Switch LF Female/Futa/Femboy Pred/Prey *Updated 28/7/2020*

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Switch LF Female/Futa/Femboy Pred/Prey *Updated 28/7/2020*

Postby Galarn » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:52 am

CURRENTLY CRAVING: (Not mandatory! top of the list)
Spoiler: show
Something like this story: https://e-hentai.org/g/1630721/8d3bf49ace/
Keeping sizes and behaviour of pred and prey, mostly fatal. Lots of mawplay as well. With any pred/prey from my prefs. The rest is for adapting, if you have an idea shoot, or we work it out.
I would add sandwich vore for example >.<, maybe one sandwich and another directly
i want to do Prey and later Pred so maybe we could do it twice changing scenario (or once and later i do it with another partner)

Hello there! Please read as much as you can ~

I like to rp as futanari/female/femboy/man.
I prefer if my partner is Futanari, or Female, and also very feminine femboys (like Astolfo or Felix, or with yummy asses <3 ). Human/kemonomimi/anthros/furry. Maybe feral (like pokemons, small animals, etc, but if you can tempt me and only if i'm prey and ~)
I adore partners who come with a fully fledged idea. If not i have a list of proposal as well.
Girls from: Pokemon, Love live, Senko-san, Isabelle from AC and more (i have a list but its long for here), propose others as you like
Both Fatal/Non Fatal. Anything you want to add or propose and we will figure it out.

I also have a f-list which would apply to any character i use tho: https://www.f-list.net/c/luna%20oshino

Spoiler: show
Being surprised with my Loves and Likes (not even asking and just doing it, if i dont like it i will just stop you, i wont be offended at all)
Futanari (Huge fan of it, both for prey or pred, mostly without vag but can be ignored)
Sex Play (If being fucked or fucking i prefer anal over pussy completely, i prefer receiving anal <3 <3)
HermDom-Femdom / Teasing
Oral vore / AV / Futa CV
Sandwich/Hot Dog/Bread Vore
Same size / Bigger prey / Smaller prey enough to bulge the pred
Body enhancement due to vore
Getting stuck in someone's clothes

Spoiler: show
Belly/Ass Play
Futa cock transformation
Antrho/ Fursuit / Skinsuit (Posession)
Unwilling pred/ Forced Pred
Sleeping prey/pred
Accidental vore
Unaware Vore

Spoiler: show
Hard vore (and its variations , except bitting a bit)

Please contact me on PM for doing a RP , or discord Galarn#7716

Last bumped by Galarn on Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:52 am.
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