m prey looking for m/f/q pred, Scat, simple&friendly

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m prey looking for m/f/q pred, Scat, simple&friendly

Postby Px23 » Thu Dec 29, 2022 7:41 pm

Hello! :3
First things first, I don't have a problem with any gender and I'm not going to reject anyone based on it, the same goes for rp character species :3 Also I'm only doing prey role right now, I just can't get into being pred, I'm too preyish and submissive x3

Important thing! I'm NOT into underage characters! And I know how things are when you're a kid that's into vore and you want to satisfy your needs, believe me - I was there myself, but I want my partner to be at least +18! I was unknowingly taken advantage of, while someone was unaware that they're hurting me, it all seemed consensual. Damage surfaced much later and it took a big amount of work to fix it. I know that as a submissive prey it seems stupid that I could cause damage, but I absolutely don't want to prove you wrong by hurting you. So, NO MINORS.

I prefer cute preds, cuteness is a biiig turn on for me x3 I'm searching for someone who wants to talk with me quite often, not only rp'ing, but normal conversations too if you're interested, although I definitely enjoy being teased and for example being informed about things that you ate that day ~<3 We can also talk about even the weirdest stuff you want c: Hell, you could even send me pics of your poop and I'm still going to be excited x3

Types of Vore - all main! You can always ask me about some weird ones, also I have tons of fetishes! :3 Biggest are scat (the food digestion aftermath aspect of it mainly, not a big fan of smearing and such), feet, disposal, transformation, being fed to something by someone, trampling, being toy, and there's many more of smaller kinks ^3^

As you can see, I'm quite into the personal feeling, I mostly tend to do first person and be myself, though I can play in character too. So, what I mainly seek is someone who is hard into predding, and wants to express that to me :3

Also, since a lot of people are more like "pro" and demanding, I have to say that I tend to keep things simple, you don't have to write me a essay every time you speak, I certainly do not mind the use of emoticons or stuff like that :p Would be nice of you to not be a complete illiterate tho, everyone makes mistakes, but when I can't understand what you are saying, it's not going to work.

So, summing up:

Things I like! ^3^
-cuteness <33
-scat <333
-being fed to something by someone :3
-being forced
-when pred is telling me what she/he is feeling or what is she/he thinking when (...)
-size difference
-same size
-probably you uwu

What I can be:
Myself :3 And pretty much anything what you can eat o3o I like being little doggy or mouse x3 I love personal experience of being myself in vore tho, but you can use any of your characters if you want, or do same as me :3 And as everything I'm usually submissive for my pred c:

So if you're interested PM me or add me on discord :3 My handle is Anaranemy#1159
Also feel free to ask any questions! >w<

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