieing up while asleep to dominate?). [Vore] with possibility of rape
11 Just vore. No need for any backstory just get straight into the kinky bits!

Roleplaying specifics
Spoiler: show
When it comes to roleplaying, I prefer to roleplay in first person. I am happy to roleplay in second and third person as well!
Use brackets for any OOC stuff
If you want to change the "plan" that is great. I love being surprised, or just not having a plan in general. Anything in the "yes" section you can change to without asking (although if we agreed a different vore type/whatever then I would prefer to stick to that (in that case ask OOC). Also if you said you are a male pred and I agreed, don't just go changing to female mid-roleplay, don't know why I have to say that but apparently I do). Query anything else, but don't ask about anything listed "never".

I'm okay with a backstory/build-up, or we can just start in the middle of it all. Totally up to you!
I don't mind short replies for the backstory but when it comes to the vore/sex side detail is important. I'm not expecting a novel, but just saying "... sucks him in" isn't enough.

Obviously things happen unexpectedly. Unavoidable. But if you can just drop me a little message to say you have to go (you don't have to explain why if you don't want to) that is better than you going completely silent on me!
If you are active on the site I expect you to respond

If you are uncomfortable with something I am doing, or not happy with something, then please please PLEASE tell me. How am I to know if you don't say? I will also tell you if I am uncomfortable with something.

If you don't want to carry on roleplaying with me, please tell me. I will accept it. Don't just go silent on me please/not read my messages. I won't carry on messaging you if you don't want to roleplay with me. I also expect you to accept it if I don't want to carry on roleplaying with you, and I will tell you as well!

Obviously RPing is two-way. You aren't here just to please me. It is mutual. I am willing to compromise to fit your needs/preferences as well! Nothing here is a must, and nothing here is a definite no (excluding "never"'s). If something isn't mentioned just query it.

Spoiler: show
I am gay, possibly bi. Don't start off with female interactions! I'm interested in guys. I love cock so no thank you to cuntboys. Herms are a no. I don't mind feminine guys, femboys, or even crossdressers, but trans, herms, cuntboys or anything like that is a no. Sorry, I just don't enjoy it!
I don't mind rping with female partners if their characters are male, I just won't be interested in real life details

Spoiler: show
I love human preds when I am playing a human. No human preds when playing anything else though!
Nekos/catboys I adore and love roleplaying with!
I also enjoy roleplaying with nagas, plant-hybrids and slime/goo characters
Furries are great!
Demons are amazeomgfuckme. Kudos if you play a demon!
Pictures would be great but aren't needed

Yes: (All the time. If you want to surprise me anything from this list is perfect, no need to say beforehand/question)
Spoiler: show
Playing a male character
Roleplaying with male characters
Being prey/sub
Same size
Willing and Unwilling (I may even change my mind half-way through the roleplay to spice it up ;D or be willing for sex and unwilling to be vored)
Navel vore
Cock vore
Anal vore
Absorbtion/goo play
Pre-vore sex (you on top especially)
Post-vore masturbation (prey and/or pred) and sex
Anything with latex
Being dominated
Feeding (being fed)
Force-feeding (tube feeding as well)
Mpreg (being. I really enjoy roleplaying being in love enough with someone to bear their children! and ofc the big belly!)
Oviposition ( me incubating and laying the eggs)
Male lactation
OOC chat (e.g. if you just came. It's great to know you are enjoying our rp! Note, only if you are a guy irl)

Maybe: (Query. Will depend on mood)
Spoiler: show
Your suggestions!
Being pred/dom
Tail vore
Urethral play
Oral vore - I just always preferred other ways in!
Watersports - piss enemas, marking. No wetting or drinking

Possible: (May have to persuade me/catch me in the right mood)
Spoiler: show
Playing a female character
Playing any other genders
Macro/Micro (I love bellies and bulges, so this will be a rare thing)
Full tour (clean)
Incest (No interest or attraction to it, but if you enjoy it we can include it :))

Never: (under no circumstances)
Spoiler: show
Breast vore (not attracted to it at all)
Playing a cuntboy/with a cuntboy
Hard vore

Things I want to try: (Definitely query about these, this will depend on person and circumstances/mood)
Spoiler: show
Vore games (Be willing to be vored in a number of ways and vore in a number of ways based on a dice roll or RNG)

Will edit if I find anything new I want to try! You are very welcome to suggest anything!

Basically you can do what you want with me!!! Anything not mentioned just query about. Although I enjoy the sex side of rping, it is definitely not required! Vore also isn't required if you just want some fun!!!

PM me if you are horny/hungry/have space in your stomach. Just don't be mean and not actually eat me!
(Am available on skype, but highly prefer to PM. Still PM first)

When you pm me, please include as much of the following as possible: (preferably in this format, nice and simple)
Spoiler: show
  • Description of char
  • Picture of char if available
  • What vore you are interested in
  • Are you interested in sex?
  • What is off limits for you?
  • What scenario you are looking to rp?
  • Which character would you prefer I rp as (I can always make up a new character on the spot for a rp!)
  • Timezone (or where you live if you want)
  • IRL Gender (I will RP with all genders but it is just nice to know)
  • Desired RP perspective (first person, etc.)
  • Desired RP method (PM or Skype)

Please include the word 'alpha' in your pm to me or you will be ignored!

I look forward to hearing from you!!!


Interested in being prey? This is what you need to read (on top of preferences)
Spoiler: show
Like I said earlier, RPing is a two way street. Before you go and message me right off the bat asking me to play a pred, I highly prefer being prey. I also wouldn't want to play pred when rping with you all the time, so you need to be flexible as well

Edit: Due to people going silent after getting me to pred and not playing pred themselves after despite agreeing to, I will now in most cases start as prey and in another RP will pred for you if you like. Two roleplays with the same person is a no

Preferences? AV/CV/OV in that order. Navel/tail/absorbtion would also be an option
Please please PLEASE let me know what you aren't okay with, sex and vore wise. Tell me what you like as well, a list preferably, and maybe I'll surprise you with something :3 Being the dominant one I will take control and maybe not stick to the original plan.

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