Predators in all shapes and sizes looking for prey

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Predators in all shapes and sizes looking for prey

Postby Nimrod » Sun Jun 30, 2019 12:50 pm

Welcome, welcome.
Take a look around, while you can!

I'm a flexible roleplayer who enjoys creating new characters to fit all the scenarios we can come up with, always on the lookout for interesting scenarios to play out.
I'm primarily looking to play predators but I do love a certain dynamic when the predator becomes prey, karma biting them (literally) in the butt.
Anyways, before we get into scenarios and characters let me get some of my preferences out of the way:

-Playing Predators
-Unwilling prey
-Teasing predators
-Size differences (3-10 feet, depending on my predator)
-Descriptive writing
-Oral Vore
-Sadistic preds
-Sex if it fits the roleplay

Won't do;
-Cock Vore
-hard vore


Tess is an anthro dragon, standing ten feet tall and what you'd best describe as a Punk.
She's very straight-forward in her actions, knowing exactly what she wants and not backing down before she gets her way.
Teasing, mischievous, hedonistic at times and very full of herself, she's the best predator if you're looking for a very good time. For her at least

-Modern; Club, Roommate, etc.
-Types of prey; Humans, Anthros
-Sex; Yes, can also play her as Futa if you so desire
-Types of vore; Oral, Unbirth

Ruby is a crimson-scaled feral dragoness, haunting your typical mountain cave and unusually sweet for a creature of her frame. She's playful, teasing and helpful even for a predator. She's your girl if you're up for some sweet vore rather than the sadistic kind.

-Fantasy; Adventure, etc. Modern; Hitch hiker
-Types of prey; Humans, Anthros, smaller dragons(?)
-Sex; Tricky one, I'd say "maybe" depending on her prey
-Types of vore; Oral, Unbirth

Tamara is a Naga and very vain, always seeing herself as the pinnacle of creation and thus feeling everyone should just worship her and fulfill her every wish.
This makes her extremely dangerous, seeing that her complete disregard for life other than her own makes her just feed on everyone unlucky enough to cross her path.

-Modern; Archeologist finding her temple, Amazonas huntress
-Fantasy; Snake temple->Sacrifices
-Types of prey; Human, Anthro
-Sex; No
-Types of Vore; Oral, Unbirth

Sam's a Wolf Anthro and everyone's friend, usually getting very chummy with those she deems her friends and always up to having a good time with those close to her. She's loyal, fun loving, a bit of a dork and usually very kind.
She'd be the one cuddling with you before you ultimately take a trip down her gullet!

-Modern; TV night, Dinner for two
-Types of prey; Anthros, Humans
-Sex; Yes, though it can just be a ton of cuddling and affection
-Types of vore; Oral

Preds without a name:

>>New Craving<<
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Just something new and fresh that's on the menu!
I'd love to play out a scenario similar to the one depicted in those two pictures!

I'll be updating the list whenever a new concept comes floating around but until then I hope these three will suffice!


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