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(M/F)/Switch LF Female/Switch

Postby Galarn » Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:06 am

Hello i come here today looking for partners to do Rp vore :D , i only partner with females and futas are a huge plus but not excluding at all
So here i go: I like to rp as myself , as male or female or futa , or as the chacarter i mentioned below. I love grab and gulps but i love doing simple scenarios too..
both fatal/not fatal,both unwilling/willing . Anything you want to add propose and we will figure it out

Any woman, pot bellys have a warm welcome :D
Futanari (Huge fan of it, both for prey or pred)
Sex Play
Oral vore (feet/head)
Same size or Bigger/Macro prey
Body improvement after vore
Anal vore (sitting on face)
Futa cock vore
Sandwich/Hot Dog Vore

Bv / cleavage vore / Unbirth
belly play
teasing / femdom (but not BSDM)
Unaware Vore
Antrho (i like to play as half-fox or half-cat)
Posession (me as the possessed)
Unwilling pred

Want to try
Sleeping prey/pred
Accidental vore situation
being unbirthed or eaten to a naga,lamia or snake
This image https://e-hentai.org/s/ac1d9b4b40/1200032-267 , me being the young brother , and without the scat
Being fucked by a futa and then being vored or voring her when she's tired

Hard vore (and its variations , except bitting a bit)
Feral (Except snakes/lamias, i would like to experiment it once)

Please contact me on PM for doing a RP , or discord Galarn#7716
SORRY FOR THE LONG POST! i wanted to give a big panorama

EDIT: I've been recently wanting to use a specific female chacater, her description is below:
Cindy, Female, 20, Mostly Pred but can be prey in the right context. She has shoulder length straight brown hair, green eyes, C cup, with somewhat big tights. and 5' 5'' in height.
She is a bit shy, but she has a cursed clown nose, which she has a bit of an adiction to wearing it. When she wears the nose she "transforms" into a clown (like clown makeup appears on her face, her hair combs like twintails, she becomes dressed with a clown dress , which is a pink dress with a skirt that reaches her knees, and clown purple shoes) , her breasts and ass grow a bit, and she gets predator abilities, being able to goble down anyone, but a terrible hunger invades her, and she has to fullfill it or else she cant take out the nose. She gets tricky in order to devour a prey, like being able to get smaller in order to catch a prey by surprise. She becomes more assertive, and giggles/grins constantly. But then after she takes out the nose (after predating someone) she becomes a bit guitly, but happy and aroused, as she likes to tend to her full belly.

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